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Comment Re:Alienating your user base (Score 2, Interesting) 187

Shuttleworth also in that same blog post in the comments said Canonical had a privacy policy covering the lens.... I was the person who made it clear they did not and they just now added a disclaimer which really does not tell us what will happen to the data like a full privacy policy would.

Submission + - Stallman on Unity: Canonical will have to hand over users' data to governments (

Giorgio Maone writes: "Ubuntu developer and fellow mozillian Benjamin Kerensa chatted with various people about the new Amazon Product Results in the Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Dash. Among them, Richard Stallman told him that this feature is bad because: 1. "If Canonical gets this data, it will be forced to hand it over to various governments."; 2. Amazon is bad. Concerned people can disable remote data retrieval for any lens and scopes or, more surgically, use sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping."
The Internet

Submission + - ICANN To Replace 'Digital Archery' Program With Raffle (

itwbennett writes: "As Slashdot readers will recall, ICANN has been struggling to find a way to decide which applications to evaluate first. At the end of June, ICANN announced it had abandoned plans to use the Digital Archery contest. Then at the end of July, ICANN said it would process all applications simultaneously. Now there's a new plan in the works: an old-fashioned, manual raffle with tickets costing $100. There's just one catch, though, California law prohibits unlicensed lotteries."

Submission + - Blogger and Privacy International Say Ubuntu Amazon Ads Break EU Law (

An anonymous reader writes: At least one blogger and Privacy International say new Amazon Ads in Ubuntu likely violated EU Data Protection laws. Many users have pointed out the clear privacy concerns while Canonical Community Manager Jono Bacon has mostly downplayed those fears.

Submission + - Lenovo Passes HP as Worlds Top PC Maker... or Does It? (

An anonymous reader writes: According to new the latest statistics release by Gartner, chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo has passed HP as the worlds largest maker of PC's. However, statistics from the IDC say HP remains in first place.

  According to Gartner Lenovo shipped 13.8 million units in Q3 whilst HP only shifted 13.55 million. It said Lenovo had gained market share because of recent price cuts.

Meanwhile statistics from the IDC suggest that HP is still on top, but Lenovo is close behind and the gap is closing rapidly. IDC say HP shipped 13.9 million units with Lenovo close behind with 13.8 million.

Regardless of whose stastics are correct, it seems that it is only a matter of time before Lenovo takes the top spot.

"Just the momentum that Lenovo has had, makes it inevitable that it will be the world's number one PC maker across all charts," said Andrew Milroy of Frost & Sullivan.


Submission + - WikiLeaks Experiments With A Donation "Paywall" (

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: Information may want to be free, but WikiLeaks would actually rather that you paid for it. On Wednesday night the group briefly implemented a donate-what-you-want "paywall" for the material posted on the site, showing users a pop-up video interstitial that asked for payments if they clicked on any links to documents. The move--demanding payment for information that alleged sources like hacker Jeremy Hammond and Bradley Manning face prison time for sending to the site--didn't go over well: From various twitter feeds, the hacker Anonymous declared WikiLeaks "moneywhoring" and "pathetic" and threatened to launch attacks against the group. After initially defending the paywall, WikiLeaks dropped it a few hours later without comment.

Submission + - Google Captures Great Barrier Reef in First-ever Underwater 'Street View' (

hypnosec writes: Google has released the first-ever underwater ‘street view’ images of some of the world’s most famous undersea locations – the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay, and Apo Island in the Philippines. Google in collaboration with Caitlin Seaview Survey used specialized SVII camera to capture the amazing underwater images. The camera travels at around 2.5 miles / hour and captures a 360-degree panorama with geolocation information and a compass heading every 3 seconds.

Submission + - Firefox not 10 years old despite Mashable and Wired celebrating (

An anonymous reader writes: It appears Mashable and Wired made a mistake when they claimed Firefox's 10th Birthday had occurred while Mozilla just celebrated Firefox's 7th Birthday last year.


Submission + - Hypocrites: NSA's Own Website Has Password Character Limits (

jagron writes: Seriously? The NSA's own job website has character limits for passwords? At least is is 12 characters, but this is still pretty ridiculous.

Apparently their recommendation is at least 10 characters... but apparently not more than 12 :)

Job Site:

NSA Security Recommendations:

NSA Network Security Guide:


Submission + - "Authentication chip" found in Apple's Lightning Cable (

Chewbacon writes: Looking for a third-party charger for your iPhone 5? AppleInsider says hold off on buying one. A tear-down of the Lightning cable, the new connector introduced with the iPhone 5, reveals an "authentication chip" which may render third-party cables useless. Many people buy these third-party cables to avoid the Apple premium, but Apple has decided to literally block the competition from charging their latest iDevice. How is this not an antitrust issue?

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