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Comment Re:"They" don't have to understand anything (Score 1) 597

Don't forget that Socialism has no monopoly on force. Our current capitalism is full of forced situations, some by government and some by businesses. I am forced to pay a doctor if I need a prescription, even if I know what I need. I can't get an x-ray without the radiology consult. I am not permitted to convert my front yard to food crops, so I must pay the grocery store. I'm not supposed to do my own electrical work even if I exceed code. Many restaurants have a problem if they want to offer Coke and Pepsi products at the same time. Sometimes you can't buy parts for appliances and home electronics unless you've also paid a few thousand to be a "certified" technician (basically, certified that you've paid them a few thousand, that is). Same crappy deal for modern automotive diagnostics.

The lack of a basic income also creates a force situation for many. Work when we say and as much as we say and you'll take what we're willing to pay. Be sure to kiss the manager's ass or you'll be even worse off.

Some of that force comes from government, some from businesses.

Comment Re: Why do people keep using Windows? (Score 3, Interesting) 118

For one thing, even without administrative access to a computer, ransomware with full access to an employee's user account can do a lot of damage. For another, administrative access might be the result of a cost-benefit analysis that concluded that avoiding the cost of paying employees to sit and produce no value for the company while waiting for the IT department to complete a review of each application or device driver that each employee requires to do his or her job outweighs the risk of being the next ransomware victim.

Comment Re:Is home Internet a necessity? (Score 1) 68

No body is going to drive to their local library to pay bills for too long.

These purist capitalists would call owning an automobile also a luxury.

Maybe for a few years in college or pre-family style of living, but once life gets super real- you'll need this 'luxury'.

These purist capitalists would recommend that people remain in the "pre-family style of living" by abstaining from sex. There's a reason the "taxed enough already" crowd and the religiously motivated social conservative crowd have found an alliance in legislatures.

Comment E-sports needs free software (Score 1) 280

Games are different because their only utility is as entertainment, and few businesses can derive any benefit from that.

A professional or collegiate e-sports league is a business. Just as a league needs free video editing software to avoid having to pay to license proprietary video editing software, a league needs a free game to avoid having to pay the game's publisher for a license for each machine on which the game is played and for a license to perform the game publicly when streaming the matches.

Comment Re:Skype replacement not needed because ... (Score 1) 93

So, for people who don't want a smartphone, they should get a computer, internet, have both running 24/7 and make the right choice of IM or software phone platform.

Land line users have to get a phone, POTS service, and have both plugged in (and thus implicitly turned on) 24/7. One then sees the value of long distance and international tolls: they represent the cost of avoiding having to "make the right choice".

Everyone is on MSN right? Oh wait, this one died, it belonged to a multi-hundred-billion dollar company but they just closed it down.

MSN Messenger still operates under the name Skype.

Comment Re:Ummm, No (Score 1) 280

The open-source world obviously won't get you any of "the games you see advertised in stores." They have plenty of others though.

Does free software have any of the games that e-sports leagues have chosen to play? I would think that all other things being equal, e-sports would flock to free software, as use of a game composed of free software and free assets avoids having to negotiate public performance rights for streaming matches. But there must be something else stopping notable e-sports leagues from choosing free software.

Comment Re:Gay people (Score 1) 378

It may be that women who don't get hit on wish they got hit on more, but what does that have to do with what I said? I'm talking about women who get hit on a lot. I can tell that you don't have any sympathy for them, but I didn't ask you to have sympathy for them. I just described how it looks from her side. You can do with that description what you want.

Comment Re:DMCA is a federal law (Score 1) 204

There were a few skirmishes, sure. But notice how the feds didn't go on a crazy all out assault in spite of the location of each and every dispensary being well known and there being thousands of them.

Instead, they picked on a few where they had some shred of evidence (often bogus, but still) that the state law wasn't being strictly followed.

In return, they lost support of state law enforcement and their costs shot up.

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