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Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 1) 662

The problem really is that his writing was entirely on the basis that a 14 year old mistakenly said invented when he probably meant modded, while giving an impromptu interview.

And yet as a boy, I would learn about electronics, not by reading or listening to a teacher, but by taking things apart and then putting it back together. I say kudos for going one step further and seeing what he could put it in and reassembling it in the new case. Sure it's not genius level work, but I say it's a good start.

Comment Re:Investing in a good PC pays off (Score 1) 558

My current computer is much like yours. Just didn't build it myself. Got one of the first Dell XPS's (which they renamed slightly after to the XPS 435mt).

Intel Core i7-920
600 GB HD
ATI Radeon 4850 HD

After a few years it ended up having
24 GB RAM (when I got it, it was so cheap to buy went ahead and maxed it out)
120 GB SSD (SATA 3 but of course it doesn't support sata 3 so I have to stick with sata 2 speed)
and a ATI Radeon 6850 HD video card (which is the highest model this computer it can take)

Still runs great, but those little things bug me, and just like you stated, doesn't have USB 3, memory speed and has the old PCIx stuff. Added to that the lack an easily replaceable power supply, inability to take a faster video card, and in general no expandability options at all, I'm currently building my next computer as I write this

New computer will have
Core i7 4790k
250 GB SSD (and all the old drives)
NVidia GeForce GTX 960
And a case that's easy to add and upgrade items as I please

I'm also building this thing for absolute silence most of the time. All the parts have fans that won't spin up until a temperature threshold is reached, after that they spin up but stay quiet and really I won't care since I'll probably be gaming, transcoding, or doing a software build.

I can't wait til I'm done!

Comment Re:Performance Mouse MX (Score 1) 431

I have both a MX Revolution and 2 Performance MX's. I prefer the weight of the MX revolution's wheel especially when doing free scrolling. The Performance MX does let you use the scroll wheel as a middle button and has a separate button to make it switch between click/free scrolling. I also really like the Revolution's thumb wheel which they got rid of for the Performance MX, but now they have somewhere to go when making an ultimate MX mouse! Either way they are fantastic mice all of them.

Comment Re:'Bout time (Score 1) 917

The fault in the logic here is that them saying .5% of people reported the problem, people think that .5% of the people actually have the problem. This one is actually belongs to both Apple and media. I have an iPhone 4 and have the problem. I already live in a poor reception area and having a phone that can be slightly better than average or significantly worse than average reception kinda makes my head spin.

But I didn't report it! Why you say? Because it's already a big deal to the media who's been schlepping this story around for the last month. I didn't think I needed to report it. And everyone I know who has an iPhone talks about the news stories about the terrible reception, but again never report it. They figure if it's this big a news then Apple should be able to see it's more than just a few thousand people having the issue.

Again this is both sides' fault, but I guarantee the number of problem phones is a bit greater than .5%

Comment Re:Step 1. (Score 1) 1197

About the heart thing. I know it might be several different factors but it does sound a lot like what I have. Paroxysmal supraventricular tachardia. Just for information if anyone else suffers from it. It's a problem because it's so sporadic that figuring out what it is from a normal doctor is crazy hard

The link shows a technique to stop it when it's happening and it's helped me nearly every time. It takes a few times but eventually it goes away.

Now everybody this has helped go ahead and send me a few bucks so that I can afford to go back to the doctor and tell him I'm doing his job for him. =P

Comment Is that 3,727 requests to the http server? (Score 2, Insightful) 271

I noticed a few people reacting to the 3,727, as if it was some sort of brute-force attack to get a URL.

If that was 3,727 requests to the http server, I think that wouldn't be very much. That is, reading a web page with graphical elements would, I would think, involve a dozen or so http requests -- more if there were lots of little icons and what not. Two journalists looking at a dozen such web pages a few times each would run up that number pretty quickly. (Can someone with more networking experience than I have check my thinking?)

And, of course, a decent firewall logs all requests, including legitimate requests.

So, I would guess that this is just the politician grabbing a number that sounds large to him, and ascribing significance it doesn't have.

Comment Re:2008? (Score 1) 807

By GISS data 2009 was tied for the 2nd warmest year on record and baring a major volcanic eruption 2010 is poised to become the warmest year on record due to the El Nino we're in right now and the solar cycle ramping up on top of the global warming carrier signal.

Comment Re:Heomeopathy = Placebo (Score 1) 507

Which is why I'm in two minds about this. Placebos are effective in a number of cases, and belief in the effectiveness of the placebo has been shown to increase this. If giving people a glass of water and telling them that it's magic pixie juice boosts their immune system and avoids the need to give them antibiotics, why not do that?

The dilemma of the white lie. Ultimately it's a question of personal moral philosophy but I think it demeans the person being told the lie in this case. It also undermines the authority of the medical practitioner if you can't trust them not to lie to you "in your best interest."

Comment Re:Just like desktop linux. (Score 1) 636

Sure, someone might have to change a few things in the code to make the program they wrote for the Hero usable on the Droid, but then you just float 2 versions of the software on the android marketplace

Then the problem becomes how to pay for all the phones on which to test your app and the service plans that come bundled with the phones. For a small business, this adds up fast.

Comment UVD anyone? (Score 1) 159

I just want XBMC to hardware decode all that hidef stuff with an ATI card. That means UVD support both at Ati's end and of course the XBMC project end. I'm using an Nvidia 9400gt right now in my media center and it works fine and all, I just want to have more choices. Is that too much to ask?

Comment Re:windows 7 has flaws too (Score 1) 864

They'll only have huge problems if they are afraid of change. Which means that they shouldn't be doing the very thing you are proposing they should do. Which is to change their operating system.

So forget changing them to any other system, whether it be OSX or some distro of Linux. But lets take a look at those who can change.

Grouping applications under one icon makes a lot of sense, especially when you start opening up a lot of applications. Maybe they shouldn't, maybe they don't care, but keeping the taskbar clean is the only way to take care of many applications running at once without going to some other application management.

The icons can have text if you want them to, just one more option. The point of the icons pinned to the taskbar is that people DON'T NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT'S RUNNING. If you want to have Firefox open, click the firefox icon. If it's not running it'll start running. If it is running then it'll just go to the last instance of it. Either way you get what you want, which is to a firefox window.

The taskbar will append applications to the end as long as they aren't already pinned to the taskbar. Need to have your applications one after the other? Just don't pin anything to the taskbar(although I don't really understand the point). The icons are pretty big. I don't think people are that dumb(and if they are why are we arguing here it won't matter) that they can't figure out their Excel spreadsheet is under the excel icon which the icon looks a little different now that it has an active window. Give them a second, I bet they can figure it out.

I doubt they're gonna be really confused about the mouse gestures. To activate Aero Shake, you really have to shake it like you mean it. Unless they are doing it just for fun. Maximizing by dragging it to the top isn't confusing. Move it to the top and they see the window maximize move it down a bit and it reverts back. I really wish the window would snap to the side full screen so i can have a side by side view of two windows. And there is Aero Snap, which is very convenient even to the most staunch. Did I mention if you don't like any of this, you can just turn it off?

And yeah it's the same basic interface, but many people use their own style, moving the taskbar to the left or right of the screen. Which is very nice for widescreen monitors which are becoming all the rage. And the icon based taskbar works very well on the side there.

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