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Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 1) 353

Except for we haven't actually declared war in any of these places, right? I mean, these are just 'skirmishes' or whatever?


Another meme for idiots. I'll give you a hint: When Congress passes a law that authorizes use of force, and specifically writes out in it that "this satisfies the requirements of [such and such section] of the War Powers Act" and you look up that section and it is the section that talks about Congress having to declare war, then you can understand that war has been declared.

There is no special Declaration of War Form that Congress fills out. There is no requirement for them to write "Declaration of War" at the top of the bill that authorizes ongoing military action. In fact, all that they have to do to declare war is authorize it using any language that they choose. And in modern times, they use a different wording than "declaration of war."

But you don't get your information from actual sources, you get it from the rumor mill, so you repeat nonsense about Congress not having declared war.

Not everybody likes the details of the war declaration that Congress made; it is rather open-ended and nonspecific. But it does exist.

Comment Re: RTFA (Score 1) 128

OK smartypants, if you think it is an "error," what is the authority on English grammar? Is there a book or something that lists the rules?

You're hilariously fucking stupid. You can't even comprehend the nature of language, or the meaning of the word "grammar," or the meaning of "error." And yet you argue and dig and dig, even telling me that I'm digging, and yet, I do know the nature of language, I do know the source of authority for grammar, and if there is only one or a choice between several. (spoiler: several, and they only claim to be optional style guides)

Even when corrected you're so aliterate that you argue with the correction instead of looking it up!

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 1) 128

If you couldn't parse it, you didn't get to play. Not my problem.

If I was French, I might want to get onto some singular grammar wagon, but since I use English I won't go anywhere near that shit. Like my friend said after getting an English degree: The first three years they teach you rules. The last year they teach that those are fake rules to help you practice, and actually it all a matter of style.

People who claim there is only one style, or that it is in poor style to use a construct that they cannot comprehend, are not worthy of pause.

Comment Re:Expensive bullshitmachine (Score 1) 145

If I wanted to, yeah, I have a $6 wifi microcontroller on a breadboard next to me. Not sure what the relay costs, but not much. Thirty cents for a transistor to drive the relay, though that is overkill.

The harder part than turning it on from the driveway would be feeding the vegetables in from there.

But if I juiced it in the morning and put the juice in the fridge, then when I'm arriving in the driveway I can not use an app, and still walk into the kitchen and drink my juice right away without waiting. If I was that addicted to apping I could just use a journal app to dictate, "I'm in the driveway and I'm going to go inside and drink some juice."

Comment Re: Ironically (Score 1) 285

The vast, vast majority of the market, such as the tofu blocks and soy "milk" and just about everything else are NOT produced via traditional methods and are fucking terrible for you.

As somebody that eats tofu, I can tell you that on the west coast you'd have a hard time finding a tofu for sale in the store that is not made with traditional methods.

It is made like yogurt, it is easy to do with low overhead and limited labor costs. Most of the overhead is the temperature-controlled warehouse space for aging.

There is basically no innovation in this product, and no latent demand for it.

The non-traditional processing that is of concern in some products is the separation of the protein. That isn't done in tofu. That is done in imitation meat products. Basically, the cheap products use "textured vegetable protean" as a texture ingredient, which is soy protean separated in a chemical process that is consistent and predictable, but leaves some residue. So the super-store type grocery store will mostly have imitation meat products that have some controversial residues. But the brands in a health food store generally are not made with TVP, instead they grind the roasted beans to the ideal texture and combine them with fresh ingredients. These brands can also be found in the "hippie/yuppie/liberaal" section of some supermarkets.

Comment Re: Ironically (Score 1) 285

Not all processes are evil, only the ones that chemically alter the food or that fail to return all the parts to the meal.

For example: whole wheat flour is processed in a way that retains the full edible portion of the grain, so it is processed in a healthy way. White flour has important nutrient content removed, and if it is intended as a staple food then it is evil. In small amounts, it is safe for most people. In large amounts, eating processed mono-carbs increases the risk for a variety of diseases.

If you don't understand that the human body is evolved to ingest certain specific chemicals in the amounts and forms present in our natural food sources, then there is probably no way to convince you. "Evidence" or appeals to authority should not preclude logical analysis, though all too frequently they do.

Vegetable oils change form after they've been heated too long, such as in a commercial fryer. It is not healthy to eat food cooked that way. However, the same food can be cooked at home in fresh oil and be totally safe. Chemistry matters, process matters.

Comment Re: Irrelevant Studies (Score 1) 285

It isn't a food lab.

It is a non-food lab, at a school. Food labs say it is chicken. It definitely has additives. But they are a small amount. There is some soy in it. The ingredients have been published. But the test that was done won't tell you how much soy there was. And I'm sure the graduate students in charge of the lab are well trained, however, they are not trained in food testing.

And none of the normal work of a forensic wildlife lab would involve finding out the relative amounts of different ingredients; instead they're experts in identifying the species represented in the sample.

Comment Re:Soy tastes like chicken (Score 1) 285

It is funny to me because I've eaten so many wild mushrooms, and there are two popular kinds of truffles here, but it is the thing I never pick.

Mostly because they grow too deep. You'd need dogs. People mostly pick them in the forests near farms. I like to go out into the mountains. Everywhere I go in the forest there are cougar and bear, in addition to chipmunks and squirrels. Bringing a dog out there is a major disturbance, and can be unsafe.

But the King of Mushrooms is definitely the King Bolete, aka porcini, cep, steinpilz. Much more approachable than a truffle. Though I do buy some imported frozen flatbread from Italy with truffle sauce that is quite good.

Right now a related mushroom is in season, Boletus rex-veris the "King of Spring."

Comment Re:Expensive bullshitmachine (Score 1) 145

I can buy a giant 40lb bag of "juicing carrots" for $8 at the big grocery store, or a 30lb bag for $9 at the neighborhood store. It is pretty good compared to over $3 for 12oz of pasteurized juice.

If I really really wanted to, I could use place an order online for a local bicycle courier to purchase and deliver the items. But that would be embarrassing.

Comment Re:Yeah, Climate Change isn't real /sarcasm (Score 1) 301

"Tax cuts reduce the temperature of the atmosphere!"

Eventually. Any perturbation should eventually become an oscillation. And increasing the temperature of one part of the atmosphere will likely cool another part by a much smaller amount, so there is almost certainly some local cooling at some altitude caused by local resource mismanagement that results from tax cuts.

Doesn't really help from a "negative affects on humans" perspective, though.

Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 2) 353

Right, people who call others stupid elitists and useful idiots are "sick and tired" being called "troglodyte haters." Well, guess what? If they want to stop being called troglodytes and haters, they should stop calling people names, stop hating on others, and learn what the fuck the words they're saying mean.

Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 1) 353

The word "extrajudicial" in the title of your link is a lie. If you knew the facts of the only such case, you'd know that. It was litigated by the guys family while he was alive, and also a fugitive for justice in an active war zone.

This idea that morons developed the past few years that you need some sort of warrant to shoot a known militant in a war zone is... really weird. Really really really weird. Like, wars have happened in the past, and there are even various Geneva Conventions on warfare that lay out the agreed rules for how it is done; no war anywhere in the world has ever been conducted using a system where lawyers and judges accompany the military onto the battlefield and complete paperwork before anybody fires a weapon. Never. And no war will ever be conducted that way.

In the US Civil War, did the Union soldiers need a trial, conviction, and death sentence before firing at the Confederate soldiers attacking them? No? No. A brief analysis of any war in history, or even just doing a mental exercise about "how would that work," should answer this one for you.

If you know that you're a fugitive, you know that you're in what is considered by the US Government to be a war zone, and instead of turning yourself in you have your family inside the United States sue the US Government trying to stop the order to kill you if you're found in a war zone, and they lost that case, and then you still don't turn yourself in, or leave the war zone, then there is not only no legal complaint, there is not even an unlitigated issue. The funny part is that no litigation is required, but in the one modern case of a US Citizen being the direct bomb target, it actually had already been litigated. And morons on the internet still blather on about it being "extrajudicial." Yeah, because it is war, dummy. And the judge already verified the fact. War is extrajudicial. For real reasons. But that individual's case was litigated anyway.

Comment Re:Expensive bullshitmachine (Score 3, Informative) 145

I paid under $350 for a leading-brand horizontal masticating juicer and it cold-presses real raw vegetables that I buy from the store, no packs required.

It can even pure almond "milk" (juice) from raw almonds.

For convenience I use a potato slicer to prep most of the veggies. Quick, easy, fresh! No app or VC required.

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