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Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 463

When everyone in the house had a computer, a house would have 4 computers. Now, the personal device for everyone is the phone, and the PC is one per house. So the demand dropped to a lower (but still healthy) baseline. And the cost of the computer dropped as well, with the average computer being cheaper than the premium phone.

The death of the PC is over-stated. Fear-mongering by those who benefit from the one-PC per person numbers we saw near 2000.

Comment Re:Remember kids! (Score 1) 374

Doesn't matter a microiota. They agreed. They must have been fucking stupid, but they agreed.

If I wanted to bet you a fuckzillion pounds on a coin toss (as long as we used my special coin) wouldn't you at least be a teeny bit suspicious?

And the cards were not marked (as in, the gambler tinkered with them). They were stock products, and were faulty. If the casino has a claim, it's against the manufacturer.

Oh, hang on. That's liability laws, which is regulation, which is communism, which is socialised healthcare death panels and compulsory homosexuality and area 21.


Apple Exec Jimmy Iovine Confirms Company's Interest in Making 'Pop Culture' TV Shows (hollywoodreporter.com) 77

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is working to bring in veteran producers to help create original content, including TV series and movies. Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine has all but confirmed the report and company's intentions to expand. From a report: "We're going to do whatever hits popular cultural smack on the nose," Iovine said when asked about Apple's reported expansion. Days after The Wall Street Journal's report that Apple plans to expand into original TV series and movies, Apple executive Jimmy Iovine hinted at what that might look like. "At Apple Music, what we're trying to create is an entire cultural, pop cultural experience, and that happens to include audio and video," he told reporters at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour. "If South Park walks into my office, I am not going to say you're not musicians, you know?" Iovine continued when pressed about the report. "We're going to do whatever hits popular culture smack on the nose. We're going to try."

Comment Re:Developers give great advice. (Score 1) 266

The two solutions to this are to have PuTTY shortcuts for all your devices. This eliminates the "need" to open a window to re-type anything. The other easy solution is to SSH from box to box, without closing everything between sessions.

Seems Linux is for the inflexible who want to do something in one and only one way and that one way works on Linux. For those that are more flexible, we don't care.

Comment Re: Fake news != Flawed news (Score 1) 374

Changing the EV isn't illegal. Counting cards has shown us that "recognizing" the odds of a win to beat random chance is legal. So I don't see how this was an illegal act. If anything, the casino using marked cards should be the only ones prosecuted. And the players can't be punished for the casino using marked cards.

Comment Re:Compre to Boston's Big Dig (Score 1) 392

Road projects never improve traffic, because they never consider one until it's too late for it to be useful. The enviro-nuts use this as an example of how roads cause cars, when the truth is that with enough proper transportation, everything, including cars, would move more efficiently. But we are so far out of the middle of the curve that none of the regular rules apply.

Comment Re:Never write a keylogger. (Score 1) 174

It isn't a keylogger? I only ever used it as such, and it made a great one, configured to send every keystroke to a central server in real time, or saving a local log with every keystroke. Used it to catch a person who clocked in for overtime, then went on Yahoo Chat and did things that would have gotten him fired without the outright theft of company time.

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