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Comment Re:Since when does Apple fix bugs (Score 1) 214

You know I used to defend Apple against these accusations. I've been using their products since the 80s. But ever iOS took off and Ive took over OS X, stability seems to have taken a back seat to the shiny new interface and integration between the two.

Right now I am still having issues with Time Machine that have been around for years. And that's their backup solution! You know, the one that's supposed to make sure you're safe? Oh, and good luck finding support for Time Machine on their website. Want a laugh? Go to their Communities page.

Let's see on the main page there is a section for iLife, which they stopped making years ago. But let's just look at the Mac OS and System software group for Time Machine. Hum, not there. But you can get help on Front Row, another app they stopped making years ago (side note, why is Photos in here?). Well lets check the Applications group. Appleworks, iChat, and iCal. All apps Apple stopped making.

I could go on, but look around that page. Try to find a place to get support on Time Machine. How long has it been since they updated it? It takes 4 clicks to get there from Has no one noticed? Oh, and don't get me started on Final Cut Pro X...

Comment Re:The /. community does not hate Mozilla. (Score 1) 243

I am sure Rust has many advantages, and obviously there are people who really love it. But "most loved" is the only category that Rust shows up in on that survey (just looked). It's not in most popular. Where is it going to get the momentum? Sure it may fill a niche role, but that's the whole point. Mozilla dreams up big tech that can't seem to live up to it's hype or hopes.

Comment Re:The /. community does not hate Mozilla. (Score 1) 243

The h.264 fight was pointless from a strategic viewpoint. They were never going to win, and in the meantime Firefox lost marketshare because videos didn't play. Maybe there was a point in fighting from a purist-to-the-cause point of view, but it gained them nothing.

And as for Rust, enjoy spending your time learning it. The skill set will be nearly as useful as your XULRunner knowledge. It doesn't matter how great the tech is, there isn't industry or developer support and interest. You'd be better off learning Swift.

Lastly Mozilla has always made the majority of their money from Google. And then promptly blown it on bs like the above project.

Comment Re:The /. community does not hate Mozilla. (Score 1) 243

Here's a tip I always give orgs I am involved in. Never base your project on a Mozilla project. Some examples from the real world.

XULRunner - we had a project based on it before I convinced them to go native hybrid with webkit. Good move since later it was dropped and other apps like Songbird were screwed.

Popcorn - one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard of, creating web videos by live linking other video sources. What could possibly go wrong? All that it needs is the links for the media to never change!

H.264/WebM - what a pointless fight they should have know was un-winnable.

Firefox OS was delusional from the beginning. MS can't get developers for their platform, and they're willing to pay them.

How many dollars has Mozilla just flat our wasted on projects like these? They have the biggest cash cow in the open source world, and they have't produced anything with it other than a browser that is losing it's market share and relevance.

IMHO what the open source world needs is to produce apps that normal people can easily use. What if Mozilla had spent those millions creating an open alternative to the old iLife suite? Imagine your non-techs friends using open source software to manage their photos and music. That would have made far more people believers in open source than the millions they have dumped into dead in projects such as these.

Comment Re:Nomination Blocked! (Score 2) 188

The people did have a say in the matter, they elected the president for a four year term. The term doesn't end just because some people can't wait for it to happen. There is nothing in the constitution that says the powers of the president wane in their last year.

What's maddening is that this is exactly the argument the Republicans made 10 years ago when Bush was in office and the Dems held the Senate. Who in the end confirmed 3 justices to the Supreme Court for Bush.

Comment Re:Agile/Scrum == hot potato (Score 4, Interesting) 397

Sadly I think this is way too true. What are people going to do when robots can build a house or a bridge? Or when everything else turns robotic, like cars. What are people going to do? The reality is that we will have to move to a world without money because no one will be able to make any. Only those at the top will have a source of income, ownership of the automation.

Reading that last sentence I wonder if Marx wasn't somewhat right. Those that own the means of production are going to end up with all of the power.

Comment Another explanation - waterproof (Score 1) 412

Perhaps there is another explanation, the goal of a waterproof phone. I've been following the patents that Apple has been taking out on Liquid Metal, and believe the goal is to create a completely sealed phone. There have been rumors that the lightning port is already waterproof. If so eliminating the other big open port, the mini jack, would make sense.

And yes the buttons are an issue, but Apple has many patents related to liquid metal that have waterproofing implications as well, one example

And Apple continues to file waterproofing patents

I don't think it's about slenderness. I think it's about having a phone that is molded with a waterproof casing with one port.

Comment Terminology (Score 1) 96

"reconstruction is impossible."

After watching things for awhile I would steer away from saying something's impossible. Highly unlikely, next-to-impossible. Something like that. But never underestimate the ability for technology to evolve to solve "impossible" problems. Or even finding a critical mistake (hello AM passwords!) that makes it not so impossible after all.

Comment Re:Lame excuse (Score 1) 307

But, but they are books! And if you read a book you're a better person than if you read the same words on a tablet. Oh, and I don't want watch TV (except for the things I do watch that don't "count" as TV).

Oh, and we should talk about food sometime.

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