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Journal tomhudson's Journal: Stupid (former) boss trix: Filing off the GPL notices 18

I'm looking through the backups I have of various files that were used for different projects that used my simple web framework, which was written before I started working at my previous employer. While the php files mostly still contain my copyright notices or a GPL notice, head.en.php has been modified to say that it is copyright by my former boss.

I did not do that modification, and I didn't authorize it. Methinks I should send somebody a request to get into compliance.

On another site (the one in contention - http://moroccanoilloyalty.com) the GPL notice is still intact on the emitted header - for now.

This is the same code I developed when I built alphagfx.com, again before I ever heard of him. And that was based on code that's from 2007-2008.

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Stupid (former) boss trix: Filing off the GPL notices

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