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Comment Re:Linux From Scratch (Score 2) 185

I have had Linux From Scratch bookmarked for a couple of years now. Sadly I can never find the time to actually do it. In a world where every boy and his dog thinks that Linux starts and ends with Unbuntu, I feel if I want to know Linux, I have to start with rolling my own kernel and then building from there.

Most younglings wouldn't get it; they just want Stuff To Work, Right Now. Who do they think creates this Stuff in the first place?!

I'm also hindered by the fact that I am Windows Guru. No, a real one. I _know_ Windows, right now to the nuts and bolts like decompiling DLLs to work out why they crash. I'm a rare breed in that arena too, in fact the desktop Linux fanboi's are now all starting to sound a lot like the idiot 20-something 'Windows Admins' with spiky hair and loud suits that I have to suffer. :(

Grumble, Grumble, I'm back off to my cave.


Comment Re:Windows 7 compatibility mode (Score 1) 313

Heads up though.... it's gone in Windows 8 (of course) - it's been replaced by Client Hyper V. Yes, a cut down Hyper-V service for running XP (or whatever) as a VM. Plus you also lose that nice seamless windows thing it could do.

Me, I just installed VirtualBox. It's the best VM software out there. And it's free.


Comment Re:2560x1600 should be good for anyone! (Score 2) 661

Dark Knight (& Rises) change aspect ratios on blu-ray because the original versions had sections optimised for IMAX format. That said, you still lost vertical image info as full IMAX ratio is 4:3 - I recall seeing The Dark Knight at the London IMAX and the full 4:3 ratio was used, I've not seen Rises yet but it looks like it only shifts between 21:9 and 16:9 as newer IMAXs don't go 4:3.

Comment Re:2560x1600 should be good for anyone! (Score 3, Interesting) 661

This is why I love my Dell 2408WFP - it's getting on a bit now, and the color management isn't as good as it should be (but I have a Huey for that), but it's 16:10 with a resolution of 1920x1200 - absolutely wonderful. I never maximise anything, and mostly have several cascaded portrait shaped windows displayed across it.

Back to topic. I think what Linus actually means is that he wants a higher resolution so that there are no jaggies on fonts, and scrollbars and widgets look sharper. The actual perceived font size (in inches etc.) would be the same - so all these comments about tiny fonts, and 8 way code diffs, are completely missing the point.

Think of it this way, you watch the same movie on a 720p screen, and then on a 1080p screen - do you see more of the movie picture on the latter? No. It's just _sharper_.


Comment Re:Great timing... (Score 1) 51

I'll get modded off-topic for this, but I'm gonna post anyway...

The above is great comment, it's informative and contains good grammar and useful information.

The above is also a bad /. comment because it's been posted as AC with a value of 0. This means it will be hidden to most /. users and the modders will ignore it as modding it up doesn't help the poster.

I'm seeing more and more good comments posted as AC - why is this? The /. community is shrinking, and everyone hiding behind AC is just making things worse.

If it was down to me, there'd be no AC option at all.

United Kingdom

Submission + - From Bedrooms to Billions, a UK Gaming Story (

Jaruzel writes: have an acticle on an upcoming film about the origins of the UK Games Industry called 'From Bedrooms to Billions'. It's being crowd funded on Indiegogo but is currently short on its target amount.

The film will tell the story of the UK video gaming industry from 1979 to 1996, a period in gaming which was very different from the rest of the world. They plan to interview several key figures in the UK gaming industry including Elite creator David Braben, Eidos's Ian Livingstone and the venerable Jeff Minter.

Comment Re:Odd question. (Score 4, Interesting) 634

Over the past 18 months or so, I've been watching TNG with my (now) almost-14 year old daughter. To start things off we shot through the first 6 films, then switched to TNG. Having recently finished TNG we've flipped back to the films (from Generations onwards) and are about to watch Insurrection. Due to time constraints (she's also chewing her way through Buffy* plus normal evening TV) we only did 'highlights' of TNG - about 10-12 episodes per season picked by me. I tried to ensure that all the key episodes were watched and that each character had enough screen time to develop over the seven seasons (interestingly, Seasons 6 and 7 are on reflection, almost all about Data).

Her stand-out TNG moment so far are the Four Lights scenes in Chain of Command. Her favourite character is unsurprisingly Data**.

Not sure where to go next to be honest, thinking of doing ENT - mainly because I've only seen it through once, so a revisit would be nice for me too.

As far as Star Trek (2009) stands - I really didn't gel with it. Can't put my finger on what was wrong, but it definitely isn't proper Trek for me. :(

* Thankfully she hates Twilight :D
** SPOILER ALERT: The end of Nemesis is really going to hit her HARD. :/

Oh while, I'm at it - on topic for the OP: Almost 13 years ago I went to a house party. On the shelf there was a limited edition numbered box set of the first 5 Trek films on VHS so I asked whose it was. I'm now rapidly approaching my 10 year wedding anniversary with the owner of those tapes, and she is my soulmate, my inner trill, and a woman who loves Sci-Fi even more than I do. :D

Comment Imagine This... (Score 1) 373

"Historians are at a loss to explain the demise of the first pan-human civilisation, as although they agree that the populous dwindled and went almost extinct at around AD 3500, there seems to be no surviving written historical records that can be dated any later than circa AD 2000."

"It can only be assumed that around this time, that there was a sudden uptake of illiteracy, maybe caused by a new religion or global-governmental policy. There are surviving references to an organisation or group known as the Inter Nets. We can only guess at what this actually was, but the commonly accepted theory is that it was actually some type of wearable mesh harness that prevented humans of this era from actually writing anything down."

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