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Comment Microsoft just trying to level the playing field (Score 1, Interesting) 57

Microsoft has been uninterested in cross-platform gameplay since....well, forever. They've actively tried to kill PC gaming (or at the very least, make it a second-class gaming experience to the Xbox). Not to mention they double-dip with their accessories ( For example, Xbox One Kinect having a proprietary connector so they can sell the USB 3.0 Windows Kinect).

Now Microsoft has suddenly seen the light! They want to enable cross-platform play with Sony! Hmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with the low sales for Xbox One compared to PS4. Sony's refusal makes them the "closed" bad guy now. Great marketing, but it doesn't actually improve anyone's gaming experience. Psyonix's leadership is either naive about the console business or willfully acting as Microsoft's proxy to attack Sony.

Comment Re:Revenge p0rn (Score -1) 284

People do not really understand the first amendment at all do they?

OK, I like where you're going with this...

In short, it's protection from being executed by the government for speaking ill of the government.

(facepalm) So you've never read it either

Dude, it's 3 lines of text. At least read it before you try to sound smart.

Comment Re:Vladinator (Score 0) 62869

if I'd had a daughter when I stopped really giving a shit about this place, she'd have eaten cum at least once by now.

probably a son too.

but it's nice to hear from/about people other than Vlad. cheers.

Comment Re:GMO itself isn't the problem. Its how its used (Score 1) 357

I believe that the chemical dependence is a far bigger issue than IP. While patented seeds do force the farmer to buy from them, they are in a far worse position when they depend not only on a toxic chemical, but also a seed whose only benefit is resistance to said toxic chemical.

Regardless, I respect your position and cannot disagree with it.

Comment GMO itself isn't the problem. Its how its used (Score 5, Insightful) 357

This article is going to further cloud the issue and I fear its going to give Monsanto and its ilk free reign to continue their abuse of the local seed supply. The issue has never been about GMO itself, its been about how GMO is used. Genetically modifying crops to produce more, be resistant to fungus, or have a longer shelf life is a net positive and is nothing more than a more advanced form of selective breeding. Its when you use it to introduce resistance to toxic chemicals that you start to have a real problem. That resistance not only allows to overuse of toxic chemicals (to the point of saturating the local environment), you also introduce a form of addiction where the farmer becomes dependent on the chemical. This addiction dooms the farmer to a form of indentured servitude and will eventually result in their exiting the market due to unsustainability.

Comment Is KDE still relevant? (Score 1) 115

At work, we finally transitioned away from KDE when we upgraded to RHEL6, due to the poor implementation of KDE4. Gnome, for all its warts, works and works well. Hell, even on RHEL7 if you run gnome in classic mode it retains its simplicity and most importantly a lack of support issues which KDE was notorious for.

We can't be the only ones who had challenges with KDE, so how is it still even relevant?

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