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Comment Re:Okay, so they've been spying (Score 4, Interesting) 95

People can now understand the risk of having no anonymity or security on any device globally.
So to take back privacy use a one time pad not created on the same device.
Getting any from of anonymity is more tricky but at least privacy can be attempted.
This is also important for journalists, members of the press. Phoning in a story, update or talking to a colleague or office after meeting a whistleblower, bureaucrat, politician or other contact might not be a very secure part of getting a story ready. Voice prints will ensure any comments get tracked.
So the wider press, media, journalists now have a better understanding to not use any phone to chat about contacts.

Comment Re:Know that "privilege" you like to talk about? (Score 1) 278

People have to want to learn math, science. Adding more computers, expensive robot kits, complex layers of GUI software won't make very average students test better with math.
Spending billions on people who will end up doing art, languages, music, sport, work in a trade or the service sector won't help the USA.
Find the students who show some skills, test them and give them a full scholarship or offer advance classes in topics they enjoy.
Spend the billions on the very best. Spreading billions over huge areas of the USA will just see a few robot kits, some new software and a few new computers adding to amazing educational equipment sent in the 1980's, 1990's.
Did any of that do much for every subject? Typing skills? A GUI playing back multimedia?
The very best in the USA need to support to advance in math, science not be slowed down to move words around a proprietary GUI so a very expensive robot arm moves 30 mins later.

Comment Re:Multiple use technology (Score 1) 253

If a nation, cult or faith has a good share of a US brand, blasphemy would be a nice new issue for trusted SJW to look out for.
A mil gov, Communist party, theocracy or monarchy buying into a US brand might have other lists of banned ideas and history too.
Its kind of their "US" brand too now and they have a say.
Add in the EU govs that want IP's and reports on people commenting on wider EU policy.

Comment Re:Show of hands (Score 1) 253

The really fun people will move back to US networks that offer freedom of speech and freedom after speech.
The international sites that have groups of SJW and hero's looking for blasphemy to ban will attract very boring govs, theocracies, Communist govs, celebrity staff, political staff.
Sites packed with SJW will be boring, a place to read about your local gov, monarchy, theocracy, some celebrity branding their latest product or project.
A brand offering their services or support.
Everything anyone could get on any safe space portal or web site in their own censored nation,
The only thing that set US brands apart was freedom of speech, jokes, fun and pleasure.
The freedom to comment and not be banned, reported or see account details passed to any gov/mil for any reason.

Comment Re:No Innovation in China (Score 1) 407

Many in the mid/top in China are in the Communist Party or mil. With that comes a set of rules. That foreign travel and education, a good home, nice school, safe food, access to a lab, staff will come with a lot of rules.
A mid ranking mil uniform to work no matter the job, tasks or position. Surrounded by orders, uniforms, rank. No freedom, any comment gets reported, been denounced or reported on is an every day risk.
The freedom in the West for further education is to learn and bring back ides, tech, trends, insights or spy on Western campus dissident or faith groups.
Long term China can only buy into the West and hope the in house Western tech is advanced enough to get a few decades of advancement. Before needing to buy up the next Western brand.
A call back of people to China does not really help China. China is full of mil and party members who all know how to serve the system.
The West has its growing, failing, bankrupt churn of the very best ideas with freedom to fail, freedom to talk, freedom after a conversation, freedom to publish, freedom to find funds, freedom to seek the best teams, to work alone or on campus, or be part of a large company or have a huge campus, freedom to read any book or enjoy a movie. To find the very best graduate or PhD without needing political approval.
Thats is what makes the US so attractive to China. Ideas flow in the West without party political bans, exclusion, loss of education, loss of healthcare, only been given really bad accommodation, loss of Communist Party privileges.

Comment Re:See no problem with this. (Score 1) 75

The US medical system fixes that issue by not reporting, looking for or finding such bugs.
Every bug hunt is days of profit bed closures, expensive and excessive ward and room cleaning, boring staff training, waiting for results often by expensive outside labs.
The word accreditation costs a lot when the hospital has a small self accredited lab thats always worked well.
Fancy equipment and international standards then get mentioned in reports that show profitable local hospitals as having issues.
State and federal bureaucrats ask questions, walk around, look for files, do interviews, the media finds out, fully insured patients start looking for clean hospitals online... and even write their own reviews.
Just clean the rooms and equipment. Next payment and add in the patient.
Every adverse event is then self signed internally and never has to be noticed by medical experts, the media or collected internationally.

Comment Re:Undocumented Diseases (Score 1) 75

AC its not measles, whooping cough, mumps, scarlet fever, HIV, scabies, tuberculosis, leprosy, syphilis, gonorrhoea or diphtheria.
Think of all the scientific and cultural enrichment for the US doctors.
Why even track or report the issues when free US medical care will help every illegal migrant?
Better keep tracking the tuberculosis, leprosy, syphilis, and gonorrhoea.

Comment Re:Joke? (Score 1) 75

Think of it as politicized medicine.
Pathology and epidemiology something that most advanced nations teach and do well is often not liked in the US.
In the past it tracked pollution related issues. The US private sector and mil did not like that kind of information to be public given the types of exposure workers suffered.
Other nations could then locate US production, factories, workers, the raw materials or advanced materials due to decades of health issues, early deaths.
The open boarders policy that brings in vast numbers of illegal immigrants and refugees now flood the US health system with lots of very expensive to treat and always reportable conditions.
So the US gov just stops reporting, tracking or publishing medical issues and its all just happy junk science again.
US pathology and epidemiology only gets to publish and track good news stories.
In the rush to revise and hide conditions, the party political need not to track, state medical services now have to try and fill the medical reporting gaps.

Comment Re:Sorry. Do you not have this???? (Score 1) 75

The US party political system did not want a vast jump in such issues to be collected and published thanks to the vast numbers of illegal migrants and refugees entering the USA.
So the US gov altered a lot of reportable health issues from the watch lists.
Pathology and epidemiology at a US state and federal level was getting weak and lacked basic collection of stats most nations always collect and publish.
"Medical Examination of Aliens-Revisions to Medical Screening Process"
All kinds of issues got " revised" like active tuberculosis, infectious syphilis, gonorrhoea, infectious leprosy, chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum, granuloma inguinale, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection ..."
Some issues related to TB is about all the US gov wants to track.
State health tracking issues like this just bring back what the wider US gov wanted to hide.

Comment Re:End-to-end encryption (Score 1) 137

Even other EU nations are trying for decryption :)
From Germany
Re "Keyboard logging before encryption? lol."
The UK's Code of practice for the use of equipment interference by the security and intelligence agencies can be found at
Recall Bullrun, Edgehill
Revealed: how US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security (6 September 2013)

Comment Re:Down the slippery slope we go! (Score 0) 71

The next step will be the full gov empowerment of volunteer SJW per site to track, report and help remove ISP accounts.
The provider account and user's premises will be blocked from the internet, voice services only. If the user registers with any new UK provider, the block stays.
Rent a new premises, change device the block follows the person.
A UK user still has the freedom to comment on politics but an empowered SJW will always report them.

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