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Comment Re:Consumer protection (Score 1) 48

Designing in an extra chip or getting a more expensive chip?
Printing unique passwords on stickers in the packaging?
Having users search forums to find they lost their special password with the packaging? Then login to blame the brand for the unexpected result?
Do that over too many generations of products and its less profit for a nice jet or yacht.

Comment Re:Signal triangulation = GPS (Score 1, Interesting) 136

re 'People were able to navigate even before GPS existed"
The US tried that with maps and sketches by informants from Iraq.
When US top experts got deep in Iraq they find cache of vacuum cleaners not match sketch.
Spies who defect or are sent to be perfect defector often draw nice map to earn top defector status and good life as expected. Map match map by past double agent sent last decade, is confirmed by two sources from different departments. Must be true as both now trusted defectors could never both be two double agents.
Decades later MI6 or CIA send local spy in, find art restoration room not vault conference room corridor.
So working gps on site is vital to get signal out, perfect alignment and not spread data flow all over site to be detected during bug sweep.
Would toy device or entertainment unit with hidden or designed useful compasses (magnetic and gyro) be allowed in with any staff?
Giving staff extra special spy device during spy meeting can be a risk for both spy handler and spy to try and hide and walk in.

Comment Think like a spy (Score 0) 136

The West has been placing devices in Russia for years.
"Russian 'spy rock' was genuine, former chief of staff admits"
"... accepted that Britain did indeed plant a "spy rock" despite attempts by the then-prime minister to dismiss the story and denials of improper conduct by the Foreign Office."
Britain admits 'fake rock' plot to spy on Russians
A lot of spy devices are distance sensitive. So a good idea of the inner device location is needed and the location for a collection or helper device.
By altering the GPS, measurements for device placement by spies gets tricky. Any more power than needed a device risks detection. Not enough and signal is too week to get out of secure area.
Readers might recall the ANGRYNEIGHBOR, SURLYSPAWN, VAGRANT, DROPMIRE, SURLYSPAWN and the note about TAWDRYYARD and gps.
Catalog Advertises NSA Toolbox (December 29, 2013)
A hired spy with local time limited access placing a device is then 10 feet out? 100ft ? Pacing the building with funny walk might be off limits or get seen on gait analysis from CCTV. Past sketches, plans or details might have altered with upgrades or have come from double agents sent to West with amazing stories of fiction about layout.
So expecting gps to work well at all times was needed to get fine tuning of device to outside support device by spy.

Submission + - John McAfee: 'Iran Hacked The DNC, And North Korea Hacked DYN' (

XxtraLarGe writes: Former Libertarian Candidate John McAfee claims that Iran hacked the DNC. FTA:

Who breached the DNC? This seems to be the $50,000 question I as an IT expert have posed as I personally don’t believe it to be Russia, as I have discussed prior, the evidence is circumstantial at best. And it seems Cybersecurity Legend John McAfee, whom I have interviewed prior, is inclined to agree as well. According to an email exchange and phone calls with Steve Morgan of CSO, says sources within the Dark Web suggest it was Iran. I have personally met McAfee prior and as a fellow expert in the IT industry I am inclined to agree, especially when we recall some of the “fun” Iranians have had messing with US corporations and government entities.

Comment Re:He's an obvious risk (Score 1) 40

Re "And how do you then get him out of the country?"
Like "ózsef_Mindszenty" József Mindszenty , if you can get to a great embassy your safe.
"... he was freed in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and granted political asylum by the United States embassy in Budapest, where Mindszenty lived for the next fifteen years"
Having a person be fully protected in an embassy becomes a great political talking point and keeps the reason as to why in focus.

Comment Created in the USA, sold to the world (Score 0) 212

All the protections and freedoms of the USA and its Constitution are what made web 2.0 great.
Now in its global rush to support monarchies, cults, theocracies, despots, communists and fascists the free speech protections get removed?
By trying to remove what is constitutionally protected in the USA the most fun and best users will just move real sites where they can really speak to any topic they want without been reported and/or banned.
Good luck with a web brand thats the global ad platform for monarchies, cults and theocracies and their all censorship. Do lots of bureaucrats and PR consultants make fun users?

Comment Build a PC and save (Score 1) 480

Create a list of parts needed.
A big case with big fans to keep parts cool and dust free.
A good brand of PSU that has been reviewed to offer the correct power for all the parts.
A good GPU thats on the right side of the Nvidia/AMD product range that generation. Read lots of review and consider the games if thats what the GPU will support or work related graphics.
The motherboard should again be well researched and support all emerging fast storage options.
A good sized CPU cooler for a fast CPU. Select RAM that will fit around the CPU cooler.
Add in Windows 10, set the privacy settings to less collection. Enjoy a wide selection of great games at great frame rates. Well designed productivity software thats fully CPU and GPU supportive will also run well making use of that powerful GPU, CPU and lots of RAM.
Windows 10 will update as needed and the user can sit back and enjoy computing.
Dual booting into fully supported Linux is then a fun project for later.

Comment Studying Russian (Score 1, Troll) 40

is now a crime along with studying privacy and encryption software?
Given the flow of "Russian" related stories on slashdot, would studying Russian not now be the trending language to get a promotion in the NSA?
Or at least have some skills on show to fend off been replace by a contractor?
Is the NSA and GCHQ now tracking educational Russian language sites like it did crypto sites?
How the NSA Targets Tor Users (July 4, 2014)
Was XKeyscore or its upgrade now tasked to watch Russian language sites?

Comment Re:Hacking (Score 1) 112

The part about "so the enemy cannot send false commands." was from a device in a movie called a CRM 114
The ideas are not meant to work, just to get people thinking about the extra costs sold to "secure" a robot funding that will make a nice profit during R and D.
As far as "None of those ideas will work" they do mirror politician's comments on hardware that are really often as funny.
The "free fire zone" is a return to the ideas that worked so well in Vietnam

Comment Re:Which NSA employees also face prosecution? (Score 1) 90

Re "You said they already only allow a select group of people have access to the data and that's their security model, now you say that the way to fix the problem is to only allow access to trusted staff? Who is this "select group" if it's not "trusted staff"? A select group of untrusted staff?"
Thats the big question. Encrypt and tell all the workers they are not trusted at any level and all have to get permission/keys everyday?
That breaks down that esprit de corps, comradery or respect and excellence. Taking orders/tasks from a contractor alters gov/mil staffs outlook on their job. Staff start to wonder if they are been demoted, blocked or have done something wrong, been reported, face downsizing, replacement by a contractor, a hunt for a someone and they are caught up in it. Their work suffers, rumours spread fast in communities.
Trust the gov workers but never the contractors? Some contractors are more trusted who have to see the networks as part of their contract? A new layer of tasks and workers to look after and track.
All that while global and domestic collection builds up 24/7. The US has done a lot of testing on how to work with its staff.
How to trust them, educate them, track them, reward them, know if they have been in contact with anyone, or to test them with fake files or unexpected chat downs/encounters in the community or while on holiday. If not self reported, thats an issue.
Thats what kept the NSA safe for so many decades. Thats the methods the US told its other 5 eye members to try with their own staff.
That all fails when rushed in contractors get equal access and need to work with all material.
Re "A random contractor should not be allowed to walk out with 50TB worth of data."
That is just random files floating around the networks so staff can cross reference and search. Plain text, sorted, indexed so future generations of staff next week, month or decade can look back and draw results. Internal tracking of such data flows would slow the networks and allow spies to track if they are been investigated by self searching their own logs. Any changes and they know they are under suspicion.
That could endanger decades of discovery or placing of fake material and allow escape.
The FBI tried that and found internal spies would look if any action was been taken surrounding their work or teams. Bureaucracy expects a file to be created somewhere and that can be searched for given equal or greater access. A strange new team with project access but no contact could be new security.
The change was a flood of contractors and staff growth. New missions, different contractors who could alter things, give orders and had a more easy path to support and advancement. Yet the same security system of trust the staff, work the data stayed in place as it had always worked so well until it did not.
Any attempts to secure things away from the contractors invokes political support and seen as anti-capitalist or budget envy. Contractors are clearing other contractors just to bring in skills and keep up with the global/domestic work load. The final security that worked was to walk the life of all applicants. Talk to all friends, teachers, extended family and look in local paper documents, paper court records, interest in books, magazines, friends of friends and get a good profile of everything.
That is now digital. The person exists and the federal/state computer says the grew up in a fly over state, passed their exams really good and another agency totally trusts them. The polygraph tester passed them after a chat down and internet log search to see if they looked up "polygraph". None of their self submitted friends are been tracked by any state or federal task force or police database...
That final real world aspect to decades of great security is now not working in a rush to find skills, languages, foreign thinking.
The UK did rushed interviews in the 1930's-40-50's to get Russian and German skills. A lot of interesting people got invited in and moved up the ranks.
Collection at any cost is becoming the only mission.

Comment Re:Several possibilities (Score 1) 87

Re 'It's also possible that a fake NSL was served by agents working for some foreign security service posing as FBI"
Security in any corporation would usually have a few former gov workers. Such efforts would be easy to uncover. If not every other nation and competitor would be filling US server rooms with "FBI don't touch" hardware and getting raw data from the depths of US brands using actors, dot com servers, a van and a printer.
Since the US is not full of reports to be on the look out for fake US gov staff with vans full of hardware to install, its possible that humans do look into such gov requests by calling other US gov officials they know before compliance.
Or someone in the brand just says its real and all cleared staff are to comply?

Comment Re:Guessing the real story here (Score 1) 87

Re 'I'm curious what sort of legal argument they used to get this type of wide scale monitoring approved by the FISA court."
It could be to contain the staff who don't really understand the FISA/FBI/NSA/NSL aspects and might walk to the media for a chat.
It was the FBI, it was very legal. That adds domestic protections against any talking about ongoing domestic case loads to the media.
That makes it sound like it was an everyday 24/7 ongoing operation to look for files already in the US court system by sorting everything 24/7.
The signal to any whistleblower and wider US press is you don't get no "protections" as it was legal.

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