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Comey Denies Clinton Email 'Reddit' Cover-Up ( 459

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Politico: The FBI concluded that a computer technician working on Clinton's email was not engaged in an illicit cover-up when he asked on the Reddit website for a tool that could delete a "VIP" email address throughout a large file, FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday. Republican lawmakers have suggested that the July 2014 Reddit post from a user believed to be Platte River Networks specialist Paul Combetta showed an effort to hide Clinton's emails from investigators. However, at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, Comey said FBI agents concluded that all the computer aide was trying to do was replace Clinton's email address so it wouldn't be revealed to the public. "Our team concluded that what he was trying to do was when they produced emails not have the actual address but have some name or placeholder instead of the actual dot-com address in the 'From:' line," Comey said. Comey said he wasn't sure whether the FBI knew about the Reddit posting when prosecutors granted Combetta immunity to get statements from him about what transpired. However, he added that such a deletion wouldn't automatically be considered an effort to destroy evidence. "Not necessarily ... It would depend what his intention was and why he wanted to do it," the FBI director said.

Comment Re:Never report security vulnerabilites (Score 1) 85

You can't use a system without "testing" it in some way.

Purposely taking control of a computer system above your sanction is breaking the law.

These are OK:
Oops my keyboard slipped and I accidentally typed: John Smith'
Oops my name is: O'Riley

Not OK:
Robert'); DROP TABLE Students; --

Comment Re:Private sector will always do it better. (Score 1) 352

> People *need* healthcare. They get sick. They don't *need* Internet access;

Ok so give up your telephone, electricity and plumbing. You don't *need* any of that. People may not need Facebook and Twitter, but some level of remote communication makes life a whole lot easier (not to mention efficient). If I have internet I don't need any other telecommunications, internet is the modern information carrier.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 2) 392

Lives at stake? Seriously? Have you READ the regulations on diesel emissions? So, there's a few more nitrates, you are *burning* the diesel, where do the regulators expect this stuff to go? Basically you have to hobble the vehicle in order to pass US emissions tests. The only thing VW got by doing this was a leg up on the competition. (assuming the competition wasn't doing the same thing... time will tell)

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