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Comment Re:Scrape the idea (Score 2) 649

The domino effect also applies to car makers such as GM, they go under and a gazzillion local businesses go down with them. I like your comparison to organics, large companies are like keystone species, remove them and the micro-environment they provide also disappears. Now you could say "don't let a company get that big in the first place" but then you are giving every other nation an "economy of scale" advantage you ideology won't allow you to use.

Comment Re:They can't just declare this. (Score 1) 351

They have shown they are a dictatorship and the people will protect them because going against it labels you a "bigot".

The root problem with US politics is the number of people who are willing to give credence to the kind of myopic bullshit you just posted. You and your ilk are fearfull because you project your own meglomania onto others and then without a shread of evidence conclude that they will act the way you would (if given the chance).

Comment Re:Knowledge takes many forms. (Score 1) 351

...chances are you don't understand the problem with the public school system. That is, it doesn't teach understanding. All it does is have kids memorize material without understanding any of it...

So enlighten us.
- How does one teach understanding?
- How does one measure the progress of students?
- How does one understand something without remebering it?

Comment Re:By all means answer them (Score 1) 347

Simply ignoring letters from lawyers generally creates more problems than it solves

Ignoring an idle threat is a perfectly valid thing to do, corporations do it every day. Ignoring a demand backed by a court such as a summons, suit, or parking fine, is stupid.

The GP (who claims to be a lawyer) is offering sound advise, If you engage with these extortionists then they have their foot in the door and an opportunity to screw you with your own words. If you feel you must respond then respond with two words, "Sue me". If they are trolls then they certainly won't want to spend money on something as risky as a court case.

Comment Extrodinary claims. (Score 2) 330

Yep, that's the way it's done.

As to the claim "The data, in fact, does not really prove it."', I find that hard to believe without some extraordinary evidence. I don't see any evidence in TFA, just some local politician making good on a populist pledge. As for tourists, I received a traffic fine from the UK after getting back home to Oz after a holiday. I paid it because I had fucked up and it was the RigthThingToDo(TM), not because of the risk of being turned back at Heathrow for outstanding fines next time I visit.

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