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Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 290

That's just nonsense that is part of a real estate agent's spiel.

Look at the numbers, the seasonal variation is real but small, and the time on the market doesn't vary that much.

And no, look up "fractional cost" on the interwebs if you want to know what it actually means when people say "a fraction of..." I'll give you a hint, it doesn't mean "awww, shucks, I had to sell at the 43rd percentile price when I thought I should get the 85th percentile price because I'm awesome!"

The reality is that people stories are always bullshit, not that it is hard to sell a house, or that houses don't have prices, or complete hogwash like "houses are unique snowflakes and not commodities."

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 290

Maybe they just figured out how to get rid of a bunch of employees without having to pay severances or unemployment.

No, these are high paid jobs and unemployment doesn't pay a lot. If a person actually wants the unemployment, they just decline to be relocated and the company has to lay them off or fire them without cause, and they get their unemployment.

These jobs aren't even in the same State, so there is not going to be a loophole for the company. And, they are an established company with a reputation as a great employer, lots of people want to work for them, and they pay well. They're not making these decisions worrying about trying to screw people over on rounding errors, they try instead to attract and retain a certain type of employee. Maybe this helps them with that, maybe not, but it obviously isn't a gimmick.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 290

It does solve it if what you IM is the actual thing you have to say.

Same as voicemail. Did you leave the information you wanted to convey in the message, or did you just say, "hey, call me back." One communicates information, one omits it in favor of the detached metadata.

Just replace the broken unit attached to the keyboard and data will flow really well asynchronously through an IM.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 290

People don't have to sell their home for a "fraction of it's[sic] value" when they move. That is just horseshit. What it means is that their whole rant that you listened to was a load of crap, they were just ranting, they were not providing you with a data source about an actual experience.

Guess what? If they had a fantasy that their house was worth more than it is, and they had to sell it at the market rate, that means they sold it for it was worth.

If they had an awful loan with penalties for early payoff, and they weren't smart enough to talk to an accountant about the procedure to pay it off without the penalty, then they may have indeed lost money on the total transactions, but they still would have sold the house for the market rate.

The most likely thing is that they simply thought that they could have got a slightly higher price by leaving it on the market for a few months, and they had to take something close to the market rate to sell to a normal buyer on a normal time frame, and then when they were grousing to you they were using a communication style "not meant to be taken literally."

It isn't like they were rushed out of town by their employer and had to sell their house at the pawn shop on the way to the airport. They still would have sold it on the normal market, and getting a quick sale doesn't require selling at "a fraction" of the price in the sense that "a fraction of the price" is meant. You would at worst be selling at the low end of the range that is the actual price, not a fraction.

I'm thinking that, in addition to being exceptionally credulous of absurd stories, you might also not know what fraction means in the context of "fractional cost."

Comment Re: No comparison to the C64 (Score 2) 145

You can get an old 8052 processor if you want to build something similar, but if you want something in a small surface mount package the cheapest is actually going to be a 32 bit ARM, with a few 8 bit AVR and PIC micros close behind. But expect to pay over a dollar if you want 64K RAM, not a few cents.

Comment Re:Beating Commodore 64!!?! (Score 1) 145

It ain't so.

They're mixing the different Raspberry Pi models together as one thing, and then counting all the 80386 or 8052 computers as different. It may even be that it is such apples/oranges that it is impossible to do an honest "head to head" type comparison, considering those types of differences in what is being measured. It may be that they would have to count all the "Intel Pentium" computers as one to count all the Raspberry Pi computers as the same, or maybe everything that Gateway or Dell ever sold.

It is a non-metric, offered by a press release. This is the new slashdot; not even clueful enough to find some clickbait, and just linking directly to press releases as factual stories.

Comment Re: Free money for psychopaths? (Score 1) 52

If somebody is engaging in that sort of behavior because of their mental illness they will most likely escalate the behavior and get caught. It is actually quite rare for somebody to be willing to take the risk of theft or fraud for some small gain and be also OK with just that small gain. The person risk-averse enough to maintain their boundaries and not escalate will probably not take the risk in the first place!

It may even be some high percentage of the people who get caught for insurance fraud would be in the group you describe.

Comment Re:Can't wait for the Git fad to die out. (Score 2) 28

I think it is funny, too. When I used svn, I tried to use it in the ways that it was good at, and if you set up the directories right it is simple and painless even in complex settings. Actual code collisions shouldn't be frequent anyways, so people can like one or the other better for that but it is really a different problem.

I switched to git for offline commits, which svn added but too late to prevent people switching. Once you switch all your practices to the ones that are best with git, then git becomes better. But if you were already using practices best for svn, it didn't start out better.

What is obvious is that a lot of people want to do things their own way instead of the way that is a best practice using the tools that they're using. So then they'll prefer whichever software is least painful using their own weird system. But sharing code with them will be painful for others, and no version control system is going to help with that.

Comment Re:waste of money (Score 1) 28

The trick to understanding it is that in most sectors there is little money in software anyways, and most of the money is in support. This is true for the proprietary software, too.

If you think open source companies are failing, you might want to check that one in a search engine. Because you're so embarrassingly wrong that I'm not going to spell it out.

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