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Comment Trump's opposition to globalism is wise. (Score 1) 138

What says that globalism, as practiced & supported by his opposition, is inevitable? The fear of Trump shows that jobs can come back with his kind of citizen-first policies.

Those people who you call "rubes" are wiser for rejecting your clerisy - as the country has been worse for blindly accepting globalism. Citizens have rejected the false promises, especially those centering around trade, as they have only seen harm.

Comment Re:Jobs... (Score 1) 138

I think you are right. But, as a devil's advocate, trade policy is not legislation. So maybe in Trump's bloviating buffoon mind he thinks he can raise the import duty / tariffs sky high as protectionism to force jobs to come back. Only an idiot would think that - but then the misogynist xenophobe racist divisive psychopathic serial liar Trump is sort of an idiot.

Typical. Those who shame others for generalizations and stereotypes often commit those same actions in the same sentence..

...but not today!

Comment "Master Plan", sounds a bit ominous (Score 0) 171

You know who else had a Master Plan?


I always said that Elon Musk character was a ridiculous caricature of a Bond villain and just plain bad writing.
But then we got a billionaire reality TV star, who was involved with Professional Wrestling, going to be President and the audience isn't howling for a purge of the writers' bullpen. Demand more sensible scripting of reality.

Comment Re:A good reason to replace old reactors (Score 1, Offtopic) 140

The high cost is a myth. A nuclear reactor produces so much energy in its life that the decommissioning costs are only a small fraction of the kWh sold on the market. Do you want to double the reserve? Fine, it would still be economically valid.

That said, the "usability" of the land is a moot point. How "usable" is the land of a hydroelectric basin that is permanently made unusable *by design* ?

Submission + - Twitter Permanently Suspends Milo Yiannopoulos (cnn.com)

sethstorm writes: After being unverified and temporarily suspended multiple times, Milo Yiannopoulos has been permanently suspended — due to allegations of targeted harassment and hate speech. While he is no stranger to controversy, Twitter has been known for punishing right-leaning individuals while giving a pass to harassment of Republican politicians.

Comment Items as well for Ingress (Score 3, Informative) 80

Some sponsored game items:

AXA, an insurance company, sponsors a shield item.
Mitsubishi's financial group (MUFG) sponsors an "interest bearing container" that randomly duplicates items
Softbank, a Japanese mobile phone network provider, sponsors a link booster.
Lawson, a Japanese convenience store chain, sponsors an energy cube booster.

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