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Comment Re:guess again (Score 1) 27

Given the "Officials Investigate Leprosy Case in California" reality :)
The US will deal with such news by making the decades of very good public health and epidemiology political.
Infections and contagious conditions entering into the USA will just be a very hard to treat "rash".
Computer entry and collection of any such data will never make it out to the regional or national media.
Enforcement changes can also be seen in the lack of reporting on infectious like syphilis, gonorrhoea, infectious leprosy, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.
Active tuberculosis is about all the US gov will ever admit to be able to track in public.
"Medical Examination of Aliens-Revisions to Medical Screening Process" (01/26/2016)
With political change US doctors will not longer mention or track communicable disease.
That will be fun for top US experts at international medical conventions. The US case count this years is? Classified, redacted, not ready, not found, guess?
Could other nations ever even trust US medical data collection again? Lack of reporting and an active under reporting policy would make all such US stats useless.
What will that expensive and advanced US medial degree be worth if basic reporting trust is gone?

Comment What could owners and servers do? (Score 1) 44

Encrypt all data on their own end? If staff walk away with data or someone enters the network, nothing useful can be fully recovered?
The site works with the username and weak password on creation to ensure better server side protection against plain text walk outs, usable network data loss or buying into cheap "standard" reversible cryto?
Could an extra layer of security be added to data on an network, during storage and real time use be added?
Expecting users to change habits and still enjoy a site is a big ask, what could owners and admins code in to help?
No more walk outs, no more bulk plain text data left on any internal or internet facing server for years?

Comment Re:Doesn't Matter Now (Score 1) 19

Insiders, political active staff, cults, less skilled governments, friendly govs with their own national interests, ex staff, former staff, mil staff, contractors, groups offering corporate espionage will now know to litter any server with well understood code, enter at a set time and have a distant staging server with an expected nations ip range.
The US tech media publishes talking points about easy to find code fragments, time zone, logs, ip range in a nice media release and stops investigating...

Comment No Bear code? (Score 2) 19

So no trace of the smart Bear, skilled Bear, deceptive Bear or deep network Bear code?
Give the contractors time, later some ip rage, code fragment or just a timezone will be found showing Bear related entry and vast undetected plain text data flows.
Is work day timezone data flows to some distant nation not proof? Their gov works 9 to 5 so any data moved within their timezone at that time is proof enough....
National ip range logs at anytime over the months? Just one national ip needs to be found?

Comment Re:phone is a terrible alert device (Score 1) 58

It also depends on how many cell towers still have full battery power or mandated working generators, fuel supply, expert staff to keep generators working.
Or staff on site to fix a generator that stopped after a very short time or that never started.
The move away from POTS with extended exchange power to complex copper, part optical or coax digital phone networks may also have short term power options over time.
AM and FM radio might be the only network left when small battery backup fail on cell and other phone networks. Generators may not exist, may not start or fail due to lack of standards, poor quality testing or service of generators seen as a cost to be reduced once installed.
Private telco networks might lobby to have very few standards, have "digital" only networks for emergency services that reduce any costs on their for profit networks.
The final step will be party political demands for a gov in power to push down its policy solutions during any event.

Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 169

The First Amendment in the United States Constitution is very clear on the role of the press as a named protected profession.
The Pentagon Papers did test the mil/gov printing issue.
Other nations like the UK, Australia have different views on material or book chapters.
"NSA files: why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files" (21 August 2013)
Sledgehammer Politics (23 Aug 2013)
Other nations "freedoms" are very different and limited when their fully democratic mil/gov's get interested in the media.
The change in the ability to find a site or link to a site, comment, publish, promote, sell or participate could get very chilling. Even the most "free" Western nations could subvert any US protected freedoms of speech online to a global mix of other nations legal systems, NGO's, mil, gov and SJW interests.

Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 169

Re "I'm deeply unclear on what the world thinks they'll get from ICANN that they haven't under US administration; and also unclear on what we have to gain from changing the situation; but I'm still baffled as to what possible standing state governments have on the issue."

The US has protected free speech and even protects freedom after speech. The press is also fully protected from gov, mil.

A lot of other nations hate that and a lot of leaders and people hate their politics, style of gov, police actions, wars and faith been talked about and fully exposed online.
Globally that US freedom is rare. Most nations would side with their gov, mil, faith, cult, leadership, party (communist, fascist, theocracy, cult, tribe) and then ensure all such speech is stopped. Liable under UK law, censorship, race, faith protection laws can be very chilling in many nations.
Ideas that are been suggested at a global level are some community standards i.e. the internet becomes a patrolled safe space with the wrong kind of speech allowing for the ID and removal of accounts, sites.
The internet would turn into the perfect mix of self empowered SJW's, NGO's , theologians, national leaders, mil, bureaucrats, political parties all going after speech they wanted removed from a site, social media or any archive site globally.
Think of a global community of volunteer contributors cleaning up the best parts of the internet and replacing it with blandest most boring, safe space social media for profit experience.
No more commenting on the NSA, GCHQ, national issues, leaders, war policy as all that would be copyright to a nation and would show the individual had access to material they should not have. The chilling effect would go after the media online who dared to published, readers and any/all linked or quoted discussion.
The media online would not be as protected as it is in the USA and be open to site removal, legal or faith based challenges globally or national demands for the ID's of every commenter.
Every nations legal or faith based claim on any free speech would have protected and equal legal standing for consideration.
Think of no more internet per identified person. Site owners in different nations having to change policy as the most simple request from any nation or its 'volunteer" could delist a server.
The site would then not be found on any search site and anyone linking to it would be noted for later domestic questioning.

Comment Re:A Lot of Effort to Bury the Lede (Score 1) 107

If the message is real, create a new story about the messenger?
The truth was kind of hard to work as a narrative, so just cover the issue with tech media going on about super magical Bear network code?
What nation would risk a known method, code thats well understood by the private sector, their own ip ranges to enter and stay deep in networks?
To just drop litter that points back with code, ip ranges and not get caught on network entry or during the bulk plain text data flows out?
Smart national "cyberintrusion" that cant even escape with no logs and easy to find code fragments left all over?
Most nations use domestic staging servers, unexpected domestic or internal ip ranges that seem totally normal to any admin doing realtime work. Data is removed and no log litter later exists.
Why would any nation state even risk a method that was so well underwood by private sector security? That could have been detected on entry or while in use?
As a cover story for the US media it seems so rushed.
They should have found nothing, said nothing and then had the gov hint at secret efforts to trace methods much later. That would have seemed more realistic and been more in line with tracking a gov.
But to have speaking points from private sector security with a "Bear" name they all knew about?

Comment WikiLeaks (Score 2) 107

What was said: (July 27, 2016)
""Perhaps one day the source or sources will step forward and that might be an interesting moment some people may have egg on their faces."
That sounds like the classic US insider going to the press. The Pentagon Papers, Watergate, a person with information going to the media who can give a lot of information due to their access.

Now the media is pushing ever more about some nation who can access data, look over the data, stay in a distant network, get the data in plain text, move the data out and not get caught.
Once US security experts look over the vast amounts of litter left on the network its some "Bear" code they all know about and tell the press about.
The code and method of access is so well understood that easy to find logs, code, ip details go to the waiting press.
The same very early private sector security experts talking points to the media then get picked up by gov and other media and reported as some long term gov investigation...
The origins of what was found and how it was traced become forgotten only that an existing well understood method was left to be found.

Comment Re:Russian government (Score 1) 107

Its as easy as that, a set of "Bear" tools that are so well understood in the West, a time zone and ip range.
With the same tools its easy to access any Western networks, stay totally undetected, enter any network, get amount of data over hours, days weeks, months and exit.
On exit be sloppy and ignore all logs, methods, code fragments and get discovered? Lots of litter to find for private sector experts hours later.
What nation would invest in one time access using a method thats in the media and already very well understood by private sector security experts? re "Non-governmental actors can forge that kind of thing, too."
How many workers, ex staff, former staff, third and forth party nations, their gov, mils have seen ip range changes and fake origin ip's? Recall Turmoil, Quantum Insert, FoxAcid efforts.

Comment Re:Does this really surprise anybody? (Score 1) 61

At some point all that encryption has to be made plain text. For ads on some networks or the total cost of all free networks been encrypted or for federal or mil telco compliance in some nations.
Why build a really secure end to end global network when different nations have mil or legal requests?
Secure the public end and comply internally.
Where that data is plain text again is the access point of 5 eye nations, their staff, ex staff, former staff and any their party nation who helps.

Comment Re:True for most "confidential" databases (Score 1) 181

Years ago the FBI did some fun staff requests.
"FBI asks computer shops to help fight cybercrime" (February 5, 2004)
The extension of such visits and talks with staff could be carried over nation wide into the digital cloud. Just scan the files? Add very easy to use federal file scanner as new hardware? An NGO/private sector file scanner on all readable data uploaded?
Maybe state and city law enforcement or federally funded state task forces asked the same of any data storage in the local area?
That would be to avoid all and any early case related telco or court paperwork. US law enforcement no longer seems to trust telcos or courts with their digital requests.
Goto the data direct, then build a random case on chat rooms or forums with later links. What is shared later is the court event rather than mention 24/7 data tracking methods on upload.

Comment Re:Will their implementation allow tracking? (Score 2) 54

Tracking, blocking, structuring (surfing) reporting on any amount and amount, chat downs over any transaction amount with staff.
Everything your US bank has to do for the federal gov in the US today will be ready for any other payment products.
No payments to or from some nations. Full complacence and profit taking will be designed into every new product offered.
Micropayments with a bank without the external CC networks and their profit layer.
Everything will be just like a traditional bank service but with new cyber branding.

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