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Comment Re:Privacy and belief (Score 2) 743

Conscientious objectors might not be forced to kill others, but they are forced to serve during draft times, and often to much lower pay.
We should force religious parents to vaccinate children if they are sent to public school, it is a public health issue.
I don't really know anything about Amish people other that they have "rumspringa" which sounds like a good idea.

Comment Re:I'll say it! (Score 1) 535

not everyone, just a vocal amount of old-timers on /. Most of my younger dev friend who just got into linux love it more than EVERY other DE they've used. (ages 23-28). I've learned to love it myself. I don't really understand how people say it 'gets in the way'. I hit the meta key, type in the program name I want, hit enter, it runs. done. I use the (now common in other DEs) feature where Upper left hand corner tiles windows quickly so I can pick one.

Comment Re:theories (Score 1) 214

I have no idea what the mechanism might be. But all you need to do to observe the sun increasing the mass of the earth is to plant a seed in the dirt, it's not a weird concept.

With all the radiant energy coming off the sun, there's every reason to believe it's interacting with the planetary core in ways that we have no understanding of.

Great argument for provocing thought in middle schoolers.
    The majority of the mass from that plant growth comes from the water and nitrogen in the air and ground below it. This is why man-made ferilizaer was such a massive step forward for society, and why wars were faught over bat shit. The sun provides basically 0 mass to this, simply provides the energy to let the plant do what it wants with the food already around it.

Comment Re:Cameras, seriously (Score 1) 338

This sounds obsurd, but the guy needs to install video cameras pointed at all this computers.

If its truly educating his family that is his goal, the sheer obtrusiveness of this idea will prove a point and make family members careful. And if they truly are ignorant of possible threats and do something that compromises security, then they can go over the footage together.

Should be easy to install, fairly cheap and get the point across.

How did this make front page?

This won't help in the smart-phone/ipad age. Kids always things they are smarter than their parents. Lets pretend his kids are about to go off the deep end into organized terrorism, this would just force them deeped under ground, and not actually help/detect anything.

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