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Comment Re:Uber? (Score 1) 640

One thing worse than not writing units; morons who still try to pedantically correct people, even when there was no unit on which to base their accusation of incorrectness!

Fucking morons think they're so damn smart! But not smart enough to identify a typo, false assumption, or other routine mistake. So even without all the right answers that they "correct" into wrong answers, they've also got all those unidentified-but-obvious mistakes in their datasets!

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 1) 640

If .05 is "very slightly buzzed" or "drunk" is very subjective; people who regularly drink more than one serving of alcohol will call that "very slightly buzzed" whereas somebody who never drinks large amounts and rarely drinks more than one drink would already know that they're impaired, and in fact would probably use the word "drunk."

Words like "tipsy" are mostly used by alcoholics to describe a certain range of drunkenness. Whoever, that doesn't mean that it is anything but a level of drunkenness; it certainly isn't a state of being sober. ;)

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 1) 640

So that makes your response some sort of Stockholm Syndrome, is that what you're saying? We should give you a pass on not understanding the role of alcohol in turning traffic mistakes into deaths, because you're still psychologically damaged from your own experience with a drunk driver?

Is that your point, or are you just claiming that being an accident victim makes you King of Drunk Driving Morality? In one case, I feel some sympathy, in the other, not even a little. In both cases your comments are stupid and dangerous, though.

Comment Re:Maybe beers don't even need fixing (Score 2) 130

Here locally a lot of medium sized beekeepers serving the factory farms have had ongoing problems, not just monoculture but generally with their very new formulas for winter feeding. This is true even for beekeepers in mostly organic areas, which we have a lot of around here.

So the price of formerly-cheap honey did go up significantly, and the big farms had trouble contracting with beekeepers.

But farmers who keep their own bees, and beekeepers using traditional formulas and leaving the bees a percent of their own honey for the winter, they're not really having any more problems than usual. Everybody loses a few bee colonies now and then, but all the smaller brands at the health food stores have had stable supply and prices. Urban beekeepers have also continued to be successful.

Anywhere I go in nature during the spring I see lots of wild bee activity from a variety of species.

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