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Comment Space is man's hopeless romance (Score 4, Insightful) 102

Unless there is the "simple physics hack" space travel will be a royal pain in the ass when you take the planning that is involved. The energy problems, bio issues, logistics, all of it.

Even if we overcome all of that, you'll be flying into the unknown. Think about it: you want to go see the pillars of creation a thousand light years away. There was a discussion that an explosion may have occurred or was imminent that would destroy them... a thousand years ago. So even if you found the hack tomorrow (say toasting pop tarts still in the Mylar in an upside down toaster) that lets you arrive at the pillars, or anywhere else, instantaneously, then whatever you went to see would have changed or have been long gone over the millennia. This is something sci-fi never fully discloses: hey, see that in the telescope? Let's go! Wait, where the fuck is it??

So for an advanced civilization to find us and make contact, they'd have to have been watching for the past, what, 100 years to pick up on the noise we make or make on hell of a guess as to where we are.

Still sounds like an adventure.

Comment Just like Florida! (Score 2) 1368

Florida wanted to do the same thing after the last election. Yeah, go ahead, and send Cali into an even deeper financial crisis. Property values will crash and your currency won't be worth shit. On the east coast, look at property values of the south compared to that of the north and you'll see the south is STILL paying for trying to secede from the union. Clearly Cali has been smoking weed longer than it's been legalized.

And quit your bitching. You all rallied behind Hillary waving signs that said "stronger together." Put your fucking money where your mouth is and heed the advice coming from that liberal-Jesus Obama when he says support the Donald. It is done. Likewise, Donald stood on stage and said he wants to be president for everyone - call him on it.

Comment DRM ruined Myth (Score 1) 49

Loved using MythTV over my cable company's box. It worked so well with more features and control. Then the DRM started rolling out and I started losing channels to the point I couldn't use Myth anymore. Plus, Cox cable is rolling out "all digital cable TV which will provide a better ..." blah blah blah let us cram our dick down your throats and rent you this cable box for $5/month while the FCC twiddled their thumbs promising to stop us.

Comment Some same old news wrapped up in this (Score 1) 156

I was listening to the radio yesterday and they were talking about Peter Thiel paying for some of Hogan's legal fees because "even as a single-digit millionaire, Hulk Hogan does not have adequate access to the legal system." Hulk Hogan may have been unsuccessful in his litigation because his pockets, his deep pockets, still weren't deep enough to get damages he deserved.

And fuck Gawker. Good damn riddance. If you make enough enemies, they will pool their resources and bring you down. But the only people hurt by that will be the working class. The big-wigs there will just have their egos hurt.

Comment And no one will buy it either (Score 1) 425

These finger print readers, as anyone who has used one "on a smart phone" would know, don't do well if you have anything on your fingers at all (grease, water, gloves, etc.). This is the proverbial "magic button" people are looking forward to make their guns secure, yet, unwittingly, unusable. When you have considerable room for error, and there is plenty here, it is effectively useless. I've used a firearm when a would-be burglar attempted to enter my home and I will tell you there is no time for fuck-ups and repositioning your finger while Siri says "I'm sorry, I didn't get that." How little time am I talking about? A window shattered and I was firing before the glass hit the floor.

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