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Comment Re:The next big threat (Score 1) 80

... but first they should repatriate all their countryman working in the US IT industry.

Why is that pre-condition? A majority of those have chosen to become naturalized. So you are saying that they are second class citizens and should not critique the policies of their government? They have the same rights as any born citizen unless they are stripped of their citizenship. I don't wanting to improve the conditions of their country - even if it is not the country they are born in - is not treason. They are doing their duty as conscientious citizens.

Comment Re:Digital India? (Score 1) 80

"Swacch Bharat Abihyan" and "Toilets in every school" were both spear headed by Modi and his government. You know most Indians are vegetarian both by choice (they don't want to harm animals). Most eat meat only once a week? There is lot of fibre in the diet and they do excrete large amount of the fibre. Wher as in the US, the grass/corn is fed to animals in the factory farms with an seven fold reduction in efficiency, several fold increase in water usage with the factory farm waste released into ground water and other water sources. Yes, every house is as sterile as a hospital, nobody cooking at home but eat out most meals out in a restaurant if rich or McDonalds in the inner cities where the factory farmed animals end up along with factory trawler caught fish and most of them end up needing multiple heart bypass surgeries and suffer from diabetes and obesity which are sometimes caused due to life styles. If somebody says that is wrong, please reduce meat intake to save environment as well as not to overload our fragile healthcare systemn and everybody gets upset that they are being dictated to. We Americans are the most hypocritical second only to the British.

Comment Re:Oh boy. (Score 1) 527

Churchill did starve millions in undivided Bengal, India by diverting food shipments that were meant for Indian people to UK. With all due respect and well deserved gratitude to RMS, I find it strange that he finds Churchill to be a hero. Churchill is no hero to the tens of millions who perished in one of the most horrific man-made famines of the 20th century. :-(

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