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Journal Journal: Ethanol And Brazil: The New Global Energy Brand?

When it comes to energy, Brazil is on its way to becoming a "global brand." Although the United States recently outpaced Brazil in ethanol production, Brazil is by far the leader in sugar-based ethanol. Its exports are growing, and it could become a major energy supplier to the world. But what Brazil is particularly known for is its grand conversion-moving almost 40 percent of its automotive fuel from gasoline to ethanol.
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Journal Journal: What is your favorite 20th-century OS? 1

What is your favorite 20th-century OS version or distribution? Mainframe OSes are fair game.

The main rule is has to be officially unsupported as of January 1, 2000. Rule #2 is you had to actually USE it at least once. No "I heard the Amiga was cool."

I like the Commodore 64 and MacOS 2.0.


Journal Journal: Organizing Video amongst multiple formats

With my media collection growing as fast as the latest hard-drives, my organizational structure for all my movies and videos is lacking. I am finding that many of my movie files end up being converted to another format to fit my iPod, down-sample them so I can stream them or use on my laptop, or create a new version for the Apple TV. I seem to have 2 to 3 versions of these files now, and my organizational structure is non-existent at best. How does everyone else cope with all the different vi

Journal Journal: Google Summer of Code 2007 Accepted Projects Listed

The Google Summer of Code website now provides a full list of the projects accepted for Summer of Code 2007. Organizations have a varying number of accepted slots ranging from about 3 projects up to 10 or more for some of the larger organizations. Lets hold a congratulations for all the accepted applicants and best wishes for successful project completions.

Journal Journal: Everyone has Something to Teach on WiZiQ

WiZiQ is a new age online education platform, which empowers teachers to break the barrier of distance. Tutors can globally connect to students who want to learn online, from the comfort of their homes; students can learn and tutors can teach online from anywhere.
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Journal SPAM: Beware Dominionist Sleeper Cell in the U.S.A. 15

If another nation had specifically trained agents in ways to subvert our constitution, and then managed to get these agents embedded into positions throughout the government, would we be afraid? Very afraid!


Journal Journal: Dolphin all set to be included in KDE4

ArsTechnica carries an article on Dolphin, the new file manager which will debut with much awaited KDE4.The screenshot definitely looks promising.As dolphin will be the default file manager for KDE4, it certainly does not mean Konqueror has been displace.Knoqueror is still one of the most advanced file managers out there, among the FOSS community. More at
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Journal Journal: Fedora-what?

On the OpenLDAP Project we've taken a lot of flack about having outdated, clunky, badly performing software for a long time, thanks in large part to the obsolete releases that RedHat and other distros bundled in their offerings. People have said that RedHat acquired the old Netscape assets because OpenLDAP wasn't adequate for their needs. Of course, those people have no idea what they're talking about; OpenLDAP slapd was massively refactored in OpenLDAP 2.1 over 6 years ago, yielding a couple


Journal Journal: Tuquito GNU/Linux on Intel's Classmate PC

Tuquito GNU/Linux announced it version of Tuquito adapted to Intel's Classmate PC ( This version (Release 1) had been design to fortify learning in school with computing tools, as a desktop PC, but portable.
This version includes almost all software that desktop version in 1.4GB of 2GB NAND flash. It's was compiled from scratch with "-OS" compiler optimization.
Here a

Journal Journal: Stop advertise SCO

As you all know, positive advertising is good, but negative is just better. I can't understand why there are still articles related to SCO mafia even the content is negative. They are idiotic racketeers and any mention about them, only helps to make their thing done. As I look in the textarea in the journal entry post form, IBM is in the spellchecker dictionary and SCO is underlined as an unknown word. Forget them please. Paul Graham wrote nice article

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