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Comment Re:trying (Score 2) 490

Are there other jobs available for them if they do move and you decide you don't need them? Comparable jobs?

Moving is a large investment. And usually a long-term one, given the cost and the hassle factor. If the conditions aren't good for long-term in your area, don't complain if you can't get folks to move there.

Comment Body cameras should be retail surveillance (Score 4, Interesting) 110

Body cameras should encrypt their contents as they capture them.

Records at the station house should be dumps of the encrypted data.

The keys should be stored elsewhere, available by subpoena or warrant.

In addition to making body cam data useless for mass surveillance, wearers can be required to have the camera running all the time - nobody gets to see officers in the bathroom unless they are accused of beating someone up there.

Comment Re:Tribal conflict (Score 0) 399

Curiously, as a group Republicans give more to charity than Democrats. Apparently Republicans are more caring and giving than Democrats in general on that score, so long as the giving is voluntary and not mandated.

Most of this "charity" consists of donations to religious institutions, most of which funnel more funds to their preachers and building funds than any social goods. Adjust for religious giving and I'd expect you'd get a different outcome.

Comment Re:Confusing (Score 3, Insightful) 20

What? You get experience in implementing some hideous API that interfaces to some other Microsoft thing that no one will be using two years from now and that the company itself buries a couple years after that? I've never seen a place where developer experience points were tallied, either... In fact, I find the whole notion vaguely disquieting.

Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 1) 258

Because libraries became places relatively devoid of books in the late 1980's-2000 when their stock of actual reading material was replaced by books on tape, videos, and computer screens. Libraries have been sort of fucked up except for a place to get children's books ever since.

Get with the times - if you actually want to read, you can attempt to download their limited online books onto your e-reader of phone through their lousy e-borrowing software (which requires a special client to read - you wouldn't want to be a pirate, would you?). Or do what I do - avoid the place entirely and order stuff I actually want to read to be downloaded to my Kindle.

Comment Re:What the hell is a "Pixel"? (Score 1) 69

Wow. Like you couldn't discern from the first sentence that a device having a camera, audio, and LTE Band 4 capabilities, sharing the name of one of the most-hyped phones of the year, was a phone? You must either be an idiot or a troll. Although I did like the spittle-flecked shouting of your faux outrage.

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