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Comment wait a fucking minute... (Score 1) 197

Wait a fucking minute here... so they have had technology to keep glass from breaking - windows, drinking glasses, eye glasses for 48 years and are just NOW deciding it would be a good thing?

Great line from the article...
"In his office lobby, Steiner showed off a 400-foot-long spool of flexible, 16-inch-wide glass that's as thin as a sheet of paper.

"Kind of like Chemcor was back in the '60s," he said. "We're not sure what we're going to do with it, but it's cool, isn't it?"

Comment non-toxic...ahem (Score 1) 97

As I was told by an EPA inspector, once your Green/non-toxic/bio-degradable product comes in contact with the "toxic" contaminant, it TOO becomes a toxic contaminant and must be disposed of with the proper protocols. Even a neutralizing agent would need to be tested - what does the combination become - an inert mass or does it turn into some hybrid toxin we are currently unaware of - like the chocolate bar in the peanut butter....

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