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Comment Once new portals become very boring (Score 1) 179

all the fun people go to other social media for their fun.
If every creative word gets instant corrected or another new word suggested are you really free anymore?
When even using the basic text input interface of a site gets dragged into a mess of guidelines policy, why stay?
Under new rules censorship flourishes...

Comment Re:Strange question... (Score 1) 217

Parallel construction, a slight hope to find account sharing, draft emails that two people log into to read but are never sent. Users chatting but not added to friend or buddy lists. i.e. a long chat history exists but the friend or buddy was never added.
All that is given to state, federal and public private charities to filter. Has any aspect of the past account use ever shown up, do the people mentioned have any friends in common or any normal reason to even be chatting. How did they meet and what do they chat about... Friends of friends of friends...?
The hope is that the users computers logs are still intact for some reason and a clone, inspection to find any past crypto use, history, file names, MAC or other unique numbers will be useful.
The past hope was for a person to bring their own laptop with them full of history, logs, filenames, accounts.... Now its all the online accounts too.
Even the account name, password or pass phrase used can be telling.
i.e. the laptop was not new was the past and full of details, now the account question was so totally unexpected and the person gives over gave their real ISP or social media accounts as they had to give something.

re the Communist Party, 'Have you ever participated in persecutions directed by the Nazi government or Germany" question :
The question about been a member of some banned group is to induce a lie on an application or under oath that can then be used to deport without any extra legal protections.
If you say yes, your not allowed in, if no and your discovered later, instant deportation. The Communist Party? Given how many had to stayed in the party ;) or Party....

Comment Re:Whelp, I'm fucked (Score 1) 217

Then the interview rooms get smaller and the interviews go on for hours. Better to have some work safe email account to show going back years.
If asked for home account, say work demands you use their network at home but its free or very much discounted and one of the few really useful perks considering data caps in your nation...
Keep the happy chat down flowing and be helpful, friendly. Body language training, voice, facial changes are a huge part of the US interview policy. Contractors make huge profits selling the US gov training on been able to understand just such body language.
Expect the same friendly chat downs during car rental, taxi, during hotel stay. Enjoy that free gov "wifi" offer too :)

Comment Re: It's common sense. (Score 1) 217

AC this will be your public social media, private social media, all your contacts, history, instant messenger logs. All contacts made, some might not be added as friend.
Anything your account still have left on it when you log in and never changed the privacy or keep history, transcript settings. None of that is "Public" and can only be seen by the account holder depending on the network.
The local device logs or the online logs will be fully cloned for later searching, indexing, examination with any open US investigations, federal and state.

Comment Re:Guilty by omission? (Score 1) 217

If your entering the USA for any reason create a work account now. Import work ready emails going back years so it looks used. A few emails a week for a few years so sort by date looks good.
If its social media, add your company coworkers that can be seen on any front page, homepage or have some publicity surrounding them.
Thats your new travel web 2.0 social media.
If asked for any other accounts say your company policy only allows the work accounts and they can be fully accessed.
Compliance will allow all names and contacts to be cloned during the inspection and that is all the US gov will want.
Make sure your laptop is 100% new, new storage media, new OS, new work applications only, some work needed for that trip and the web 2.0, email accounts, ensure no wireless devices.
The MAC and any other unique hardware numbers will also be collected. Try to use wired networks, VPN via a new router to cover the laptops ethernet.
Do not store anything related to the VPN use.
If you can only use wifi, buy a new cheap card or device in the USA for that trip only.
Return home with the same laptop and expect another inspection, deep media scan, to show accounts, clone of all data, have a few new work related emails to show, a search for any encrypted partitions ect.
Really its just the same security any traveller would take when entering any nation with a digital domestic collect it all policy.
Be aware of any offers of fews wifi, hotel wifi, cafe wifi near hotel. SIM cards are also a huge risk.
"New Snowden docs show Canadian spies tracked thousands of travellers"
"SIM card makers hacked by NSA and GCHQ leaving cell networks wide open"

Comment Re:How does technology sanctions work with this? (Score 1) 112

Any hardware they buy in to think about expanding their ability to build a super computer comes with free NSA and GCHQ hardware added during shipping. e.g.
So it then becomes a race to buy in safe top end consumer kit and fill a hall or older super computers without attracting the FBI, CIA, MI6 while exporting.
Nothing allowed to be floating in the educational or consumer realm will really help.

Comment Re:Why do I feel like (Score 4, Insightful) 90

Its a stingray (IMSI-catcher) with more options for anyone using the phone, on any network.
Voice prints, logs, text, images, remote mic on, gps, facial recognition and now fingerprints. Ready in a nice gov spy app from any local contractor.
Parallel construction will never be more easy to get unexpected fingerprints from any user on any cell phone connected.
It will all be sold as security for the consumer, the national security part been hidden deep in the fine print again.

Comment If you are an interesting person (Score 1) 31

What are you still doing using an Apple product years after PRISM?
The cost of collect it all access is down from NSA, GCHQ budgets to been per case cheap for a city, state or local gov task forces.
If you have to have a new cell phone to be part all local culture, be seen with it as a no battery fashion accessory.
A never powered decoy phone seen in surveillance images could induce a sneak and peak investigation uncovering gov interest that the phone.
Tracking a networked phone is easy nationally, having a van or car drive up and team enter a home to find a mystery phone is more difficult to hide in very closed communities. A few strangers that don't fit the area at the front door with "keys", down the side of a home or in the back yard will often not go unnoticed by the local community.
Too many contractors, ex mil, ex gov staff have the keys to phone networks and consumer grade telco ready OS's.
The ability to push malware, track from servers is a great service to rent per investigation to any level of city, state, federal government.

Comment The US gov tried their best (Score 2) 252

to ensure the people hired by the USA in 1950-90's after Operation Paperclip had the best skills to carry on the German vision of total internal quality control over any project.
What went wrong in the 1980-90's with the post German generations of US gov staff testing?
Top US universities educated many of the worlds best graduates based academic merit over the decades.
Did all the great people go to the private sector, starving the US gov of needed skills? Did the NRO make a better offer to the very top % considering gov work?
Who or what is holding back the best US graduates from finding top jobs and working on gov projects that once had effortless internal institutional support?

Comment Re:Smart nation (TM)!!! (Score 2) 59

Singapore got on the office and gov networking aspect investing in IT early and fully. eg Land Data Hub project.
Other nations sold or opened their networks allowing for some easy, deep and amazing finds with human and computer networks.
Australia had its gov, shared mil networks totally mapped out over decades by a few other nations. A mix of human access and classic computer work showed huge gaps in most nations efforts to secure their own mil and gov networks from low level insiders wondering around and long term covert outside computer access efforts.
With the news about what the NSA, GCHQ can do now and what Singapore saw under the Chai Keng GCHQ/RAF days the only smart way out is to say no open networks. Singapore has some insight into what the US and UK did to the Indonesia mil and gov telco systems over the decades (late 1940's~70's).
Having seen what the NSA, GCHQ can do and what could be done to vast wide open networks in nations like Australia, removing the "net" is the only way to be sure :)

Comment Re:Cut out the middle man (Score 1) 106

AC re "member of a criminal network was an informant or agent from another agency."
That happened in East Germany a lot. So many people got an offer to turn and become informants that peace protest groups and church groups got filled with ever more informants.
Add in a layer of more traditional police like undercover work and even soon smaller groups had a few informants mostly generating gossip on each other to induce the ability to get deeper into a network or find another nations help.
It was hard work with limited databases and compartmentalized file access to totally map out who was really of interest and who was just improving their cover.
The UK had the right idea to give total bulk domestic collection to one group, sneak and peak to one group, classic police work to other groups.
Then everybody had some idea who was doing what and what their role was without city, state, federal and mil overlap and related budget issues.

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