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Comment I know some of what you mean... (Score 1) 29

I used to work in tech, and "teh dot" was an "in" group I could be part of - some of my friends here have been more real, more supportive, than some of my meat-space "friends", during one of the roughest times of my life. I still ghost, still read others' JEs and (oh, so rarely) post occasionally myself, but, yeah: it feels like Elvis has left the building.
Me, I spend the majority of my time on Facebook these days...

Comment Sorry (Score 1) 14

I have no way of knowing exactly how bad this is to you, but am sad that you will not be able to do what you enjoy in the ways you enjoy it.
I do know that as long as you are capable of inviting friends over, pushing "Mix" on a blender and pushing "play" on a dvd player, there is a potential alternative income stream awaiting you...

Comment Re:Interesting . . . (Score 1) 6

Because they're minimums, not maximums: If, as an employer, I advertise seeking 2 years of experience, that in no way excludes my willingness to hire someone with 10 or more, and if they're willing to work for what I'm willing to pay, that's free-market capitalism.
Please note that the above does not necessarily make me a *wise* capitalist, one of whom might understand that they *need* a 10-yr plus experienced person for certain portions of a position's responsibilities, b-u-t, until they feel the pain of their short-sighted penny-wise pound-foolish practices, it's gonna continue.
An honest curiosity (because I'm not a coder): How *does* one distinguish themselves as a quality coder, far above and beyond the 1-year code monkeys, to a non-coding semi-tech-literate hiring manager? Further, having done that, how does one demonstrate the need for quality vs. a batch of monkeys?

Comment Sounds difficult (Score 1) 5

Do you code for the same reason writers write? (Because it's in you and *must* be expressed?) - or do you code because it's the only thing you know how to do / are comfortable doing?
If the former, sounds like moving time, although there are no guarantees of the grass being cleaner on any other sides of the fences...
If the latter, is it time to build plan B yet? One where you know your boss has integrity & will treat with you fairly, because you see her in the mirror every morning?
Or, were you just musing to yourself out loud, describing the situation that your reasons won't let you change nor leave?

Comment Re:Because it's the future (Score 1) 4

Actually, I don't know the routine - I've always done the next thing either to escape the previous thing, or because somebody else expected it of me - now, I have a blank palette, a few things I want to do, but, within my own sense of what's moral and responsible, so many options it's scary. Thanks for the feedback!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Been awhile (ramble warning) 4

Too many changes in too short a time can erode one's motivation: I recently had to have Gracie, the 84-lb tri-color ruff collie who shared my angel's last ten years, put to sleep (arthritis, constant pain, no more suffering) - Selling a majority of my stuff, most of which I knew were foolish purchases when I made them - rather like a temporary drug habit, I guess - preparatory to selling my house - debt-free will be a good thing when it happens, as the mortgage is the last debt.
The busine

Comment Re:I see a pattern emerging with you (Score 1) 18

So, she's a crusader. Finding things and people that don't fit her (or the laws' she lives with) ideas of what's Right, and doing what she can to fix them, by bringing them to public and legal scrutiny. While one can see where those with guilty consciences might prefer she were less intensely thorough about her actions, and some of us would like to see her bring a healthier approach by way of taking better care of herself and focusing more on leading by positive example than so actively resisting these perceived-as-negative examples, in the end, it is her choice whether to crusade, her choice of how to crusade, and her choice which crusades she takes on.
As one who has taken on a health crusade as my life's purpose and legacy to my fallen angel, I can definitely relate to Having A Purpose and working on Making Things Better. While monetary gains are nice in a life where money is better to have than not, such concerns are secondary to the ideas of seeing that those who are violating the laws and/or treating people badly be brought to justice (in Barb's case), and that those committed to improving their health and wealth have access to the best, simplest easiest body-fuel available (in my case)
For my part, I will suggest Barb take better care of herself so that she may continue to fight more of the good fights, and fight them better - otherwise, a simple "Excelsior!" for her courage, and gratitude that there are more who choose to live life fully standing up for their principles, rather than merely existing, drifting from one expediency to the next and sniping from the sidelines as anonymous cowards...

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