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Comment Re:Thanks. Mr. Obvious (Score 1) 101

Yes, of course, everyone will have to pay for it. But it won't be via a high cost of purchase, it will rapidly be turned from auto-sales into auto-rentals or leases, where you won't be able to buy a car anymore, just hire it to go from a to b, or lease it for a period of time. As a bonus, the company will get to record and sell everything you "do" in the car, in order to optimize the ads being displayed to you.

Does anybody genuinely think that autonomous cars will come without a huge feedback loop back to the mothership? Reporting any situation the AI had a low confidence solution for, not just accidents but incidents that caused agitation like honking and near-accidents for review and all sorts of statistics on what it's been doing. And the other way will be full of driving AI updates, sensor processing updates, recalls, map updates, traffic alerts, weather warnings and so on. Actually regarding traffic I expect it'll be a two way system, the cars will report in on accident, road work, lane blockages, slow traffic and traffic jams. Maybe part of it will be opt-out but I imagine they'll bundle it such that for 99% of the population it's just their cell phone #2, they own it but the system knows where you are...

Comment Re:Last Argument Confusing (Score 1) 67

I think the difference is between their being allowed to sample your fingerprint and their being allowed to force you to do something specific your fingerprint.

If they take your fingerprint then they have to figure out how to turn that fingerprint into a finger again in order to then use it.

Comment Re:Incriminating evidence (Score 2) 67

Best you consult a criminal lawyer before providing or refusing to provide information you are asked. There are times you cannot refuse.

That may be rather difficult to do if you're detained and they're not willing to release you. I suppose that you could use your phone to make a call...

Comment Re:Life before int4rw3bz (Score 1) 137

I donno where you lived, but we were pretty thoroughly smack-dab in the middle of middle-class. We saved up our allowances for almost two years in order to buy that Nintendo. We traded games with our friends because no one could afford to buy everything that we wanted and we bought and sold games at local shops.

Comment Re:Incriminating evidence (Score 1) 67

If I understand the government's side of the argument, a fingerprint is not simply a password or other set of abstract information that courts have previously generally allowed to remain secret. A fingerprint is also a real-world structure that the courts have allowed to be sampled by law enforcement from those arrested. It's right on the body, so it's not truly secret as it is obscure.

If I were going to use a fingerprint I would use it as the equivalent of the username, or as an alternate means of entering the username, not as the equivalent of the password. For that I probably still would use a password, since a password essentially can be changed an infinite number of times. If a password is compromised then it can just be changed. A fingerprint does not really have that luxury beyond the ten we normally come equipped with.

It sounds like from the summary that the court is allowing the government to collect fingerprints in the traditional way, and is allowing the government to use the fingerprints collected in the traditional way to be used to unlock devices, but is prohibiting the government from bypassing the collection step in order to force the individual to use the fingerprint on their own device.

Comment desktop experience? (Score 1) 41

From the summary,

Today, that desktop experience is based on a very simple, pared-down interface that is reminiscent of the 2000 birthdate of the startup itself.

You mean one that actually works, as opposed to useless eye-candy bullshit that was made by people that really want to make fake UIs for movies and TV shows?

Comment misread as cellulite (Score -1) 73

Did anyone else misread this as, "cellulite"?

I thought for moment going into the summary that it was going to contrast difficulty from the San Bernadino shooters phones with some fundamental flaw allowing someone with bit of extra weight to put the phone up against some bit of anatomy to unlock it...

absurd as this sounds, a friend apparently worked at a dotcom whose fingerprint scanners were so awful that one day he let himself into the office with the end of his convenience store hotdog. His hands were full with the dog and the 64 oz Mountain Dew...

Comment Re:Practical? (Score 1) 112

I want crypto that has a good chance of outlasting the heat death of the universe

Why, are you Doctor Who and got the key to unraveling space and time or something? And even if someone should bother, do you really care if crypto-archaeologists find your tin foil hat conspiracies or pr0n collection (I was considering saying love letters and gf sex video, but it's /.) many thousand years from now when you and everyone who ever knew you is countless generations dead? I do care about 20 or 50 years from now but unless we make significant progress towards immortality in that time, I hardly care what happens after I become worm food.

Comment Re:The magic is dead. (Score 3, Interesting) 137

Computing is pretty much ubiquitous nowadays. When I first got into computing back in grade school around 1981-82, computers were just this incredibly awesome thing.

And no matter how fast technology goes there's a diminishing return, like the difference between CGA, EGA and VGA is never coming back no matter how much people talk about 4K, 10 bit, HDR, Rec. 2020 and so on. Doubling from 1MB to 2MB meant more than 1GB to 2GB. The last time I was genuinely floored by new hardware was in 2002 with Morrowind when I installed a new GPU with hardware T&L. Suddenly the grass looked like grass, the sea looked like sea, things started to have realistic textures and shadows and whatnot. Sure in sum we've come far since then, but never in huge leaps like that. That and modem -> DSL was also huge, but of course not as huge as getting Internet in the first place.

Comment Re:Fake science/sloppy science (Score 1) 255

If you can't reproduce it, it's either fake or you were just being sloppy. Either way, it's no wonder ordinary civilians have doubts.

I am not concerned if any particular scientist or team can't replicate it. I am concerned if no one at all can replicate it.

Modern cutting-edge science can be very hard to do to begin with. I don't care so much how many fail, I care if there are cases where it has succeeded.

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