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Comment google power (Score 2) 405

I hear google is starting a new service where you get your electricity for free, but they get to keep all the usage data and do whatever they want with it. As a first test of the utility of this they are modeling when people are home and when they are not, then door-to-door sales organizations get to participate in an auction to buy time segments of people at home. Rumor has it that the Girl Scouts and the Jehovah's Witnesses were having a bidding war for your house at 6:45-7:15 PM next tuesday. Next they will target your computer with ads for porn when you are using the laptop after 11PM and the wife has set her alarm earlier than 7AM and turned off the upstairs lights. Other applications to follow.

Ok, ok, i just made that up.

Comment Re:Mission Accomplished (Score 1) 1855

We blew a big opportunity with the body disposal. Here's what they should have done with the body: Cremate him, grind the ashes up extra-fine, then add them to a batch of 50,000 or so of those cakes that go in urinals. Optionally print a picture of his face on the cake. Distribute evenly across the US. Good times ensue. Some measure of karmic justice is achieved. Being eaten by fish just doesn't have the same impact.

Comment So where has it been? (Score 1) 24

I'm acutally surprised how that the price tag for something like this is so low. Also, I wonder where it has been. TFA says they buyer will be returning it to Russia, and hopes to put it in a museum. So where has it been and how did it fall into private hands? TFA doesn't say anythign about that. But I bet the answer is a dirty, dirty story.

Comment Re:Why should I worry? (Score 1) 926

Excellent point. For more support on that point check out this video ( part_1, part_2 ) in which Professor James Duane of the Regent University School of Law tell us why even supposedly law-abiding innocent people should never talk to the police. One of his points is that there because of the complexity of our laws there really is no way to know whether you have broken any laws. As an example of this, we have treaties that incoporate the laws of foreign countries into our own by reference. This was a big eye-opener for me.

Submission + - Can hackers solve our energy problems? (

kryzx writes: GE has kicked off the Ecomagination Challenge, a $200 Million experiment to discover and fund the best ideas out there for renewable energy, grid efficiency and eco-homes and buildings. I think the key to generating innovation in this space is to create a big community of energy hobbyists — the hackers and makers who have driven innovation in computer hardware, software and many other industries. To enable this we need inexpensive standardized modular components, including microgeneration devices and storage, that hobbyists and makers can use to build their own systems and experiment with renewable energy. Most importantly, we need a programmable and networked centralized controller so we can do interesting things with these devices. I think there is a huge untapped market of people who have an interest in this but are prevented from building and tinkering by price barriers. I know because I'm one of them. As a programmer and hacker, and I'd like to experiment with small energy generation devices, but spending thousands on a solar panel system that is hard to modify is not what I want. I've submitted an idea to the Challenge, called "Flexible, Modular, Programmable Residential Power Center", to see if we can get GE to create and bring to market the inexpensive standardized components needed to lower the barriers to energy system tinkering. Check out the Challenge and my idea. Of course, if you agree with my goal I'd like your support. Also, think revolutionary thoughts and contribute *your* ideas, and then talk about them here so we can support them. Currently there are only a thousand ideas, and the top one has less than five hundred votes, so we can own this. (annoying registration required to submit, vote and comment, but it's free)

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