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Submission + - Even Movies Might Now Infringe Upon Patents (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "A firm named Global Findability has alleged that the film 'Knowing' infringes upon one of its patents. They have filed a complaint (PDF) in the US District Court for Washington DC alleging a violation of US patent 7,107,286. The weird thing is that the complaint says that 'the Film ... embodies the invention claimed,' so it appears that they're claiming that film itself is an infringing device, rather than any technology used to make it. The film is about someone finding an encoded message that predicts every disaster for the past fifty years, while the patent is even less clear, but appears to claim something like putting GPS and timestamp data on film to figure out where it was filmed, as well as using local landmarks to get a more accurate reading. Unfortunately for those trying to understand the patent, it is horribly bloated. Its seventeen claims are padded with strange uses of technical language (the naturals just weren't good enough, their numbers are 'all-natural'), completely pointless and unnecessary figures (fig. 15a & 15b), and badly-superimposed line art creating pictures of men with giant penises (p. 44, Sheet 42 of 49, fig. 20e, near inputs from 'E' and 'F')."

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