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Comment Not like they use the notice anyway (Score 1) 765

My last employer wanted 4 weeks, which is standard for licensed medical personnel. However, they never use the time to find a replacement. By the time I left, they had JUST posted the position. It has been 2 months and they haven't filled it yet. The likelihood of finding an replacement for a departing employee with 2 weeks notice sounds even more bleak. It is a waste of one's time.

Comment Re: Roku + Plex Media Server (Score 1) 226

I agree here. Roku can stream across the network with its own media player. You can even use Serviio with it, but lately I've had issues with compatibility. My TV's native player is better, but I may reconsider Plex even though I think Serviio is a lighter weight. The new Roku streaming stick is $35-50 depending on where you look and works very well.

Comment Was just wondering today... (Score 1) 95

I took a new job and did two weeks of training in California with a bunch of people I've never met. Anyway, we carpooled, had dinners together, and all stayed at the hotel. Today I see Facebook recommending a few of them to me with no common friends and really nothing tying me to them other than where we work (if they disclose it to FB), where we all were the past two weeks, or perhaps they were Facebook stalking me.

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