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Comment Re:My personal web site does not support HTTPS (Score 1) 136

... The user's browser will warn the hell out of them ...

Exactly. Which is why I find that unacceptable.

The problem lies not with the ability to turn on encryption - that's relatively easy.
It's the browser acting as if a self signed certificate is less secure than no certificate.

Let's encrypt may be better, but it depends on how browsers decide to treat domain-validated certificates.

Comment My personal web site does not support HTTPS (Score 0) 136

I run Apache and I even compiled in HTTPS support, but here's the thing; I need a valid certificate which costs real money.

Is there an anonymous way to run an HTTPS server?
Something that doesn't guarantee the identity of the website, but still allows the traffic to be encrypted?

Comment Or they're lying. (Score 1) 643

In college, I remember a survey that claimed college men were having sex three times as often as college women.
We all got a chuckle out of this, since it was obvious (to us) that the results were wrong.
Either the men were bragging the numbers up, or the women were demuring the numbers down, probably both.

But I'm sure this time all survey respondents were perfectly truthful.~

Comment Re:Not as big a deal nowadays (Score 1) 50

The "new" HD is generally easier to receive than the old SD was, because it is higher frequency* therefore smaller antenna.
And if you get it at all it will be perfect, because digital.

You can make a good guess by going to and entering your zip code.
Or don't guess - borrow an antenna from one of your friends (or buy a cheap one - they're only about $30 bucks) and see what channels you get.

* theoretically HD broadcasts on exactly the same frequencies as SD did, but as a practical matter, almost all stations that used to broadcast on channels 2 - 6 switched to a higher channel.

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