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Journal Journal: April fools 2010

I had an idea for Slashdot's annual April fools prank, with the next opportunity being 2010. So my advice for Slashdot would be to "add" a new moderating option in addition to the preexisting "informative, insightful, Funny..." options. The new option would be "Sarcastic +1." This would allow moderators to mod up posts which they find exceptionally sarcastic, witty, or snarky. I imagine the announcement would look like this:

"Fellow Slashdotters, today is yet another momentous day in history, one which moderators everywhere will remember. After revamping the moderating system, we realize that it is somewhat lacking in options. Funny comments can be unusually insightful, but receive no addition to karma, so some moderators have taken to circumventing this by modding posts them 'interesting' instead. Thus, the idea for the "Sarcastic" option was born. The new "sarcastic +1" option appears after the "informative" option and does add to the posters karma. To fully understand the magnitude of this event, all slashdotters have been given a gift of 2 extra mod points. Please use the new sarcasm option with wisdom, remember with great power comes great responsibility."

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