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Submission + - The Clinton Foundation is downsizing (

mi writes: You would think, the end of a political career would allow a genuinely charitable family to concentrate on their charity. Instead, the Clinton Foundation is closing shop (or, at least, downsizing) after their champion's electoral loss. According to the paperwork they filed with New York Department of labor, the reason is "Discontinutation [sic] of the Clinton Global Initative [sic]".

Comment Re:They took the worst part of Python (Score 1) 183

It isn't personal preferences. Braces are completely superior, using indentation alone causes problems:

*Mixing of the two causes programs to perform differently, but the bug isn't visible. This once cost me 3 weeks to track down a bug where one line in 30K from a contractor used a tab instead of spaces. This isn't the only time I've seen it cause bugs, just the worse.

*Copy pasting from the web is nearly impossible.

*When editing other people's code you don't know what to use. I actually just copy paste the line above every time, its the only way to assure it uses the right thing.

This stupid concept has cost more time than any other language decisions I've ever dealt with.

Now you're going to say "if you just follow the style guide...". That's not an answer. If you just wrote code the right way there'd never be a memory issue in C++ either. If you want the style guide to be necessary, make everything other than the style guide a syntax error.

Python is completely unusable just due to this issue.

Comment Re:Good idea, bad name (Score 1) 145

The name "autopilot" isn't confusing at all if you think of it as an analogue of the autopilot in a commercial airplane

Yeah, it's not confusing, all I have to do is think about it for a bit, then read the article you linked to, and everything will be clarified.

As a software developer, I can tell you that all my users are totally willing to put that kind of effort into understanding. They really try to understand I'm not being sarcastic here at all.

Comment Re:Good idea, bad name (Score 1) 145

Because if they come up with a better name, all problems are solved. They don't have to go around with complicated explanations telling people about their misconceptions. Or maybe you think it's easy to go around telling people they have misconceptions about what words mean?

Rename it, it's just easier.

Comment Re:Squirrels spread their attacks conveniently (Score 1) 136

I feel like you have a reasonable assessment of the security problems the country faces, but I think you underestimate the resources required to exploit them. It's probably takes more than five malware assisted spies to take down the infrastructure (say, the power grid). It takes a lot of training, expertise, and if you want to target SCADA systems, a lot of expensive equipment, and if you want to attack hardware that is properly air-gapped, then even more effort and a bit of luck, too. It's not a cheap operation to take down a big system (which is why no hacker has done it yet for the lulz although maybe they are trying?)

Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 1) 217

Every country and culture has a nasty history of some kind. That doesn't mean they just give up and commit cultural/national suicide over it. Europeans have long been a cynical lot. But the level of self-hatred and white guilt that we're seeing today has almost become a form of mass mental illness. Europe is rapidly becoming dysfunctional to the point where, when the invaders come (and they always do eventually), most will just throw open the gates and beg to be destroyed.


Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 0, Troll) 217

even though they are the ones who get violent

You know, I'm beginning to think that the left's willful ignorance of all the terrorist attacks and immigrant violence going on in Europe is a form of mental illness. I really think that many of you do truly believe that all the violence is coming from right-wing white people. Do you even remember the recent spate of terrorist attacks in France, or have you purged them from your memory because they don't fit your narrative? In your mind, have you cherry-picked a few minor instances of violence AGAINST immigrants to retain in your memory, while deliberately forgetting hundreds of incidents of violence BY immigrants?

Someone really should do a paper on White Guilt, European self-hatred and the capacity for mass self-delusion in the modern European psyche.

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