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Comment Re:Alternatively... (Score 1) 134

In lieu of the obligatory posting of The Onion article "Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn't Own A Television", let me present this as an alternative :
I did this all while you were watching TV

But seriously, WTF do I need a separate APP to stream each goddamned channel?!!! The function is standard, the endpoint just changes.

Comment Re:OMG that's a dodgy check (Score 2) 287

You'll have to get them to have it penned by someone even slightly more credible than Dinesh D'Souza, the poor little rich Indian kid who's grown up to excel at blaming the American Left for the misdeeds of the global Rich--er, Right.

Maybe you missed how full of praise D'Souza was for the 9/11 terrorists--I *saw and heard him myself* on Politically Incorrect talking about what brave warriors they were. Maybe you've missed his suggestion that American conservatives to join forces with conservative Muslims to combat "moral degeneracy".

*Other conservatives* even take him to task for his poorly-thought-out ideas and dismiss as preposterous his attempts to tie fundamentalist Islam together with American liberalism. Not to mention his terrible book and film about Obama, which even conservatives have recognised as character assassination based on half-truths, selective omissions, outright lies, and obvious projection.

Oh, and he's been convicted of campaign finance fraud, too.

Comment Then prepare a fiery desk for Watson, too. (Score 1) 878

That's all fine and good but what you are proposing will only stave off the inevitable for at most a year or two. Automation is coming, it is already here and covering more ground faster and faster. Read "Rise of the Robots" it is an enlightening read.

AI is fine and dandy, but only when it is an intelligent companion, not an existential threat.

If multi-disciplinary automation (such as current-day AI) wants to become a threat, treat it no differently. Nothing says that today's Watson can be treated the same way Mr. Patterson treated the original one.

How would you propose penalizing anyone that overlooks the long-term unemployed/discouraged? Who would you propose get penalized?

The party/parties that overlook the unemployed, including all third parties and contracting services.

What would be the mechanism for detecting and punishing these despicable beings?

The lowest bar of proof constitutionally allowable for the unemployed (that meets criminal/civil standards), such that no "safe reason" can be formed.

As for punishment? A golden ticket to work directly with the organization in question for a guaranteed minimum term measurable in decades, with provisions to survive existential events - including but not limited to acquisition, offshoring, bankruptcy, and/or reorganization. It might put the staffing industry out of business for being a favored benefit dodge, but it's not as if they've been of much use for regular people these days.

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