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Submission + - Bitcoins join global bank network (

another random user writes: Bitcoin-Central, a currency exchange that specialises in virtual cash has won the right to operate as a bank. They got the go-ahead thanks to a deal with French financial firms Aqoba and Credit Mutuel.

The exchange is one of many that swaps bitcoins, computer generated cash, for real world currencies. The change in status makes it easier to use bitcoins and bestows national protections on balances held at the exchange.

Under European laws, the deal means Bitcoin-Central becomes a Payment Services Provider (PSP) that has an International Bank ID number. This puts it on an equal footing with other payment networks such as PayPal and WorldPay. As a PSP it will be able to issue debit cards, carry out real-time transfers to other banks and accept transfers into its own coffers.


Submission + - Feds arrest Paul Ceglia for trying to defraud Facebook and Zuckerberg (

McGruber writes: Federal agents arrested Paul Ceglia ( this morning. Ceglias has been charged with attempting to defraud Zuckerberg and Facebook in a multi-billion dollar scheme.

Ceglia's bogus lawsuit, in which he claimed to have once been promised a 50% stake in Facebook, has been the topic of several past slashdot stories ( and ( and ( and ( and (


Submission + - HTC's deep, deep dysfunction —HTC is losing ground faster than RIM (

zacharye writes: How bad is HTC’s current tailspin? So bad it makes Nokia look like a growth company. HTC’s handset volume declined by -43% in the autumn quarter vs. Nokia’s -23% volume decline. This is very interesting because HTC is using Android, the world’s most popular smartphone OS that is powering 40% annualized growth among its vendors. Nokia is limping along with an unholy mix of the obsolete Symbian platform, the moribund S40 feature phone platform and a niche OS called Windows Phone...

Submission + - Lenovo Passes HP as Worlds Top PC Maker... or Does It? (

An anonymous reader writes: According to new the latest statistics release by Gartner, chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo has passed HP as the worlds largest maker of PC's. However, statistics from the IDC say HP remains in first place.

  According to Gartner Lenovo shipped 13.8 million units in Q3 whilst HP only shifted 13.55 million. It said Lenovo had gained market share because of recent price cuts.

Meanwhile statistics from the IDC suggest that HP is still on top, but Lenovo is close behind and the gap is closing rapidly. IDC say HP shipped 13.9 million units with Lenovo close behind with 13.8 million.

Regardless of whose stastics are correct, it seems that it is only a matter of time before Lenovo takes the top spot.

"Just the momentum that Lenovo has had, makes it inevitable that it will be the world's number one PC maker across all charts," said Andrew Milroy of Frost & Sullivan.


Submission + - Google Captures Great Barrier Reef in First-ever Underwater 'Street View' (

hypnosec writes: Google has released the first-ever underwater ‘street view’ images of some of the world’s most famous undersea locations – the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay, and Apo Island in the Philippines. Google in collaboration with Caitlin Seaview Survey used specialized SVII camera to capture the amazing underwater images. The camera travels at around 2.5 miles / hour and captures a 360-degree panorama with geolocation information and a compass heading every 3 seconds.

Submission + - Hypocrites: NSA's Own Website Has Password Character Limits (

jagron writes: Seriously? The NSA's own job website has character limits for passwords? At least is is 12 characters, but this is still pretty ridiculous.

Apparently their recommendation is at least 10 characters... but apparently not more than 12 :)

Job Site:

NSA Security Recommendations:

NSA Network Security Guide:


Submission + - "Authentication chip" found in Apple's Lightning Cable (

Chewbacon writes: Looking for a third-party charger for your iPhone 5? AppleInsider says hold off on buying one. A tear-down of the Lightning cable, the new connector introduced with the iPhone 5, reveals an "authentication chip" which may render third-party cables useless. Many people buy these third-party cables to avoid the Apple premium, but Apple has decided to literally block the competition from charging their latest iDevice. How is this not an antitrust issue?

Submission + - NASA Eyes Moon for Future Space Base (

jamstar7 writes:

NASA is reportedly mulling the construction of a floating Moon base that would serve as a launching site for manned missions to Mars and other destinations more distant than any humans have traveled to so far.

The Orlando Sentinel reported over the weekend that the proposed outpost, called a "gateway spacecraft," would support "a small astronaut crew and function as a staging area for future missions to the moon and Mars."

This is actually a good idea, using the Moon as a staging base for exploring the cosmos. Once we build manufacturing capability there, why not build spacecraft there? We can build bigger, more spacious craft so as to not lock up future astronauts in a closet for months or years at a time.

Submission + - SPAM: Netflix Earnings Release: Why Reed Hastings Needs

An anonymous reader writes: Netflix plans to release its third quarter earnings Monday, which will surely take a hit from its price hike in July, its botched attempt at splitting and rebranding its DVD-by-mail service into Qwikster in September, and its numerous other blunders and miscues. At least from a PR perspective, it has been the worst quarter in Netflix's nine-year history.
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