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Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 1) 207

What's that worth?

20 hours a month is worth less than $1000 a month to most people.
Not surprisingly, the value people put on time closely follows the (reduced) price they pay for houses that require traveling that amount of time.
The change (more people moving outward) is probably a reflection of the unequal rise in the price of housing.

Comment No thanks. (Score 0) 235

People don't just hate flash because it's buggy, and insecure.
They didn't seem to like Java as a web-language either.

When I go to a web page, I usually want to see static text, and maybe some static images.
I don't want animation, blinking, buttons that morph, pop-up windows, pop-under windows, or non-scrolling menu bars.

Comment BS all the way down. (Score 1) 498

The problem isn't so much the B.S. rules they've chosen for limiting passwords.
The problem is they have a very different idea of the importance of whatever it is they're protecting than I do.

I'm just reading your website, not protecting gold bars. What do I care if someone impersonates me on a random blog?

Who am I protecting when I pick a password for my work account?

Why should I suffer to reduce your risk?

Comment Speed trap (Score 1) 244

If last year I watched a hundred pirated videos, and this year I watched two, this survey would say I still watch pirated video.

And the list of people who think streaming pirate content isn't illegal would seem to include the UK trading standards - https://yro.slashdot.org/story/17/03/06/1958209/streaming-pirate-content-isnt-illegal-uk-trading-standards-says

This survey is a streaming pile.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 238

Advantages that I can see;
More places they can go, and the places they go (off the coast) are usually closer to places that want the electricity.
If it works, you can scale it by building more spheres.
A change in height of 700m is easy to obtain in the ocean. On land, not so much.
Out of sight, out of mind - Since fewer people will see it, fewer will complain about it.
If a sphere fails, it's far less catastrophic than a dam failing.

Comment Welcome to the Red Queen's race. (Score 1) 244

I agree that there's too much advertising, but why would anyone cut down?
Bandwidth is cheep, serving an ad costs almost nothing.
If it's costs $0.0000001, the ad doesn't have to be very effective to be cost effective.

Sure, everyone will complain, and even the advertisers will agree that the world would be better served with fewer adds.
But they'll still want to advertise just a bit more than their competitors...

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