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Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 1) 495

You possess whatever you physically have... you cannot really physically possess territory, although you can occupy it which is a form of possession, but only to the extent that you cannot be removed from it by someone or something else. In nature, the number of things that we truly own is typically quite small. Ownership is slightly more persistent encompassing anything that we possess as well as anything that we *can* possess, but only to the extent that others cannot alter that.

Comment Re:It's true (Score 2) 192

Pixar was unique in Silicon Valley companies in that we had deadlines that could not move. The film had to be in theaters before Christmas, etc. I'd see employees families come to Pixar to have dinner with them. I took the technical director training but decided to stay in studio tools, first because Pixar needed better software more than they needed another TD, and second because of the crazy hours.

Comment Re:Denial-of-Service? (Score 1) 106

Research, or talking with experts. Ideally, they will learn about the technology themselves, at least enough to recognize when things are not secure. If it isn't too much to expect that children learn how to look both ways before crossing the street, it can't be too much to expect of adults to look before they leap as well.

Comment Re:Denial-of-Service? (Score 1) 106

I would suggest that just as much responsibility should be on the consumer to try and verify that the device they purchase is actually secure as should be on the provider of those devices. If consumers are too lazy or indifferent to bother, they should be treated exactly the same as small children who haven't yet learned that they need to look both ways before crossing a street.

If a person runs a red light and kills somebody, you don't go after the automobile manufacturer... you go after the guy who broke the law.

Comment Re:Denial-of-Service? (Score 1) 106

But if you leave your keys in your car, you can be charged with a crime

Actually, no... If you leave your keys in your car, you simply cannot make a recognized insurance claim if it is stolen. It may certainly be illegal to leave the keys in a car that you do *not* own without consent of the owner, however, but it is not illegal to leave your keys in your own car. Waxing hypothetical, here, it would only be illegal to leave your keys in your own car if it were somehow an actual legal requirement for you to possess and have access to a car at all times.

Comment Re: He wanted to make sure he wouldn't be let go.. (Score 1) 196

I get that, but then he reasonably should have already been looking for other work already, and it rightly wouldn't have mattered if there were actually plans to let him go or not that he otherwise didn't know about since he would be intent on leaving as soon as he finds something else anyways.

Comment Re:How long before estates of dead entertainers su (Score 1) 120

Also, I think people are underestimating the creative input that a performer puts into a voice performance. They can put in a lot of subtle emphasis and emotion into speech. Even if AI can perfectly replicate someone's voice, will it know when to emphasize a word, when to change the pitch of its voice, and when to insert a dramatic pause?

Comment Re: AT&T (Score 2) 201

To offer a mild defense of Apple, there's a reason they make messages a different color if you're using a non-Apple phone:

Their iMessage app debuted at a time when carriers generally still charged for SMS messages. If a blue message came in, it meant that it was going over iMessage, which meant that it was a free message. If it was green, it was SMS, and therefore it would be charged as an SMS message according to your carrier's plan. You definitely wanted to have a way to know the difference.

It's less important now that carriers are generally offering unlimited SMS messages, so you could argue that they could drop the distinction. However, there still may be places or situations where people are charged for SMS, even if only when doing international texting, so it's not completely meaningless. Also, iMessage still provides some different features, such as providing read-receipts (if you allow that) and being encrypted, so someone might care about knowing which messages are going over which service.

Comment Re: He wanted to make sure he wouldn't be let go.. (Score 1) 196

There's countless reasons why you don't tell people ahead of time,

Sure, but there's fewer reasons to not tell them if they actually ask. Again, if you cannot trust the employer to be honest with you about the security of your position when directly asked about the matter, then you probably should not be working for them in the first place

Comment Re:Easy math (Score 1) 495

How os that supposed to game anything? If you share a bedroom with someone, then that person is considered your SO for purposes of welfare. You can't game that because it's not remotely advantageous for collecting welfare when your SO is expected to support you before you can collect welfare.

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