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Comment Re:No complaints here (Score 1) 261

You forgot:

- Loss of approx. 50% of all living species substantially over next few hundred years.
- Ocean acidification and loss of shellfish and reefs.
- Movement of Earth's desert zones by 5 or 10 degrees in latitude due to expanded thermal energy and size of the north and south hemispheric atmosphere cycles by which hot equatorial air rises, dries out in upper atmosphere, moves north (or south respectively) then moves down to dry out the land below at a certain latitude range.

Comment Re:There's nothing harder about self-awareness (Score 1) 176

Encode information about environment
- Into an associative memory with abstraction (including event/situation abstraction) and probabilities encoding and
- meta-knowledge tagging such as estimate of belief strength, knowledge completeness about different general and specific topics & situations.

-Have model of my generic and specific needs/wants / avoids / i.e. desired and undesired environment state/evolution patterns.
-process environment state/history/projection model (including generated counterfactual hypotheticals based on suppositions or modeled actions/interventions) against model of desired and undesired environment state/evolution patterns and emotion-tag environment model parts with varying-strength tags representing fear, anger, pain, happiness/pleasure, surprise etc) - tags influence relative recallability in the associative memory, so that more extreme and more probable good and bad situation determining factors are recalled first to enable urgent problem and opportunity based thinking and action planning.

Meta-reason to diagnose good (accurate, functional, reliable, beneficial) models/concepts/specific facts versus less accurate, reliable or useful ones.

Meta-reason about thinking patterns and effectiveness (broad depth first hang out with problem before concluding/acting versus jumping rapidly to very partially supported conclusion sequences and error correcting along the way. In what kinds of situations?

Reason (brood and generalize and imagine hypotheticals) about situations and situation aspect types that have lead to very negative outcomes for self and goals re desired vs undesired states. This includes brooding about and contemplating one's own past real, past should-have-but-didn;t, present and future possible and planned actions on one's environment (social and physical).

Reason about other agents' (humans and predators mostly) actions, motivations, cognition, emotion cause-effect, action cause-effect with a view to avoiding stuff, influencing stuff, amplifying own personal power to influence environment via coralling and aligning others' agreement and effort.

Create model of one's own mind and thinking/action patterns to use as a model of others.

etc. etc.

These are types of information representation and information processing which are starting at least to IMPINGE on the domain we have traditionally called self-awareness, and none of the above is mysterious magic. Just very cleverly designed/evolved information organization and processing.

Comment Re:All too true (Score 2) 236

Yes, ... umm... no.

Not anymore. Yes, it still matters with high end, AAA titles. For everyone else, there's Unity. And Unreal Engine. And ... something I forgot now. Game programming used to be one of the few areas where you really needed top programmers that can come up with creative ways to cut a few extra cycles. Just think of the infamous 1/sqrt(x) hack.

I wouldn't expect many who currently claim to be game programmers to understand it. Let alone come up with something close to it.

Even in games, efficient code isn't the be-all, end-all anymore. Being able to "cheat" with the graphics and making low poly shit look great with creative texturing is where the money is today, it seems.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 2) 445

You think? Actually, most people fall into the moderate spectrum. It's just the fringe loonies that are VERY vocal about their position. And with the internet, you get to hear from them a lot more than you used to.

If anything, you have people who move towards the extreme side of their political stance because they feel that they can only choose between that loonie and the one that is even more alien to their point of view. But I highly doubt that the average Christian feels represented by the Westboros, or that the average liberal feels comfortable to rally behind the "kill all white men" battle cry.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 445

And I don't give a fuck whether you have a coat hanger party or whether you sing "every sperm is sacred", where do I stand now?

You see, the only agendas that are "controversial" in the US are the ones that have exactly zero impact on anything but can be blown out of proportion, hyped and emotionalized. From abortion to gun laws to drug use. None of them has ANY reasonable impact on the life of the average person, but judging from the time spent discussing them (sorry: ranting about them, nobody discusses anything in "discussions"), you'd think the US has no other problems.

Comment Re:All too true (Score 1) 236

It's not even clear if some of the stuff he says is a bug. For example, his aligned memory allocation example takes 100ns longer than it "should" when calling an Intel specific function. It's not at all clear what the Intel function does differently, if anything... Seems to be part of one of their frameworks that makes cross-platform aligned memory allocation easier.

It may not be comparing like-for-like. I have a feeling Microsoft will respond to his bug report with little enthusiasm.

Comment Re:Slower than what reference point? (Score 1) 236

There are usually a handful of "best" solutions, depending on your demands. There is a best solution when it comes to computing time. Another one for memory footprint. And so on.

So you cannot find a solution that is the best in all situations. But you can determine whether a solution is not the best in any situation.

Comment Re:Universe Quantitized at Low Enough Level (Score 1) 363

True, but some food for thought...

1) With simulation idea, we get the infinite regress problem (it's turtles all the way down - simulations all the way up) which leaves the question: what are the properties of the outer (unsimulated) universe, and how did they come about (other than by simulation)....Unless you can come up with some kind of self-simulating outer beyond-spacetime ether-fabric thingy running in some kind of self-generating loop or recursion or whatever....

2) My intuition is something along the line of: The most fundamental thing is the difference or asymmetry. You need to posit some kind of medium which has no other properties than that it can embody (whatever that means) a whole bunch of unit-differences, which then glom/network together in all possible ways, most of which cannot create emergent structure and stable physical law but some few ways of which CAN.

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