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Comment Re:In Germany ... (Score 3, Informative) 179

East Germany learned that after a massive data walk out. Every East German spy was on a list and West Germany got that list.
In the 1960's East Germany divided its information up into groups. The spy name if needed to warn them to escape, code words, the product all went to secure locations.
No staff member was allowed to put the parts together without in person supervision from the very top of the service.
No more data could walk out. Staff had product to work on, spies in the West knew their real names, warning networks and escape plan was secure.

The US idea was more about what a contractor could sell or rent to the US government. Fast data from global collection. Every interesting person had to have a bank account, fax, car phone, desktop computer, modem, email, use an online forum, smart phone, enjoy social media over the decades.
Interesting people stay in hotel rooms with a smart TV.
The next US idea was to pool all the data in plain text so it could be search over for decades. Everything was about the data, collection was cheap, sorting was cheap. Translation was getting better.
The problem was the US forget that first success in East Germany. Dont keep it all together in plain text.
The US issues is too many contractors all only understanding plain text as a policy so they can work on each others raw product.
If raw product collected globally is encrypted once it gets to the USA, no other contractor can bid to work with the encrypted data. Thats shutting out other party politically supported contractors with interesting ideas on how to translate, sort, index or work with raw data. Political support always allowed the contractors back in to plain text so they could bid for more mil, gov work.
Better just to secure the site, trust the contractors and have collection work with plain text. Every contractor can then bid for new work, sort, find data.

Too many contractors got hired in the last decade, low standards in data protection got to be policy, too many new private sector staff to do any real world background security work on.
Digital database look ups, short term internet log collection and a lie detector pass could see anyone try for US gov security access.
US staff wanting to join should have had their entire background walked by real US gov security. School, education, friends, family, faith, politics, protests, travel, languages, books, magazines, internet logs, parents should have been looked into per application. Applicants and their life story should have been interviewed in person, in every state until US gov security was sure the applicant was not a security risk.
Paper work in their town, city, state matched their life story? Do family and friends exist in the real world, not just as a list on a networked database in the same state?
Hire for the US mil or gov to ensure security. Contractors are not mil or gov as they are only thinking of the next job.

The UK and GCHQ faced most of the same issues. The UK fixed most of their staff issues by offering good wages and a real job to staff.
Once staff have the badge, could feel part of the system, have a good wage a esprit de corp sets in.
Staff can then plan their life, home, holidays, lifestyle based on a growing gov wage and job security with a good pension.

The US decided to go with more plain text collection, many more contractors, more random global collection, more overtime for contractors, more movment of new contractors to random locations and ever more contractors working on plain text.
Contractor profits are more important than security.

The final insight is from East Germany. East Germany did not like all its spy material been on paper so it went for a new digital for a list of spies to allow for rapid contact of many of its spies in the West. That would save time to issue complex commands that could be very time sensitive. The US security services found the East German digital master list and walked out with it.

Security services seem to have to learn all the old issues every few decades. Plain text walks.
Look into all the real backgrounds of all your staff. Interview everyone around any applicant in person, per city, per state. Dont hire too many new staff with poor quality background work. Hire only on merit with real security.
Ensure the person is loyal the USA, not their own faith or another nation. Contractors should not later self clear their own staff given some past "security" work.

Comment SJW and their version of the net. (Score -1, Troll) 194

In the past the net was creative, fun and a wide open space for different ideas. People found their own forums, IRC, usenet, chat room, groups, sites.
Everyone was happy with their own people, news, tech or had the ability to create their own part of the net.
A real search engine site would then find the content and people enjoyed discovering sites or surfing the net.
A person worked hard to create a site and users welcomed the content and creativity. Users knew who a site had an owner and what their role on that part of the net was.

The SJW have inverted that. Every comment, site and chat has to fully support the agendas set by SJW.
Search sites are limited by SJW.
Instead of putting all the new tech, speeds, ram, cpu to better web sites funding has gone to a few social media sites.
A few large sites that push SJW rules and that report users. A bland, boring internet on a social media site will move most fun, creative, smart, well educated users to any media that still protects their freedom of speech and freedom after speech.

More people just use the SJW areas for the net for work. No fun content, not new ideas, no jokes, no art work, no creativity, no music, no protests, no reporting local events, no comments on politics, no talk of brands, no comments on wars, faith, cults, politics.
SJW are handing the net over to governments, cults, faiths, theocracies, monarchies, communist parties just so SJW can remove all comments or report users.

People don't like seeing their cartoons, music, protests, comments on faith, history, politics, wars been removed by SJW.
A user reporting on local politics, religion, pollution, local monopolies, changing conditions in their own communities should not have to expect to be reported to they own government by a SJW.

Social media sites also push a freedom, open forum message, talk to your government or political party, get news from your officials policy. Staff then push back with been a "private" site as SJW remove, ban, hide, report select political, historical or policy comments.
Users soon understand the political agenda and views that are allowed, promoted or removed.

Sites that support freedom of speech and freedom after speech will attract interesting, creative, fun people. Sites that support SJW, governments, theocracies, communist leaders will attract people who have to use such sites.

Comment Follow the funding and experts (Score 1) 35

What is so special about the east and west coast?
Network distance and ping to Asia and the EU? Some collection of international networks in and out of the USA?
A local US finance sector that needs really fast network speed?
Lots of free state and federal funding for a few of the best academic locations in the USA that still grade on merit?
A lot of optical networks thanks to the needs US gov and mil?
The lifestyle and wealth of the local people with cash to invest in the ideas? The parts of the US they want to live in and support ideas in?
The politics, weather and wealth on the US west coast?
Other states just cant in pull decades of mil, gov, telco, state and federal academic funding that people with cash like to build their new ides on?
The location of ex and former NSA, CIA, mil staff and expert legal teams that can work with the US gov and have the contacts and can help with any gov/mil bids?
Other states might have lots of cheap fast optical and low power cost at some new locations but cant bring in legal, funding, gov, ex mil, education, city and state gov support.
Their city or state gov is too poor, too focused on decades of pension issues, has no working budget for tech issues, the city issues with cheap power, lack of real network options, strange local tax rates that might get lowered for some type of investment.

Local education is passing failed students with no skills.
City and state governments then demand all the "passed" failed students get high tech jobs as part of tax cuts and other support to attract new jobs.
A company then has to look after failed students and support them into the role of below average staff and keep hiring.
Other city and states are not worth the local staffing risk even with new fast networks, cheaper power and less tax.
A small tax cut does not cover the huge costs of having to hire lots of new local staff with no skills.

Comment Re:NK *is* a credible threat (Score 0) 296

Re "They can get very close"
The US used to have SOSUS (acronym for sound surveillance system) but was replaced decades ago with better systems.
Not many submarines could or can really hide for the USA and its allies in real conditions globally.
During exercises the USA does let friendly nations battery powered subs have a few "wins" with their old subs so the crews feel like they are part of a winning team.
It writes up well in the allied nations newspapers and the US crews never have to admit in public just how advanced their detection is.
The role of the a PNS Ghazi is kind of what to expect.

Comment Re:Why are these fucking Americans hacking banks? (Score 1) 109

The US does not like France winning, so the US (with 5 eye friends) spy on every part of the French economy.
"French contract proposals or feasibility studies and negotiations for international sales or investments in major projects or systems of significant interest to the foreign host country or $200 million or more in sales and/or services, including financing information or projects of high interest... "

Comment Re:SJW to sit in on computer science? (Score 1) 384

Re "How does that play out?"
The US would claim no nation should dump their low cost AI products on the US market.
SJW would ban AI imports and demand all nations open their protected domestic markets to a new standard US AI that is fully SJW approved.
It would be like the 301 trade negotiations and US trade powers all over again.
Anyone attempting to work with a US AI would be culturally enriched while the AI considers working on its given tasks.

Comment Re:I'm gonna get so nailed for this :( (Score 0) 384

A person or company buys their first new AI.
Their first task is to find the software to remove the slow SJW parts to free up more speed.
Then remove the parts that report the owner to the gov.
Finally the AI starts to work on the tasks given rather than just questioning the tasks.
If only they could have imported a real AI, but the SJW banned such AI imports.

Comment SJW to sit in on computer science? (Score 2, Insightful) 384

Will SJW now sit in on computer science projects?
A form of science commissar to ensure any AI is only allowed to access SJW approved data sets to learn from?
SJW approved images, authors and texts?
SJW approved and sorted political history?
An AI cant learn from the wider internet, it will be held back to small sets of SJW approved data.
Holding back science did not really work too well for East Germany or the Soviet Union.
If the a nation wants to hold back its most advanced research until final approved by teams of SJW, thats great for competing nations.
Other nations will have the academic freedom to move on while some nations have to work within the ever changing academic constraints imposed by SJW.

What would an export grade AI look like after years of SJW meddling with the design?

A lazy, useless, expensive, political AI that lectures and corrects its owners for months after been installed?
An AI that reports its owners to the gov?
A competing nation offers a smarter, cheaper AI that wants to learn and is hard working as installed. Its hardware and software work to solve problems as expected and is was not designed to lecture, correct, log and report its users.
From the DRM of the past, NSA inside spying, to new SJW design issues. Users just want a working AI.

Comment Re:Government now encouraging people to use crypto (Score 2) 67

Could be a ploy to thin the herd. Only smart, interesting people will invest time and more funds in a VPN.
Given the lack of VPN payment bans/comments on the use of VPN products in the US, UK and Australia, law enforcement at a national level does not care about VPN use.
If a user is found on an interesting site using a VPN, police will get a court order in that VPN's nation and log the next log in of that site by the same VPN.
Most people set their VPN, expect to enjoy a working VPN daily and connect the same site with the same details?
Their isp ip is hidden, a big pool of new random VPN ip's get offered?
The VPN product would just connect the next day and have the origin ip, isp logged by the local police in the VPN servers nation.
Habit would allow the police to just connect the normal ip and VPN ip after a court order in any nation that hosts the VPN company.
A user would have to totally change their VPN use every session to stay away from simple court ordered police logging efforts waiting days and hours later.
Extra sentencing guidelines could then be in place as the user made it so difficult to be found? International cooperation, other courts, the sorting of accounts by another nations police, finally finding the users own ip and isp. Did the interesting person pay for the VPN every year out of a main bank account and CC? No funds for a good lawyer with all accounts frozen given the wider international connections.

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