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Comment Early detection helps? How so? (Score 1) 123

What are all these people claiming "Early detection of cancer will help" basing this statement on?

If everyone who had cancer detected early NEVER DIED, this might make some sort of sense. Since they WILL DIE, we have to change the way to tell if we've helped from "Didn't die" to "Didn't die in the next X years." Of course early detection helps THAT situation.

Let's take the case of someone getting cancer at age 50 and dying of it at age 65. Without detection, they'd wouldn't know til near the end, say age 63. They'd only live 2 more years. If they got early detection at say age 53, they'd live 12 more years, EVEN IF NOTHING WERE DONE! Looking at our "Didn't die in the next X years" definition of 'good' it seems we've helped this person immensely. EVEN THOUGH WE DIDN'T DO A GODDAMNED THING.

C'mon, convince me that early detection helps. And your anecdote ain't gonna cut it.

Comment Re:Not around here (Score 1) 87

Actually, it's more than 500ms latency... more like 750ms+ by the time you're done with additional layers of routing/optimization software, on top of that trip from earth to space and back.

And when the locals of all sorts (Verizon, Comcast, etc) refuse you any sort of land-based connection, this is one of the few options (the other being cellular modem, which has its own set of problems and availability issues).

Comment Re:great (Score 1) 408

I've read the background. It literally shows that they would get into fights, with their 12 year old daughter, because she'd go on the computer after being told she couldn't...time after time after time. They REFUSED to be parents and simply stood back as she did whatever the fuck she wanted.

Can you show where you found that information? That's not what I've read concerning it. What I've read is, she was supervised online, except for the day the messages started coming, and that in fact, the parents had been monitoring her use (even reading the "boy's" profile and messages) up to that point.

Reference Article

I've read lots of blog comments claiming she was unsupervised/running wild, etc., but I haven't read anything from a reputable source to that affect.

Comment Re:Why is this a surprise? (Score 1) 442

However, with marketing -- you can send any number of suit-monkeys out to cut deals with drink manufacturers, t-shirt companies, magazines.. etc. All without detracting from the potential quality of your final product.

Your argument might be more convincing to me if I weren't familiar with EA's products and their quality, or rather, the lack therof.

What EA actually does is more like having a woman make a baby in a month, removes the baby after that month, and the 8 other women put makeup on it to try to detract from the fact that it is a disgusting abomination. The marketing is to convince people it's a baby instead of an embryo. Then they do the same thing next month.

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