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Comment Re:They do need us. (Score 1) 270

In Canada total tax and non-tax revenue for every level of government equals about 38.4% of GDP, compared to the U.S. rate of 28.2%.

A significant portion of this tax differential is due to spending differences between the two countries. While the US is running deficits of about 4% of GDP, Canada has consistently posted a budget surplus of around 1% of GDP. Considered in a revenue-neutral context, the differential is much smaller - Canada's total governmental spending was about 36% of GDP vs. 31% in the US. In addition, caution must be used when comparing taxes across countries, due to the different services each offers. Whereas the Canadian healthcare system is 70% government-funded, the US system is just under 50% government-funded (mostly via Medicare and Medicaid); adding the additional healthcare-spending burden to the above figures to obtain comparable numbers (+3% for Canada, +7% for the US) gives adjusted expenditures of 38–39% of GDP for each of the two nations....

The greatest difference in social programs is in health care. Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. Government spends as much on health care, 7% of GDP, as the Canadian government does, and total healthcare spending is much higher - 14.6% of GDP in the US vs. 10% in Canada. Canadians, however, receive comparable care to those Americans who receive treatment, and result measures, such as life expectancy and infant mortality are better in Canada.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot tags are crap! Here's why ...

They don't ever stick. I tag something and reload the page. Tag gone.
You can't select tags and see related stories.
Tags that are there are too obvious, prevalent and stupid, like the "Story" tag.
Tags are banal and never critical, this implies censorship.

Comment I think rich people are evil (Score 2, Insightful) 783

In my opinion, overly affluent people are the real problem with the world today. Capitalism actually means all the people have access to the world's capital, not just the few percent. We live in financial despotism and employees are just economic slaves in denial. If democracy is so great why aren't our companies more democratic? From what I can see, greed is the insatiable effect of the law of diminishing returns. If materialism could actually produce happiness, wouldn't rich people stop at some finite point? It never ends because they're addicts. The rich and powerful are in the process of running society into a brick wall and for all of our science, we can't do squat about it.


Journal Journal: A facebook "Like" button that respects privacy 9

The current dynamic Facebook "Like" button doesn't conform to Canadian privacy laws, since users who access any site with that button automatically ping Facebook servers, and Facebook tracks their viewing the site - even if they're not currently logged into Facebook - via their Facebook user cookies.

Submission + - Full Unencrypted Wikileaks in Norway (

An anonymous reader writes: The Inquirer has the lowdown on Aftenposten, Norway's largest circulated newspaper, claiming to have the fully unencrypted copy of Wikileaks' cables.

Submission + - "Stairscraper" Gives Highrise-Dwellers Back Yards (

Zothecula writes: One of the big drawbacks for high-rise living is the lack of outdoor space, which in the best case is usually limited to a small balcony, or in the worst cases a window flowerbox ... or nothing at all. An innovative skyscraper design by Barcelona-based firm Nabito Architects solves this problem with a corkscrew design that makes the roof of the unit below an outdoor space for the unit above.

Submission + - White House warns of supercomputer arms race (

dcblogs writes: The White House's science advisors, in a report last week, said a petaflop-by-petaflop race to achieve number one on the Top500 could prove costly and divert money from supercomputing research. "While it would be imprudent to allow ourselves to fall significantly behind our peers with respect to scientific performance benchmarks that have demonstrable practical significance, a single-minded focus on maintaining clear superiority in terms of flops count is probably not in our national interest," the report said. It is urging the supercomputing community to expand its benchmark measures beyong the Top500's Linpack. It says the Graph500, for data-intensive applications involving the rapid execution of graph operations, "will be more relevant," but also acknowledges that it will difficult to rely on any one measure.

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