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Comment Re:Are two hashes better than one? (Score 1) 125

Argentina tried a few ideas like that in the 1980's knowing the skills the UK's GCHQ had https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.... Argentina needed a lot of fast, real time communications using equipment that was in place.
The GCHQ has most of the worlds mil grade export crypto decryption computer ready thanks to most brands and firms been happy to help the UK gov. Real time decryption was easy and any efforts to link two layers of junk export grade crypto was detected and useless.
The only aspect that slowed the GCHQ down was that Argentina had some South Africa crypto devices that the GCHQ did not know a lot about. That took an unexpected 24h to break given early 1980s' UK computers facing a new mil crypto task.
All communications was then plaint text in real time.
Other nations then equip their mil with that junk and think they have the best the private sector has to offer :)
So that is not really what your asking about, but shows how governments attack crypto. Govs go to the origins of "export" "brands" that sell mil grade crypto and get the keys. Consumer crypto efforts get the same police or international telco requests for keys. Most govs just ask the designers within their nations to help.
That consumer grade, police friendly product is then a tested, trusted global crypto standard.
Almost all crypto for sale was junk.
South Africa during the 1980's was one of the few nations to have working crypto that was not shared with the US, UK, Soviet Union as designed.

Comment Re:Practical? (Score 1) 125

Thats why so many nations allow things like VPN. The home router been used for all networking that can hide everything? No calls for VPN bans or to stop CC payments for all consumer VPN services?
Governments might have found another easy way in and all a VPN service cert will do is make a gov tracking easy.
Use a VPN, the users must be interesting, crypto funding and gov computer time was not an issue.

Comment Re:How about traveling without? (Score 1) 142

Any gov will have a passport photo. Travel without a phone, laptop and get asked, about social media?

As a citizen a person can invoke their nations laws, ask for a lawyer, articulate legal protections during the friendly chat down.
Federal, state, city, public/private partnership, charity, NGO efforts to collect and index all social media over the years will then get a facial recognition request.
Past hours, days, weeks, months could be recovered and presented during a chat down or held back to see how a person responds.
Facial recognition is fast so the interview will seem normal, with a short break, change of interview rooms, different staff needed, shift change.
All cover to sort what was found. Or wonder why nothing useful has been found...
If nothing is found is the person in a cult or member of some faith group? Often used as spies as they have no normal online past?
A citizen might walk free hours later but how interested are local/federal officials in that person now?
If a person is not a citizen, one lie and the paperwork is different. A flight back to their own nation.

Comment Re:Dumb Idea, Seriously (Score 1) 142

AC any use of encryption or a different OS mode, encrypted file system can be detected.
With the US gov paying, that software is easy to buy and fast to scan any device for can encryption or hidden accounts or a mode setting.
The encryption will hold but the use of such efforts will be found.
If your a citizen the question will be what files are been hidden? Decrypt and its all good...
The use of a flight mode will then be a chat down about hiding digital photos using cryptography. Still feel the need to hide the photos? Is it the gps and the location in an interesting nation? An interesting person is in one of the images? How many photos are been hidden in that device using that "travel" mode?
Need a lawyer? Time to talk to US law enforcement to start an investigation in the US? The US legal system is ready 24/7 with the needed paperwork. Send the device for more detailed examination to find what image files are been hidden?
The US citizen walks free, the device is returned days, weeks later.
Was an investigation opened? Home computer? ISP logs?
What do the ISP logs show? A lot of https searching for hours? Finally some http ...

If not a US citizen, thats a few lies, time to return to your own nation again.

Comment Re:Implying social media isn't already owned by CI (Score 1) 142

US gov, federal police, city, state, public/private partnerships, private groups will have collected everything in real time over the years.
A face that finds past use with facial recognition would re build any past social media use.
Politics, parties, friends of friends, funding, support, groups, leaders, other nations, work, holidays.
All a more secure mode hints at is a person knows they will be questioned and tried to quickly hide their digital pasts.
If they are a citizen, expect questions and every device to be searched, cloned, copied, any deleted files on a camera card recovered, any encrypted files systems detected. A few different request for a password.
So a citizen will get to walk out after a few hours of repeated questions, requests for a password, but their need to hide would have been added to a few databases. Any interesting devices will be examined, returned over days or weeks.
What did that person do? Why is that person interesting? Images/gps from another nation they visited while on holiday but had no paperwork for? Why hide the account?
Not a citizen? The interviews go on until the first lie. Deport.

Comment Re:Devices are a red herring. (Score 1) 142

Its fine not to have email, social media, just a phone. But if a person is wanting to enter another nation, expect most online activity to have been found.
A photo will have some use for facial recognition. Friends will be found, friends of friends.
Party? Conference photo? Work? Hobby? A person who shows up in a very interesting nation? Friends of friends online?
A person might not have social media but everyone at their work might :)
Who are they friends with? Who or what do people ate work or friends support on social media?
If you are entering on a visa, the application will often have an email option to track the approval or ask for more supporting documents. That account will then be requested if no social media exists.
Most nations are interested in the faces on social media, connections to other interesting people, groups.
Politics, support, funding of groups. Military background? Political party that funds interesting groups?
People often have such information all over their friends social media.

Comment Re:Article advocates red terror (Score 3, Informative) 476

"There was never a catastrophe in Switzerland, but their living standard is one of the highest in the world."
Switzerland looks after its own internally and does not let many random people just wonder in and become Swiss.
People can find a job or are supported if a person cant get work or will never work at the very local, canton level. No fraud, no cheating i.e. no illegals can hide in a vast federal system. Any gov support payments are kept at a normal rate per normal population size. Work is encouraged and rewarded. Nice car, nice house, holidays, or own business. Education gets people ready for work. Some military service then ensures every generation knows how to work together and what their nation has to offer. A few days in the mud, cold, in the back of a truck, up a mountain, been in a bunker gets different people talking and helps build a nation.
The ranks of the unemployable are not allowed to rise every generation by inviting lots of unemployable people in.

The medical profession globally is protected to ensure only the best in any nation can work on a citizen in need of help.
Any medical expert on duty should be the best a nation can educate or have passed the same exams.
No wealthy citizen wants to wake up in their own nation and be told some "medical specialist from anywhere in the world" on duty did not have the skills needed to ensure a normal recovery. So most nations are very aware of who they allow to practice medicine. Only the best get to pass tests and practice.
If a nation wants to save its citizens after a crash or in some emergency it can be very simple.
Have great ambulance crews with real skills and the national support they need. Allow helicopters, aircraft to fly in all weather, at night and bring back patients to only the very best hospitals. Most normal nations can fly helicopters at night in 2017 to get people to a fully equipped hospital.
Teams of the best doctors on duty selected only on merit then get to care for citizens. Not a citizen? Have that travel insurance ready.
No student, work or tourist visa without full cover medial insurance.
The same goes for education. Test the students and only support the very best. Ensure the best get to university.

The Soviet and Chinese experiments soon run of free cash and have to export their way back into hard currency.
China today is investing globally but its own people know of all the corruption, lack of free speech and pollution.

The confiscatory rate is going to get very interesting with EU/NATO nations. How to support vast numbers of people moving in illegally and expecting generations of free gov support. Housing, schools, medical, dental for millions of new people with no new tax rates?
Governments could take on more debt to cover welfare costs :) What happens when 20-40% of a growing population has no skills to work for generations?

Comment Re:Great. Why not six years ago? (Score 1) 191

Most of that has been tested in courts over the decades AC.
e.g. level of suspicion for canal drug smuggling.
The issue of any particular vehicle been covered by an administrative warrant so roving patrols could counter border smuggling.
Recall Congress gave a lot of new power to search for terrorists over the past years. The need to uncover terrorist communications was also considered.
No US court or gov is going to allow sanctuary to terrorist material and has given the legal ability to search at a boarder.
No level of suspicion is needed. No person can block a search with demands for dignity or claim privacy interests.
Just as a bag is searched, a camera card for images, deleted images i.e. searches of property.
No ability to get into the US using laptops, CDs, MP3 players, cellular phones, and digital cameras with terrorist communications or any other material thats illegal in the USA.

If any person has sensitive business information, academic materials and did not expect a search?
They should have consider that and used a computer network or other ways of moving time sensitive data around.
Lots of nations will ask a lot of questions. The US can too thanks to powers granted by Congress.

Why do "travelers" now get to hide things in their laptops or on social networks when entering the USA?
Their support for, funding of and membership of different designated terrorist groups might just show on their social media account.
Images, faces, location... why is all that now given US legal cover to be hidden?
Why not give US CBP agents all the powers they need to search any device, ask for accounts, look at any images on entry to the USA?
If a person is using technical countermeasures, like ‘burner’ laptops and mobile devices? Find that out and ask why? Wait for the lie and then deport.

Re 'warrant before conducting any device searches"? That will slow the ability to search and allow lawyers to enter the search process.
If every search has to be slowed for a warrant, fewer people will be search. More interesting people will just slip into the USA.
Re "demand is likely to be mirrored by foreign governments, which will demand passwords from U.S. citizens"
If another nation wants to keep their nation safe, thats their legal system.

Comment Re:Hire better workers (Score 1) 163

The other issue is the spread of past application questions on social media by alumni. Graduates globally are getting a lot of support in how to pass interviews.
What questions to expect and how to pass.
Always have new questions ready. Social media has allowed too many graduates to seek advice from people who have taken work related tests.

Comment Hire better workers (Score 1) 163

Good workers can work in an office, at home.
They can understand an issue and suggest how long it will take to work on a new or complex problem.
see The Mythical Man-Month https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

To find good staff word the requirements to exclude average and lazy staff.
Read their paper work, make sure it is correct.
Do interviews. Does the resume match the person? Can the person think about problems when asked?
Change up the questions so no interview is the same.
How much contact with computers did the person have over the years?
Computer hobbies? Did all their education provide access to different computer topics?
Don't hire the applicant who did not have access to new and expensive computers over the years.
Your not working out if a nice person wanted to be a vet, doctor, lawyer ... ask about computers.
A smart person who can think and is articulate during the interview?
Academic results match the paper work presented?
Find good workers and spend time on projects. Your projects are not further education or a charity for very average workers.
Every day wasted on trying to make lazy, average workers happy is a day lost to competitors who had the skills to hire the best workers.
Always hire on merit. Ensure merit is the only consideration.
If you need to hire globally something went very wrong. Any advance nation should have given most of its best students access to computers and a good college education.
Why is that "world-class" person trying to find an international job? Failed in their own nation, failed to get into a top university globally and failed to get a real job from that global education. Having a language skill does not make up for been average.
An average "world-class" applicant is as useful as any average local applicant for the same wage.
If they are still looking for a job, they are not the best. Be aware of online groups, charities and people who help applicants with their paperwork, resumes.
Past interview experiences will be shared. Methods to be ready for complex interviews are offered or sold online.
Always interview and ask new questions.
Talk to a lot of good lawyers before hiring any new staff so the interviews can only result in the best workers been selected.

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