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Submission + - Google Captures Great Barrier Reef in First-ever Underwater 'Street View' (paritynews.com)

hypnosec writes: Google has released the first-ever underwater ‘street view’ images of some of the world’s most famous undersea locations – the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay, and Apo Island in the Philippines. Google in collaboration with Caitlin Seaview Survey used specialized SVII camera to capture the amazing underwater images. The camera travels at around 2.5 miles / hour and captures a 360-degree panorama with geolocation information and a compass heading every 3 seconds.

Submission + - Firefox not 10 years old despite Mashable and Wired celebrating (benjaminkerensa.com)

An anonymous reader writes: It appears Mashable and Wired made a mistake when they claimed Firefox's 10th Birthday had occurred while Mozilla just celebrated Firefox's 7th Birthday last year.



Submission + - Hypocrites: NSA's Own Website Has Password Character Limits (nsa.gov)

jagron writes: Seriously? The NSA's own job website has character limits for passwords? At least is is 12 characters, but this is still pretty ridiculous.

Apparently their recommendation is at least 10 characters... but apparently not more than 12 :)

Job Site:

NSA Security Recommendations:

NSA Network Security Guide:


Submission + - "Authentication chip" found in Apple's Lightning Cable (slashgear.com)

Chewbacon writes: Looking for a third-party charger for your iPhone 5? AppleInsider says hold off on buying one. A tear-down of the Lightning cable, the new connector introduced with the iPhone 5, reveals an "authentication chip" which may render third-party cables useless. Many people buy these third-party cables to avoid the Apple premium, but Apple has decided to literally block the competition from charging their latest iDevice. How is this not an antitrust issue?

Submission + - Brazilian Judge orders 24-hour shutdown of Google, Youtube and Executive arrest (volokh.com)

_Sharp'r_ writes: "Judge Flavio Peren of Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil has ordered the arrest of the President of Google Brazil, as well as the 24-hour shutdown of Google and Youtube for not removing videos attacking a mayoral candidate. Google is appealing, but has recently also faced ordered fines of $500K/day in Parana and the ordered arrest of another executive in Paraiba in similar cases."

Submission + - NASA Eyes Moon for Future Space Base (pcmag.com)

jamstar7 writes:

NASA is reportedly mulling the construction of a floating Moon base that would serve as a launching site for manned missions to Mars and other destinations more distant than any humans have traveled to so far.

The Orlando Sentinel reported over the weekend that the proposed outpost, called a "gateway spacecraft," would support "a small astronaut crew and function as a staging area for future missions to the moon and Mars."

This is actually a good idea, using the Moon as a staging base for exploring the cosmos. Once we build manufacturing capability there, why not build spacecraft there? We can build bigger, more spacious craft so as to not lock up future astronauts in a closet for months or years at a time.

Comment Updated (Score 1) 646

I wanted to note that I updated my blog and linked to a screenshot of one user who searched for "Amazon Kindle Fire" the suggestions/ads whatever you would like to call them have only been showing up for some even if you have the latest unity-lens-shopping package.

Submission + - FUD over Amazon Ads in Ubuntu 12.10 Should Be Ignored (benjaminkerensa.com)

bkerensa writes: The recent FUD over Amazon Ads coming to Ubuntu 12.10 should be ignored because in reality ads will not be found in 12.10 unless you are seeing them on a third party website you go to in a web browser.

The Unity Shopping Lens is hardly an advertisement but instead is a suggestion engine and very unobtrusive at that.


Submission + - Ubuntu Will Now Have Amazon Ads Pre-installed 1

An anonymous reader writes: Scheduled to be released next month, Ubuntu 12.10 now includes both amazon ads in the user's dash and by default an amazon store in the user's launcher. The reason for these "features"? Affiliate revenue. Despite previous controversies with Banshee and Yahoo, Canonical is "confident it will be an interesting and useful feature for
our 12.10 users." But are the "users" becoming products?

Submission + - Coronal Loop Analog Created in Caltech Laboratory (discovery.com)

astroengine writes: "With the help of a vacuum chamber, electromagnet, plasma injection gun and a high-voltage supply, researchers from Caltech have created — for a split second — their very own coronal loop analog. Coronal loops are found in the lower atmosphere of the sun and are often the sites of flaring events. By creating a micro version of these plasma-filled loops in the lab, it is hoped space weather prediction models can be refined to better understand the magnetic environment. Already the research is proving fruitful — the researchers have observed two forces at work as the plasma loop expands, filling with plasma from both footpoints. "One force expands the arch radius and so lengthens the loop while the other continuously injects plasma from both ends into the loop," Paul Bellan, professor of applied physics at Caltech, explained. "This latter force injects just the right amount of plasma to keep the density in the loop constant as it lengthens." Next up will be a test to see how two plasma loops interact in close vicinity."

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