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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 351

Well, you're at the same ground with real meat now. Do you really know where it comes from? What the animal ate? Whether it was bombarded with antibiotics and hormones?

How much do you know today about the steak you're eating?

Actually, quite a lot. You can buy meat directly and have it butchered if you want. Or buy from a butcher that sources from a known location. It takes a bit of work, a little more money, and a large freezer, but it can be done. There is a live chicken farm close to me, and the chicken really does taste better. So do the eggs.

Comment Re:Sharing is a business now? (Score 1) 103

No one I know has ever paid money for pirated media. That's kind of the entire point. What is this drivel about business models?

Advertising and/or malware distribution. Don't be dense.

Uhm, isn't pretty much all of the malware on pirate sites spread by the media companies to fight piracy?

And sometimes on CDs... cough... cough... Sony... cough...

Comment Re:Sharing is a business now? (Score 1) 103

How do you offer a better product at better than free? People obviously want the artist's product; and a rational person wants that product for the lowest price.

Bottled water. For most people in the US, tap water is free. (Essentially) And bottled water is tap water most of the time. And it is a $6.6BILLION business!

And since many pirates are paying for VPN services and seed boxes, it ain't even competing with free!

Comment Re:Cute (Score 2) 634

Who, specifically, do you wish to revoke the 2nd Amendment for in this referendum?

How about we start with this lovely Christian woman and self-avowed Second Amendment activist who shot and killed her two young daughters today?

She had been posting on Facebook recently that Obama was going to come and take away her guns. Well, if he had, she and her daughters would still be alive today. So, I'm suggesting going back to those old days (pre-2008) before there was an individual right to own and carry guns.

We already have laws that take away her guns. Mental instability and violent crime both work for that... And considering how many ways there are to kill people, can you be sure they would be alive, and not run over with a car or drowned in a bathtub? Both have been done before...

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