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Feed Engadget: Mossberg reviews the Gateway One, accidentally reviews the iMac again (

Filed under: Desktops

We've seen a couple reviews of the Gateway One already, but when it comes to reviewing sleek all-in-one PCs, we turn to the master: Walt Mossberg. Ol' Unkie Walt's been playing with a couple slick desktops lately, and surprisingly, none of them are the iMac -- although he can't seem to resist the comparison. Walt's got the Gateway One this week, and while he praises the machine's design and slick power brick / I/O breakout box, he's not particularly impressed with the machine's 19-inch screen, processing power, or, most damningly, stability -- he suffered two blue screens while testing. Add in the fact that the entry-level One is $100 more expensive than the cheapest iMac and offers a smaller screen, no built-in webcam, and a slower processor, and you've got Walt telling you that the iMac is still the best all-in-one out there. Up next: the XPS One.

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