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Comment Or they're lying. (Score 1) 643

In college, I remember a survey that claimed college men were having sex three times as often as college women.
We all got a chuckle out of this, since it was obvious (to us) that the results were wrong.
Either the men were bragging the numbers up, or the women were demuring the numbers down, probably both.

But I'm sure this time all survey respondents were perfectly truthful.~

Comment Re:Not as big a deal nowadays (Score 1) 50

The "new" HD is generally easier to receive than the old SD was, because it is higher frequency* therefore smaller antenna.
And if you get it at all it will be perfect, because digital.

You can make a good guess by going to and entering your zip code.
Or don't guess - borrow an antenna from one of your friends (or buy a cheap one - they're only about $30 bucks) and see what channels you get.

* theoretically HD broadcasts on exactly the same frequencies as SD did, but as a practical matter, almost all stations that used to broadcast on channels 2 - 6 switched to a higher channel.

Comment Re:slippery slope (Score 1) 822

Correlation is not causation, but absence of correlation is absence of causation.

A study like the one mentioned in doesn't prove that porn prevents rape.
It does, however, prove that porn doesn't increase rape.

And while smoke may not prove fire, fire's a good bet.
The study may not be enough to prove porn reduces rape, but it does point in that direction.

Comment Does it really matter? (Score 2, Interesting) 263

Pirates use the internet because it's currently the easiest way to do things.
But if it was impossible to spread "unapproved" media through the internet, people would just go back to sneaker-net.
I can buy 32 gig on portable media for under 10 bucks.
Swapping drives with just two people 5 days a week is yields a respectable 4.2 Mbps "sneaker-net a bandwidth".
You might have to wait a month for content to saturate the network, but everybody would have access to everything.

And that's close to the minimum a sneaker-net would be.
Most people have more than 2 friends they could swap with, and 128 gig drives are pretty cheap.
Things are going great, and it's only getting better - Moore's law FTW.

Comment unless you wash your hands... (Score 1) 434

This must be that study where they didn't wash their hands before drying them.

Dyson has a rebuttal;

Other studies also published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology came to the conclusion that paper towels and the airblade were equally effective at spreading germs - assuming that there really are paper towels, and a proper place to dispose of them.

Comment Re:No (Score 2) 388

I disagree with your premise that children do not have any rights to privacy, but even if you think that, it's not like this was a secret phone that the parents didn't know about.
They didn't snoop his phone when he was alive. That sets an expectation that they won't after death either.

If you wouldn't do it while they're in the room, you shouldn't do it when they're not.

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