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Comment Re:I would use it... (Score 1) 141

Yes, I had 5.1 on a USB stick. After resume, my laptop's keyboard would not work anymore. No amount of documentation reading or googling solved that (the paper you kindly linked is one of the documents I remember reading).

I even signed up to a mailing list to report the bug, but never got a reply; so I finally gave up.

Comment Re:Haven't read TFA (Score 1) 165

Luckily, now there's an economic crisis, so we're starting incinerating plants over here in italy too.

We're not starting, we have more than 50 incineration plants. The incinerator in Brescia has been burning trash and warming homes since 1998. It even won the WTERT industry award in 2006.

Why don't you get your facts straight before commenting?

Comment Re:... then don't go there? (Score 1) 459

Jesus did say a few things that, when taken out of context, can be thought of as anti-marriage or anti-family, but most of those were metaphors for other things.

LOL... so typical of christians! Jesus and/or the Bible say something inconsistent or just plain wrong? Hey, that's a metaphor! It doesn't mean what's written, it means something else that is right or acceptable!

Comment Stupid Slashdot! (Score 1) 50

This is NOT "Conway's game of life". I rushed frantically to TFA in disbelief, only to be disappointed.

Are your misleading titles and summaries a pathetic attempt to prove you can still pull a "slashdot effect" on sites nowadays?

Be warned, your readership's patience is not endless. Mine certainly isn't.


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