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Comment Re:... then don't go there? (Score 1) 459

Jesus did say a few things that, when taken out of context, can be thought of as anti-marriage or anti-family, but most of those were metaphors for other things.

LOL... so typical of christians! Jesus and/or the Bible say something inconsistent or just plain wrong? Hey, that's a metaphor! It doesn't mean what's written, it means something else that is right or acceptable!

Comment Stupid Slashdot! (Score 1) 50

This is NOT "Conway's game of life". I rushed frantically to TFA in disbelief, only to be disappointed.

Are your misleading titles and summaries a pathetic attempt to prove you can still pull a "slashdot effect" on sites nowadays?

Be warned, your readership's patience is not endless. Mine certainly isn't.


Comment Re:Religious misinterpret phenomenon (Score 1) 156

The church held a monopoly because nobody else was interested.

The reason why they had a monopoly has nothing to do with my point. They did, and that spurred the consequences I'm discussing.

Why don't you do yourself a favour and just admit to yourself that you have prejudice and that your fear of religion is based on ignorance?

You're wrong on all counts. First of all, I have no "fear of religion". Contempt is more like it. It's not based on ignorance, because I know the christian religion better than 95% of christians (and that percentage comes from personal experience). Lastly, it's not based on prejudice, but on factual evaluation of the many failures of religion vs. logic and science.

I cannot argue you into changing your mind.

That's right, you can't. And that's because your belief has no rational basis.

Comment Re:Religious misinterpret phenomenon (Score 1) 156

You seem to have a problem with cause-effect relationships. The monks were the only chroniclers because the church held a monopoly on education. Probably, without the church's monopoly, there would have been non-religious chroniclers who would have reported the facts without religious interpretations.

Your ineptitude at logic reasoning is showing.

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