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Comment Re:Tool (Score 1) 124

Put him under the rubble there and then let's have a frank discussion about it. Provided he finds a way to communicate, that is.

I am a security expert. Yes, opening your wifi carries a risk. But people are fucking DYING there, open up that damn wifi, whatever "risk" you might face when opening your wifi access point is insignificant when compared to even the most minimal chance to save a life!

Comment Re:Unacceptable! (Score 1) 124

Not only that, but why dig out those people? If there was money in digging out people the market would by now provide a solution for it, not to mention that they have every opportunity to dig them out themselves, if we keep distributing handouts people will only get dependent on outside help, but that's exactly what the nanny-state wants!

Comment Re:Congrats Linus (Score 2) 76

Hmm, they don't seem to understand the terms they are upset about, do they? Ironic censorship in the name of freedom.

Trigger warnings: You know the bit at the start of the TV show where they say "viewer discretion advised, contains flashing images and scenes of a violent nature"? That's what they want to block, the thing that warns people with epilepsy that they might be triggered, and that people like soldiers suffering from PTSD might want to avoid it. They say they won't support lecturers saying "we are going to look at photos of soldiers who lost limbs today", because... screw vets trying to get an education?

Safe spaces: While claiming to not support them, they actually do. They state that they won't condone harassment or a lack of mutual respect. Well, if a guy wants to talk about, say, his experience of being raped and how to handle it, having an open debate where people are free to call him a fag and a pussy for "letting" it happen would seem to contravene their rules. I note that they do, in fact, have safe spaces for people to report such crimes and receive support in. If they were to remove those things it would likely limit people's speech, not protect it.

Quite astounding ignorance from people who claim to support freedom of speech.

Comment Re:Take action (Score 2) 237

Microsoft wants to be like Google and Apple. Every time Android or iOS gets an update there is a big conference, news stories, people shitting bricks if they don't get it within hours of release... It's a big deal, people look forward to the new features.

It works for Google and Apple, but what people really want from Microsoft is stability and consistency and getting out of the way so they can run their software.

Comment Re:Lets... (Score 1) 237

No, but it would make me think if I have a flatfoot every other day, and there are people, who claim they're from the manufacturer, constantly remodeling my car without asking me first, hell, without even TELLING me what they're doing there.

Plus having a guy following me in a van who keeps taking notes where I go and checks constantly who is driving with me would give me the creeps.

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