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The Military

Submission + - First A-Bomb Piolot dies at 92

An anonymous reader writes: WASHINGTON — Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the B-29 bomber Enola Gay, which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in the final days of World War II, died Thursday (Nov. 1, 2007) at his home in Columbus, Ohio. Gen. Tibbets said he did not want a funeral or headstone because he did not want to attract protesters to his burial site. Before his death, Gen. Tibbets told Terkel that he would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against America's current enemies. "I'd wipe 'em out," he said. "You're gonna kill innocent people at the same time, but we've never fought a damn war anywhere in the world where they didn't kill innocent people. If the newspapers would just cut out the (expletive): 'You've killed so many civilians.' That's their tough luck for being there."

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