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Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 660

Neither will a solar minimum have any measurable cooling effect, nor will a solar maximum will have a measureable warming effect.
The difference is just to low and any 'random' weather effect is 10-100 times stronger, e.g the exceptional cols summer in germany. Untill a few days ago it was like'10 - 15 degrees Celsius below 'average' or 'expected' temperature. That is a factor of like 400 bigger than the solar variation.

Comment Re:Why is teen pregnancy bad exactly? (Score 1) 268

When we were a species of hunter gatherers, the sole role of girls was to stay home, get married, have babies.
Extremely unlikely.
Much more likely they gathered together with the mothers and followed the hunting men, carrying what ever they needed to make camp where the men killed the prey.

Comment Re:Uh, no you're not (Score 1) 133

"We are building a citizen-fueled clean power plant,"

Uh, no you're not. You are running an energy saving campaign. You are not creating anything new power here.

I agree, but under some current regulatory models, such shenanigans are treated similarly as an actual power plant. To the grid, adding 50MW of supply is the same as subtracting 50MW of demand (in most cases). There are several things about this that greatly concern me, especially the part about a tech company entering the energy market and extracting large amounts of money while providing very little benefit.

Despite the reforms after Enron, the energy market is not regulated very well, regulation varies by location within the US, and some of the tricks being pulled would make Wall Street blush. It's a complicated system that requires a lot of specialized experience to understand. I work in the energy industry and we have a saying- "Whenever there is confusion, someone will exploit it".

Comment Re:That's bullshit (Score 5, Interesting) 268

The only actual way to reduce teen pregnancy is to encourage them to stop fucking so much

You have figures for all the other methods. What are the figures for "encouraging them to stop fucking so much"?

The birth control available to them _does not work_.

The figures quoted say otherwise. True, the worst contraceptive you mention is successful with 72% of users across a year never having a problem, however the pill is successful for 91% of users (over a year), and the CDC includes reversible birth control measures that are more than 99% effective in the chart you mention.

It's also worth mentioning that the failures aren't necessarily a function of the devices themselves so much as user error. Condoms usually "fail" not because they break or anything else obvious, but because people who rely upon them frequently decide to chance not using them. Almost all versions of the pill can be rendered useless if combined with certain drugs - notably many antibiotics - and are more than 99% effective if used properly.

Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 660

Wrong on all accords.
Right now it is much warmer than during those times.
The viking graves are not under permafrost, otherwise we would not dig them out or know about them.
We are farming right now in Greenland, more than mankind ever did.
You are just an idiot.

Ah, and regarding wine: we are growing wine again in the UK since the late 1980s, get out from under your rock, idiot!

Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 660

Solar minimums we have every few decades. Actually we are in one, so there is no 'heading to it' right now.
The difference in energy output of the sun, between a maximum and a minimum is a shocking 1%.
So if you live in the states, and all other things are equal, and you have hot day with 100F ... during a solar minimum that would be 99F (simplifying a bit as most americans here won't see the error anyway).
Regarding 'ice age' ... the idea that we are 'due' to an ice age in near future is a myth from the 1970s ... the last one started to end 20,000 years ago and only roughly 12,000 years ago it ended, depending how you count.
The next one is due at the _earliest_ in 50,000 years, if at all. Could easily be over 100,000 yeras till the next one.
And: solar cycles have absolutely nothing to do with ice ages, glacier or inter glacier periods ....
Current CO2 levels indicate there won't be any glacial period in the next millions of years, idiot!

Comment Re:massive parallel processing=limited application (Score 1) 103

On a 8-core machine, a processor will be placed into a wait queue roughly 7 out of 8 times that it needs access.

You just snuck into your analysis the assumption that every core is memory saturated, and I don't think that all the memory path aggregates in many designs until the L3 cache (usually L1 not shared, L2 perhaps shared a bit). The real bottleneck ends up being the cache coherency protocol, and cache snoop events, handled on a separate bus, which might even have concurrent request channels.

I think in Intel's Xeon E5 line-up there are single-ring and bridged double-ring SKUs for forwarding dirty cache lines from one cache to another (and perhaps all memory requests). This resource can also drown for many workloads.

In many systems, you have all these cores running tasks which are fairly well isolated (not much cache conflict), except they all want to be able to allocate as much memory as they need from a giant memory space (e.g. a TB of DRAM) so they fundamentally have to fall through to a shared memory allocation framework.

You can learn a lot about the challenges involved by following the winding path of something like jemalloc as increasing concurrency levels expose yet another degeneracy.

The real problem with this field is that there isn't a single, simple story like the one you tried to tell. There are usually dozens of ways to skin the cat, each with completely different scaling stories, with different sets of engineers who are good as tweaking or debugging those stories.

At this point, what you have is a fragile coordination problem between your solution space, your architecture, and the engineers you employ, forcing ambitious ventures to crack out the golden recipe: pour in seven cement mixers full of head hunters, one 55-gallon oil drum of exclamation marks, a metric butter tonne of job perks, and agitate appropriately.

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