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Comment Re:I assume... (Score 1) 605

I thank you. All of the dumbassed liberal vs. republican sanctimonious nonsense (extremely evident in this very discussion) wiped out with a simple animated chart from an impartial source. You have done what Al Gore and Michael Moore (speaking of a pair of sanctimonious assholes) have failed to do: convince me that there is hard evidence of greenhouse gases increasing in recent times.

Thank you again. :-)

Comment I assume... (Score 2) 605

...that Mr. Hansen has hard evidence that actual percentages of CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gases have increased in the atmosphere? I'm not talking about cojncidentally matching the industrial revolution, I'm talking about hard evidence of percentages of these gases in the atmosphere say, 50 years ago compared to today. Because in all of the hyperbole, yelling, threatening, and name calling, I have yet to see those figures. That is what it would take to convince this particular individual that rising atmospheric temperatures are related to greenhouse gases.

Please, no accusations of being a right-wing nut. I just don't jump on any bandwagons until I'm sure of the facts.

Comment Re:Even though I am using XP64 (Score 1) 558

Come on over, pal! :-)

I'm no gamer, but it was Dreamweaver and paint Shop pro that kept me with Windows. I've been running Linux full-time on the desktop since 2008, with XP running virtually as I needed it.

I've finally gotten comfortable with Gimp and Eclipse. I still fire up the XP machine for Dreamweaver's GUI and SQLYog. But I'll be fully Linuxised by the time XP loses its support.

Comment Microsoft has a long future ahead of them (Score 3, Insightful) 558

Their future will resemble that of IBM, Novell, HP, Sears, and many other companies that were once #1 in their specialty. Still making money, still active in the market, occasionally coming up with something truly revolutionary.

But one thing's for damned certain: their days of dominance are over. OVER! YES!!!!!!!!!

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