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Comment Re:Shameful... (Score 1) 510

1) when you quote a message of mine, do not bold words that I have not bolded in my message. I have to question why you would want to alter the true intent of what I have posted here.

2) I did not say that Verizon was the victim. The customers of Verizon are the victim here.

So I'll repeat, when Microsoft says that they offer choice, keep in mind this agreement between Microsoft and Verizon in which users' choice is effectively eliminated. It appears to be typical of Microsoft's business dealings. When Microsoft is incapable of competing, it artificially eliminates its competitors via lawyers.

Comment Facebook is not about privacy. (Score 4, Insightful) 446

They do not "get" it. I am convinced Facebook does not want to preserve the privacy of its users. When I went to Facebook last night, I was presented with a pop up menu to select my new privacy options. All the defaults were set to looser privacy than I had previously set for my account. I had to manually restore the stricter privacy settings.

Facebook does not care about the privacy of its users. Get used to it.

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