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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 757

I don't know what your point is; do you really want to boil your water before you drink it? I've done it, and I'll tell you, it sucks.

You can cover the container and shake it for a minute to remove that "flat" taste from the escaped oxygen.

Yea, it still sucks, been there too.

Comment Re:toposhaba (Score 1) 792

No, to me, your post sounds like typical road rage: the road belongs to me, and everyone else on it is a raging idiot who should be shot. Not to mention that I knew the instant I read the word elitist, I knew the direction your post would go in. I'm pretty sure also you're part of the idiots who sit in traffic school and think they're perfect drivers, and that everything that happens to them is the fault of other people.

FYI, personal attacks are by nature logical fallacies and childish at best.

Since you implied you would like to know, no, no road rage here, just a former Oregonian & avid cyclist who is thoroughly embarrassed and saddened by the behavior of my former state-mates. I love riding my bike. Never again in Portland.

Comment Re:toposhaba (Score 3, Informative) 792

Can't they just read an odometer

You've obviously never been to Oregon. I've never lived in a more elitist state. Now I wonder who is going to pay for those mandated GPS devices! Knowing the mindset of the typical Oregonian politician I can guarantee you they never thought of that or the repercussions of having very poor families (Oregon has A LOT) shell out cash they don't have for something they don't need.

Oh I forgot, we're talking about Oregon, the state where cyclists (who pay nothing) have more rights on the road than drivers who's taxes and fees actually pay for the roads. We're talking about a state where cyclist "gangs" actively ride the streets of Portland and have been known to pull drivers out of their car for ALLEGED infractions and beat the crap out of them (google cyclist violence portland to see what I mean).

Comment Re:How about: Write zeros to the disk? (Score 1) 289

What about "The Great Zero Challenge" that ended back in January? I tried going to the site but 16 Systems seems to have taken it down. Was anyone ever able to recover the files from the drive? I can find some peripheral information concerning the data recovery challenge... but yea, as far sa I know dd should be able to "zero" (with /dev/null used as the input) out a hard drive quite well... http://hostjury.com/blog/view/195/the-great-zero-challenge-remains-unaccepted

Comment bad summary... (Score 2, Interesting) 389

"This means that more programmers are using Python and Ruby on the weekend for their personal projects, showing that these languages are more fun to use."

this is specious reasoning, just because they're using them on the weekend doesn't mean that the languages are "more fun to use". I tend to drive my car on the weekend but it's definitely not as fun as when I'm walking on the weekdays.

I'm not arguing with the conclusion I just think the presumption is bogus.

Comment Re:Wouldn't this make a good source of fossil fuel (Score 3, Interesting) 325

Ten times the size of Alaska???

okay, let's run the numbers.

Alaska's area is 663,268 sq mi.
10x Alaska's area would be 6,632,680 sq mi.

the USA's TOTAL area is 3,794,066 sq mi.
Russia's TOTAL area is 6,592,800 sq mi.

You're telling me that some people think there is a mass of garbage in the Pacific Ocean SLIGHTLY LARGER than Russia???

I'm not saying it's not as bad as it sounds but I really doubt the numbers are right.

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