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Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 1) 176

But then the police here think they need Tanks, M16A4 fully automatic weapons, drones, bombers, orbital strike platforms......

When in reality, 90% of the police can barely handle a small caliber pistol safely, and they are so poorly trained they are not much better than a roaming gang of thugs.

Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 3, Insightful) 176

easy solution, raise the taxes. if your taxes are not high enough to pay for Fire,Police and road maintenance then you should absolutely pay more.
If your taxes are not being used for that but instead, holiday decorations, more pay for someone to choose to buy more decorations then it's time to start voting for officials more wisely.

Yes, Yes, I know the irony of an American saying to vote more wisely to another country.... I'm not happy with our Toddler in Chief, but then he is not much different than the ones we have in congress and local government all over here. Recently in my home town we had one of the commissioners demand that a law be passed so that anyone in government can not be criticized or go to jail.

It seems that we either elect very evil people, or stupid ones that have never read the constitution. From my experience, it's the latter, only the dumb want to be in political office.

Comment Re:Why are people obsessed with lack of bezels? (Score 4, Informative) 74

Same reason they want thinner and lighter. Because the general public is really stupid and when you market at them properly they will lap it up.

I want a phone that is 2X as thick as available today and has a 4 day battery life. Single day battery life today is only because of stupidity. we should be at the 1 week of battery like we had with the Razr flip phone.

Comment Re:WTF!!! (Score 2) 513

If *your* wife had at most 2 months to live, seriously, would YOU be working? (okay, husband whatever)

He obviously felt he really needed the work, especially the benefits. Why would he risk his chances of getting the job by complaining about extra off-hours work during the interview process? Why would he share any of this with the writer of the article when it doesn't fit with his agenda? (brand new lawsuit pending)

From TFA:

the woman didn’t entertain temporary alternative arrangements, such as working from home if needed. She simply insisted he needed to be available at the office 24/7.

His words.

Typically even a soul-sucking HR drone isn't going to "insist on 24/7 availability" if it's not in the job requirements. These people follow a script, and if it wasn't in the script she wouldn't have been asking for it.

Comment Re:How was he wronged? (Score 1) 513

Do you really think the distinction between a cryptographer and a cryptanalyst is going to survive from actual job requirements though to the publication of this article? Besides, isn't an applications heavy firm going to put some crypt-analytic duties on any actual cryptographers they do have?

I mean, they're not inventing the next Twofish, AES, or elleptical encryption scheme, they're just implementing and adapting existing technology for the most part.

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