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Submission + - US Supreme Court affirms legislative prayers are constitutional

JakartaDean writes: Eugene Volokh, in the Washington Times, says, "The Court is unanimous in its view that, generally speaking, some legislative prayers are constitutionally permissible." Even the dissenters agree that "such a forum need not become a religion-free zone." Apparently the whole thing is based on tradition: "Under Marsh, legislative prayer has a distinctive constitutional warrant by virtue of tradition." Is this really the best the USA can come up with in terms of decision making at the highest level?

Comment Re:ObamaCare is a Horrific Debacle (Score 2) 162

What I find humorous about the current topic and the posts being flung onto the wall like so much feces is that posts like yours good sir, whether I agree or not, add to the discussion and yet are being modded flamebait for no real apparent reason. After this modding, posts such as yours usually have a small flood of ACs follow your commentary with short, witless posts which quite frankly add nothing to the discourse. I'm all for being an AC from time to time, as it serves a purpose. However, at the moment, it feels like it is being abused by one or a few select individuals whose goals seem to be to misrepresent the dialog being built under this topic and burying that which they do not agree with.

Now, mind you my post is off-topic and I will expect it will be modded as such, as the flood of AC seems to be cresting quite the large wave as of late. This AC behavior has been growing as of late, and seems most apparent on politically charged topics. I only hope this pattern is temporary and just wished to say, bravo for having the balls to attach your name to your beliefs.

Comment Re:so let me get this straight (Score 1) 348

One more reason that I wont ever buy another apple product

Tim Cook telling these right-wing psychopaths to piss off is surely a reason to avoid buying Apple products. What kind of bullshit is this? Extremist climate change deniers turning up in the Apple shareholder meeting, and trying to foist their idiotic "profit above anything" agenda on Apple, getting the response they deserve (actually, not _quite_ what they deserve, corporal punishment is what they deserve), and that makes you want to avoid Apple products?

Honestly, his response has made me consider Apple now that I am looking for a replacement for my current aging MP3 player. (It's going on 5 years now and is starting to act funky)

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