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Comment Re:The real problem... (Score 1) 1131

My question was really regarding Christian rule vs Islamic rule. Did say the Caliphate or the Ottomans have the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition? Essentially where the clergy controlled what could and could not be done/said and had an elaborate mechanism of repression in place?

With my limited knowledge it seems to me Christians essentially rebalanced the balance of power in their religion because their clergy was just too powerful and repressive.

Comment Re:The real problem... (Score 1) 1131

Is that Islam has not undergone a process analogous to the Enlightenment.

Question: Wasn't the Enlightenment essentially a rebellion of the Christian laity against their clergy, primarily because Christianity was so stifling. Has Islam ever been that stifling except in small pockets, much of them quite recently?

Comment Re:Gotta love... (Score 1) 1131

...those peace loving muslims, eh?

One Muslim group makes a threat and suddenly an entire religious following is tarred?

Would you want Christians/Americans/Europeans judged by their most intolerant's utterances?

Seriously, what the fuck is with these people? Isn't it time to move into the 21st century with the rest of us?

I suppose when you people decide to move, these people have to move as well.

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