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Comment Re:Ok, give me a list (Score 1) 466

Oh man! You wouldn't believe the absolutely amazing incredible movies they have waiting for distribution... once, of course, they can ensure that they won't be pirated. Because once you see the fantastic shit they got waiting for us, you're going to want a copy. Hell, everyone is going to want a copy -- it's that good! But of course, we first have to make sure that everyone who worked on the projects (from the actors to the janitors) get properly compensated. It will all be worth it! Honest! Trust them.

Comment Re:But UAC works perfectly fine at frustrating me! (Score 1) 843

Just recently had to edit the Host file. (Local DNS file). Could not save it because of UAC, and didn't get a UAC prompt either, had to give up and disable UAC first.

No need to do that. Right click on the editor program of choice and choose Run As Administrator. You can now edit (and save!) your hosts file.

If this is something you do often you can create a shortcut (click Advanced on the Shortcut tab to set run as admin).

Comment Re:No reason Microsoft couldn't do it (Score 1) 233

I'm not sure how you get from "a lot of things that resemble SVG" to "trivial for MS to support". Just because the output has similar features doesn't mean the back-end is anything alike.

Except that you can take SVG data, change the formatting slightly (e.g. with a Perl script), feed it into XamlPad and get your vector output displayed. I'd say that was fairly trivial.

Comment Re:Windows Home Server + Jungle Disk (Score 1) 611

Wow. Suggesting a Windows solution on Slashdot. Brave man (excuse the assumption that you are male, but I like my odds). You're also right on the money. It's pretty much configure and forget. The best part is that the restore is pretty fast and painless. Backing up is easy... backing up in such a way that you can easily and reliably restore is the trick and WHS succeeds at this.

Comment Why use it for 3D? (Score 2) 124

Using it to produce 3D video seems gimmicky and, as someone pointed out, who wants to look at everybody wearing 3D glasses? I think a better use would be to use the two cameras to allow calculation of distances and then replace everything beyond a certain distance. Sort of a green screen effect but without the green screen. Now that would be useful (and cool).

Comment Re:Oh this is gonna be fun :) (Score 5, Insightful) 391

I once believed in creationism, but slowly, over time, I changed.

It's time we stopped referring to them as creationist and start calling them what they really are: evolution deniers.

Congratulations on your enlightenment by the way. It takes an open mind to weigh the evidence and change your point of view. You are to be commended.

Comment Meanwhile... (Score 1) 208

Those of us who are trained on the latest technology are having a hard time finding jobs. I suspect that the few job openings out there are swamped with resumes. It's hard to get noticed in a sea of thousands.

So, while it might be great to increase the education level of the general populace, I hope they don't expect to automatically get a job with their new skills.

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