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Submission + - Maps in Fiction; Yay or Nay? (suvudu.com) 1

ryzvonusef writes: How do you feel about maps as a reader of fantasy fiction? Does a good map make the world feel more believable? Does it ground it in reality for you? Or do you feel like firm boundaries limit your own imagination as a reader?

Do you prefer the detailed maps of Tolkein and LoTR, or do you prefer to your own imaginations, as with Pratchett and Discworld?

Submission + - SPAM: A.I. researcher asks: could bots feel joy? 9

destinyland writes: A.I. researcher Ben Goertzel asks whether machines will ever really feel, in the same sense that humans do? "This is a separate question from whether machines can be intelligent, or whether they can act like they feel. The question is whether machines — if suitably constructed and programmed — can have awareness, passion, subjective experience ... consciousness?" Goertzel led a machine
consciousness workshop in Hong Kong, and summarizes current theories about artificial intelligence, and notes that Tufts professor Daniel Dennett believes it's absolutely possible — if the machines are programmed correctly. (This article also appears in the latest issue of H+ magazine.)

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