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Submission + - EFF: Trust Twitter -- not Apple or Verizon -- to protect your privacy (networkworld.com)

tdog17 writes: Verizon and MySpace scored a zero out of a possible six stars in a test of how far 18 technology service providers will go to protect user data from government data demands.Twitter and Internet service provider Sonic.net scored a perfect six in the third annual Electronic Frontier Foundation "Who Has Your Back?" report.Apple, AT&T and Yahoo ranked near the bottom, each scoring just one star,

Submission + - Python creator Guido van Rossum leaving Google for Dropbox (dropbox.com)

mrvan writes: "Guido van Rossum, the proclaimed python Benevolent Dictator For Life, is leaving Google in january to work for Dropbox. He is currently employed by Google, where he spends half his time developing the Python language. In their announcement, DropBox state that they relied heavily on python from the beginning, citing a mix of simplicity, flexibility, and elegance, and are excited to have GvR on the team. While this is without a doubt good news for DropBox, the big question is what this will mean for python (and for google)."

Submission + - Sears will offer Black Friday deals 5 days early (kcci.com)

nathan34 writes: "Stores run the risk of consumers becoming more discriminatory and more strategic if they wait too long to unveil discounts, Cohen said. Shoppers really start to compare prices once the excitement of early deals wears off and their wallets start to thin out. It's not just start times that are competitive. Retailers from Target to Toys R Us to Best Buy have all unveiled price matching programs designed to bring customers in early.


Submission + - Stallman on Unity: Canonical will have to hand over users' data to governments (benjaminkerensa.com)

Giorgio Maone writes: "Ubuntu developer and fellow mozillian Benjamin Kerensa chatted with various people about the new Amazon Product Results in the Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Dash. Among them, Richard Stallman told him that this feature is bad because: 1. "If Canonical gets this data, it will be forced to hand it over to various governments."; 2. Amazon is bad. Concerned people can disable remote data retrieval for any lens and scopes or, more surgically, use sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping."

Submission + - Blogger and Privacy International Say Ubuntu Amazon Ads Break EU Law (omgubuntu.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: At least one blogger and Privacy International say new Amazon Ads in Ubuntu likely violated EU Data Protection laws. Many users have pointed out the clear privacy concerns while Canonical Community Manager Jono Bacon has mostly downplayed those fears.

Submission + - Firefox not 10 years old despite Mashable and Wired celebrating (benjaminkerensa.com)

An anonymous reader writes: It appears Mashable and Wired made a mistake when they claimed Firefox's 10th Birthday had occurred while Mozilla just celebrated Firefox's 7th Birthday last year.



Submission + - Brazilian Judge orders 24-hour shutdown of Google, Youtube and Executive arrest (volokh.com)

_Sharp'r_ writes: "Judge Flavio Peren of Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil has ordered the arrest of the President of Google Brazil, as well as the 24-hour shutdown of Google and Youtube for not removing videos attacking a mayoral candidate. Google is appealing, but has recently also faced ordered fines of $500K/day in Parana and the ordered arrest of another executive in Paraiba in similar cases."

Submission + - Ubuntu Will Now Have Amazon Ads Pre-installed 1

An anonymous reader writes: Scheduled to be released next month, Ubuntu 12.10 now includes both amazon ads in the user's dash and by default an amazon store in the user's launcher. The reason for these "features"? Affiliate revenue. Despite previous controversies with Banshee and Yahoo, Canonical is "confident it will be an interesting and useful feature for
our 12.10 users." But are the "users" becoming products?
Open Source

Submission + - Linux 3.1

diegocg writes: "Linux 3.1 has been released. The changes include support for the OpenRISC opensource CPU, performance improvements to the writeback throttling, some speedups in the slab allocator, a new iSCSI implementation, support for Near-Field Communication chips used to enable mobile payments, bad block management in the generic software RAID layer, a new "cpupowerutils" userspace utility for power management, filesystem barriers enabled by default in Ext3, Wii Controller support and new drivers and many small improvements. Full changelog."

Submission + - Email in Oracle-Google Case Will Remain Public (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "When last we left the Oracle/Google patent infringement saga, Oracle had been ordered by Judge William Alsup to lower its claim for damages to $100 million, give or take. Today Judge Alsup denied Google's attempt to get a potentially damaging e-mail redacted. 'What we've actually been asked to do by Larry and Sergey is to investigate what technology alternatives exist to Java for Android and Chrome,' Google engineer Tim Lindholm wrote in the Aug. 2010 e-mail. 'We've been over a hundred of these and think they all suck. We conclude that we need to negotiate a license for Java.'"

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