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XBox (Games)

Submission + - Xbox 360 Data Transfer Hard for Elite Upgraders

adam_sd writes: "Seeing as how Microsoft doesn't think anyone will upgrade their current Xbox 360 to the new 120GB HD/HDMI-enabled Elite model, they are not planning to include their Data Transfer Cable with the Elites. This is causing some hassle for current 360 owners who are looking to upgrade, even on Microsoft's official forums. Microsoft has provided few answers, and seems to have forgotten to share even those with their support staff."

Submission + - Lock wireless AP's to stop Porn?

SponjWorthy writes: A BYU professor has submitted a Utah anti-porn law that would require everyone to lock your wireless access point. "Under her proposal, anyone who unintentionally failed to block access to their network would be fined. While, intentionally leaving a network open to minors would be considered the same as publishing pornography." I want to know what 12 year old script kitty can't get through someones WEP encryption?

Submission + - How Safe is Space Tourism?

Radon360 writes: The race to send tourists into space is heating up with billionaires funding their own companies to build and launch spaceships for nonastronauts. Meanwhile, earlier this month, a Russian rocket carried another billionaire, former Microsoft Corp. programmer Charles Simonyi, to the International Space Station. The ride was brokered by Space Adventures Ltd., a company that has announced plans to build spaceports in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

But how safe is the space tourism business? The subject is discussed in a WSJ interview with Patricia Smith, who heads the Federal Aviation Administration office responsible for overseeing the nascent industry, and space entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, a co-founder of Space Adventures and chairman of the X Prize Foundation, which awarded a $10 million prize to Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne in 2004.

Submission + - PS3 Supports PSX Titles, Adds Rumble

fistfullast33l writes: "Overnight Sony has released firmware updates for the PSP (version 3.40) and PS3 (version 1.70). PS3 Fanboy has most of the details of the update, which includes support for PS2 devices, including rumble in some cases. IGN has a more detailed report on the ability to download, play, and save PSX games on your PS3 and transfer them to your PSP. Apparently the Sony store won't have these updates until 4/26. The PSP update includes support for this feature and that's about it. No word on whether currently downloaded titles will work next week, however Sony apparently has stated that not all PSX titles will support this feature. IGN also has pointed out that the update currently is only available in Japan, and no word of it is mentioned on the North American PS3 Update Site."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - $1,000,000 Videogame Pro Circuit

Zyphon writes: Major League Gaming is giving away $1 million to professional video game players. The first link is more advertising it, but it's their only official press release I could find. The index page (2nd link) gives some more info about the company. Pretty crazy cash for just playing games.


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